Bona PowerPlus

This post is sponsored by Bona, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The winter months have definitely gotten me down in the dumps. More days at home, cuddling under a blanket. Being at home so much, I cannot stand having it be dirty. I usually do a little cleaning every day. I love seeing the shine of an empty clean sink and smelling freshly mopped floors. It makes life less stressful for sure. 
I recently came across Bona PowerPlus products and am super happy with the results of using it. The only downfall of having our dog Huck is the shedding and with the very constant wet snow, that dog smell....So I definitely try to keep that at bay with a good cleaning product and vacuuming. This is a great one to wipe away those dog prints and dirty snow stains with a fresh nice smell. The best thing of all is this can be used on any kind of surface...hardwood floors of course, and also stone, tile, and laminate floors!
They have this Microfiber Deep Cleaning Pad which also helps to doubly break up any dirt or buildup there is and makes the floors extra shiny!
Sign up HERE and you can get a $3 coupon toward your purchase!
Let me know if you have any questions. We got ours just at Bed Bath and Beyond but it's easily available in other locations as well!



Time for Night Night

My friend and neighbor, Dionne Crozier, along with her husband, wrote the cutest children's book called Time for Night Night. We obviously don't have children yet (except for our fur child hehe) but I do have a handful of items I have put away for when we do...And this book is one of them. 

This week, we have been puppy sitting my friend Gentri's dog Scout. So what better than to pull out this cute little book for my furry friends before bedtime. It was quite hilarious getting these pictures to be honest. I love these two hooligans. 
I love supporting small businesses and this is definitely one of them. Check out their book to buy HERE.

And for your enjoyment....Some out-takes below....
^Even dogs have "I'm over this" faces. Huck! hahaha
^^I cannot even stop laughing over Scout's face in this one..


More Snow

If it's going to be cold, I prefer it to just snow all the time. Thank goodness we got a few inches of snow last night. So what better than to put on my favorite trusty boots, perfect striped tee, and plaid button down. (Which happens to be mens and one I found for $5! hehe) 
Love my dainty ring from Fernweh Jewels. I've been wearing it almost everyday.
I need an adventure. Soon! Anyone have fun plans for this January/February time?



Top Favorite Fitness Picks

This year I am training for a half marathon! I am either going to run the Teton Dam or the Yellowstone. Haven't decided yet but my training as of January 2nd is in full swing. It has been super cold which I can't let stop me. I do most of my workouts inside but as soon as the ice melts on the roads, I'm ready to do all my running outside! Anyone else in training? Or getting in better shape this year? It always motivates and helps me to get some fun new workout gear! So here are my top favorite fitness must haves this new year.
My two most expensive retail wise items are actually ones that I have found second hand! My pants are Lululemon I found brand new at an estate sale (paid $10.) and my shoes are Stella McCartney Adidas I thrifted at Uptown Cheapskate
I am so thrilled about these gloves from UR Powered. They're not only warm and comfortable, but they're touch screen compatible! I need these so bad for not only working out but just for everyday wear...So I'm not having to take my gloves off to look at my phone. LOVE THEM!
 My ear warmer is also from UR Powered. It has removable speakers in it and hooks right up to my phone. Super nice not having to worry about ear buds!
My top and socks are both from Gap

The top is lightweight yet warm and has thumb holes in the arms for warmth and comfort. Buy it HERE. The socks are breathable and light and perfect for working out. Get them HERE. PS Both are on super sale!! 
What you can't see you also need. The best sports bra I've ever owned from Kiava. Because I am larger up top, I normally need to wear two sports bras. Terrible, I know...But with this one I wear it alone and it's perfect. I officially own it in four colors and have no regrets about that. The endurance bra is the one I have and you can get it HERE.
I am super excited and just feeling so good about this new year. We are going on a trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco in the fall with many little adventures in between. So much to look forward to. In the mean time, I am staying fit and positive. Wish me luck haha.



Lucid Mattress Giveaway

 Someone took over my side of the bed this morning!! I guess I can't blame him, the most comfortable spot in the house now that we have our Lucid Mattress!! 
Alan usually leaves for work before the sun even comes up. We so love days when he can be home and sleep in with us. 
If you missed my post sharing about our new Lucid Mattress, click HERE. Oh... and something super exciting....I get to give one away to one of my readers! So head over to my Instagram- @runstylerun to enter!!! For an extra entry, leave a comment on my Instagram post saying I sent you from my blog! 

If you don't happen to have an Instagram, then please comment below one of your most interesting or funny dreams! I want to give everyone a chance to enter!



Powervita Yoga Challenge with Athleta

Athleta is doing a three day yoga challenge so of course I have to participate. 
 It's the #powervita yoga challenge on Instagram! For the challenge, you post a photo or video of the pose they give you daily. The winner will get a free Powervita outfit (like mine, This outfit is beyond soft and comfortable) and $300 in giftcards! It will go from today- 1/17-1/21 and they will pick a winner 1/22. Go to their Instagram for more details HERE.
I have a very long way to go but I can't get over how good it feels to incorporate a little yoga into my workout routine.


Outfit details:


Stripes + Vintage Denim

Something old and something new. My jacket is vintage Gap and my tee is new Gap! For as long as I can remember, I've loved the Gap. They always have great quality and prices. And the best basics!!



Outfit details:
Vintage Gap denim jacket (Similar HERE)


New Year New Mattress

When Alan and I were first married, we made due with my full sized mattress I had from before. It wasn't too bad but we knew that we would eventually and hopefully soon want to upgrade to something larger and newer. We ended up getting one from Lucid Mattress. Yes, it is online so we went to our local mattress store and tried out a few to see what we liked. We also noticed their hefty price tags! Anywhere from $2000-$4000!! We did some more research and decided to go with the 16" Latex foam and Memory foam mattress from Lucid. (Which might I add is under $1000!) We were delighted to see that they were located in Alan's hometown. Fun to support local business. (2 hours away I still consider pretty local hehe). We got the mattress super fast, delivered to our front door! It took a couple days to fully expand but once it did we were so so excited to sleep on it!
We have loved the mattress so far. Really comfortable and super great quality. Highly recommended.