Joes denim, Madewell top, thrifted blazer (JCrew), Target flats.

Every so often I get this itch to just simplify my life. I want to live more simply. I strive to do it often and when I do I always try to think of ways I can be better. So I thought I would start with my wardrobe. I have WAY TOO MUCH!  I've been going through it, selling a lot of it on my instagram shop @stylish_treasures and keeping my favorite basics.  Ones that I never get sick of and are easy to switch up and mix and match. Do you ever feel that way? I've had this blazer and these denim jeans for over 2 years and they're two items that seem to continually come around the trend cycle year after year. So here's to a new goal coming into this new season....Simplify!




It's still summer around these parts. Today will be in the 90's so this outfit is definitely not weather appropriate but I sure do feel the itch to layer up and pull out all my boots. 

 JCrew tee, Madewell denim, Hunter boots, vintage hat, thrifted plaid top, Madewell necklace.

A little blurb on this tee I'm wearing. NO joke my roommates ask me every time I wear it where I got it. It's JCrew, on sale, the best ever, and I bought it 2 sizes too big to have a super slouchy comfy look. To be honest it was the only size they had when I found it in the store so I thought "what the heck" and LOVE how it fits! This is the Heather Gray color.  Go get one and I promise you'll thank me later.... :)))
 Thanks to my friend Karla for these photos. We went and visited a tiny apple orchard then walked around Wheeler Historic Farm. It is a fun relaxing little place! She and I have a lot of fun together in so many ways. So grateful to call her friend.
Cows...Yeah we got excited about cows.
 What are you excited to wear this upcoming season?? I'd love to hear your feedback!!



Lets Talk Denim

 Rad denim gives me an automatic license to HAVE to share.

 I  have just plain outright been converted to Madewell denim. These are a pair of the high waisted and they are seriously seriously some good stuff. Best of all for me I was able to get them in a size smaller than I normally wear!! Not sure if it's the brand or if it's all the running I've done over the summer but whatever it is...It's enough to make this girl giddy. I have found I've magnetized to this pair since I got them.

Do you have a favorite pair of denim you always seem to want to always wear? Do share...