Here in Idaho...when I tell people I have really been wanting a Hobo....this is what they picture.....

Meet the Hobo Spider....This species of spider has a reputation for aggressiveness, due to its poor eyesight. They will normally avoid contact with humans unless accidentally crushed or squeezed. The spider's venom is strong enough to cause considerable local pain and, possibly, necrosis.
Unfortunately we have them here...and they scare me. They're big. And they bite....I hate spiders. So why would I really want a spider???...umm....NOOOOO

Then in the dictionary....

1.  A homeless person; a tramp.
2.  A migrant worker.

No that's not it either...haha...

I will admit, it's only thanks to McCall that I know what it officially is ....and here I am to share it with you. Ready??

Idahoans...this is a HOBO!!

My sister called me the other day and informed me that there was a Hobo wallet at Dillards on sale for $89 PLUS an extra 40% off! She further explained that she already bought it for me....lol....I love it!  Its unique and pretty!! What do you think?


This is us....

Doesn't get any better than this....



The Man in the Moon

My Sunday evening...time to sit and relax. This was my Sunday Movie...
Love it but why does he have to die in the end??!  Sometimes I just want to watch it until this part...I love this part...and then turn it off and pretend that they date and end up getting married and having 5 kids...Yes, that sounds a lot better!



Skirt-Thrifted    Shirt-Walmart   Earrings-F21  Red Lipstick- Mac Ruby Woo

I'm not sure what I got more compliments on today....my red lipstick or my polkadot skirt. Either way, I feel so girly with the mix!
Happy Sunday!



Russ Dawg

Shirt-Old Navy   Jacket-Diesel via Downeast   Jeans-Unknown   Boots-Wetseal   Purse-Coach

I was with her when she bought this coach bag....isn't it gorgeous??And I must say.... So is she....

So....I have a sad story. Its only sad for me. Ashley's moving. She graduated from college and is now a big girl and she got a big girl job. She'll be 3 hours away. No more ice cream runs for a while. No more visiting her at the mall. I won't have any reason to go to the mall anymore!! (maybe thats a good thing) I will miss her big hugs.  I will miss her A LOT! Love you Ash!!!




Jeans-True Religion via Downeast   Shirt-J Crew Outlet   Jacket-UO via Downeast   socks-F21   Boots-Nordstrom Rack  Watch-Michael Kors   Bracelet-Gift from MEEEEE  (J Crew)    Necklace-F21

Are you ready to be impressed?  I knew where each and every piece of McCall's outfit was from on my own! I did ask her about the jacket....let me explain though....I already knew she had bought it at  Downeast, just didn't know the original store it came from.  I was with her when she bought about 80% of this outfit....no joke.Yeah, we're best friends. Best friends stick together.  Love her...And I just LOVE her style! Stylish friends forever! hehe...

And of course had to show another picture of Baxter the Giant Dog...



Thrifty Thursday

Jeans-Thrifted  Boots-Thrifted  Shirt-H&M  Vintage Vest- Thrifted   Jewelry-Gifted

McCall suggested I get in the giant box and let her take a picture....so I did. Kinda goofy but had to post it! LOL. So remember last week when I challenged you to an outfit under $50? Well...Check out Karola's Way.  Her outfit cost a whopping $27 and she looks awesome! I loved her Barbie Jacket. Very unique find!

Today I without a doubt hit my $50:
Vintage Vest-$3.75
Jewelry-The necklace I received in a package my besties McCall and Ashley sent me while I was in Brazil! The ring I found in Brazil on the street, and my earrings were part of a gift set from a lady in Brazil...
Total- $28.75 (Woot Woot)

We had a fun day!  McCall and I are taking a photography class together and learned a bunch of new and useful things last night so we decided to take an hour or so and practice! We had a lot of fun! Here are a few shots I got on my camera! P.S. I didn't edit any of them...these are the real thing ;)  (All photos are mine and please do not use unless you contact me)

Isn't Baxter (McCalls dog) so cute??
I know I have a lot still to learn and improve but its so fun!!



Sometimes the only medicine we need....



Pancakes anyone??

Sweater-Thrifted   Jeans- True Religion via Downeast  Boots-Steve Madden via Nordstrom   Coat-Nordstrom Rack  Scarf-H&M  hat-Gap  Purse-Coach

That last picture is a total dancer pose...lol. This is probably an outfit I could wear EVERY SINGLE DAY! So comfortable, warm and super cute! Its been really cold this week. Not fun...but gotta make the most out of it...Ashley and I did a little window shopping today but didn't last long, so we headed over to Smitty's Pancake House..the quaintest little restaurant in town. It's been around for years and years and has probably been the same since it started! Ashley got some hot cocoa and strawberry waffles and I of course had their fabulous pancakes! If you ever come around this way you have got to stop there. Its perfect!


Pretty in Pink

I'm having a hard time getting motivated with the cold weather we've been having! Its been cold and snowy! I watched Pretty in Pink today. I love this movie! I love the 80's, love Andie's (Molly Ringwald) style in the movie, and I absolutely love her friend Duckie! Promise I'll post an outfit soon. In the meantime...enjoy 80's retro!!



8 miles

I ran 8 miles today! with my friend Melissa.  Let me just tell you...it has been 3 years since I ran my last marathon.  And since I've been home from my mission, I really haven't gotten in to running again! I've wanted to but its just been 2 miles here 3 miles there. So Melissa and I decided to start running together at least once a week. When we decided to run I said to her, "so I'm thinking like 4 miles?" she said, "Well....I really wanted to run 8." first thing I thought....NO WAY. But there was no way I was going to back out of this! So I said I'd do it....she kept telling me I didn't have to, that she could just run more after...but no way I'm not gonna be a pansy...
She totally creamed me which I knew would happen but I did it guys..

A few thoughts that went through my head:
That wind is killing me
Ok...this isn't so bad
My back is kinda hurting...stop
Ok, back is feeling better but now my knees feel like jello
Wow...I feel so good now that the wind is behind me
Yikes, are my knees going to make it?
Now my hips?? ugggghhhh. Is it cuz I'm getting older?
Don't walk
Like this song! I think I'll play it again.
Wow its starting to snow!
I  need to run more.
Don't stop
I'm going to be sore tomorrow
Just me and the road
I can still see Melissa
How did I run Marathons!?
Keep going, keep going
Wow...that car got kinda close to me
I love Idaho...
What will I blog about my run? ;)
I can see the last turn....wohoo
I made it.

Thanks for the motivation Melissa!




This is ALLLLLL I want to do!!!

Wishing I could just lay in bed all day and read! Not going to happen...But guess what! It's Friday!!!


Thrifty Thursday-From Head to Toe

Shirt-H&M   Vest-Vintage from Grandma    Jeans-Thrifted DKNY      Boots-Thrifted   Earrings-F21  Jewelry-Thrifted
Ok..so I was so cold outside that I only snapped 2 pictures then headed inside to share with you my favorite part of this outfit. The shirt is shorter in the front, longer in the back. LOVE THAT! Plus it is the PERFECT material for the spring weather I know is around the corner.  And this vest was a gift from my grandma's closet. The last time I was at her house she said, "Brandi...I think I have a couple vests that you may like that I don't wear." ummm...yes please, I love anything vintage and I love free fun treasures!!

My challenge for "Thifty Thursday" was to put together an outfit roughly around $50. Let me tell you, it was a little bit of a challenge! My goal was $50 but I failed...its hard with jewelry included!!  So here is the lowdown on my outfit:



 So ladies...I'm challenging you....see if you can beat me! It has to be from head to toe!  Send me your pics or a link to a post if you decide to take on my challenge!  runstylerun@gmail.com. I'd love to share!