Everyday Lasting Curls with Nume

I did a hair tutorial an entire year ago.. (can't believe it's been that long!) I have had several requests recently to share how I curl my hair. The routine hasn't changed much since last year haha...But I did jump on the curling wand wagon...And I'm obsessed. I purchased just the 25mm wand last year from Nume when they went on major sale...I loved it. It was absolutely the perfect size for everyday curls but I ended up accidentally leaving it on my trip to Seattle in December! ugh. I was so annoyed haha..But luckily I was contacted by Nume to share a wand on my blog so I picked to try something different....the Titan 3. I'm happy to do this review already knowing that I've loved their products. 

 Today I plugged in the largest barrel...32mm which I hadn't tried before. Here's my curling routine. It's kinda eye rolling easy but results are guaranteed so if you have trouble curling your hair, it's bound to help. 
Normally I like to wash my hair at night and let it dry naturally. This is washed, slept on, and brushed out...

So the wand does come with a glove to prevent burns....I have my routine down so well, I very rarely feel I would need one. Not to say I haven't burned myself though haha.

 I curl my hair in sections. I usually do 3. So starting at the bottom I grab a section about this big and curl it away from my face. 
 Sometimes I switch the direction of the curls but today I just curled them all away from my face. I do both sides that way.
 This is the middle section. I usually switch up the size of the hair sections just so I don't have major ringlet curls all the same size. I like to have a more messy curl look.
 Middle section is done. I never touch the curls until the very end. 
 Last section. I do the curls pretty far up on my head. I like them to last a few days after so the curlier the first day for me, the better. 
 All done curling...Letting them cool. Then I run my fingers through them!
There ya have it. Beachy wavy curls done with the Nume Titan 3 32mm barrel. The second day is even better for me. Today I didn't use any product except a little argon oil after to add some shine.

Definitely follow Nume on instagram. They're always sharing great promotional prices on all their products. Right now is their Valentine's Day special. Half off any styling set, straightener, curling wand, or blow dryer. Use code "VDAY50" at checkout. Even better is they offer free shipping on purchases over $50!  (FYI this code expires on Valentines day--2/14)

Let me know if you have any questions or tips! Something that works better for you I'm always open to hearing as well!!

Oh...And....I curled my Irrestible Me hair extensions the other day with the 25mm barrel. I gotta share a photo...Can my hair just grow this long naturally please?? haha. 



A Look for Valentine's

I LOVE going to estate sales. I am never a fan of garage sales because its junk people are willingly getting rid of. Estate sales can be sad to think about but in a nutshell people are opening the doors to their parents or grandparents private collections because there's just too much stuff to deal with! I found this gorgeous circa 1950's coat tucked away in the back of a closet at an estate sale. I like to imagine the woman bought this coat to spoil herself and new...and only wore it on special occasions. The reason I figure this is because it does not have ONE flaw. It's super clean and in perfect condition. I thought it would be fun to bring it back to life...Put a little step back into it and style it for Valentine's Day. Oh yeah, that day that we like to celebrate love is this week. I'm excited to celebrate with my love although I tell him everyday I love him. Valentine's is fun...But I can't wait to celebrate our love on a daily basis. 

This beautiful vintage coat is available for sale on @stylish_treasures on instagram. Feel free to email me if you're interested as well. 


Outfit details:
Vintage coat available on @stylish_treasures on instagram, Shabby Apple Tulle skirt C/O, Time for tights polkadot tights C/O, Madeline heels C/O

Thank you to Emily Russell for shooting these photos!!


Mermaid Lumberjack

I have owned hair extensions before a few years ago when my hair would NOT grow... Then I left the country for 19 months and my hair found its growth hhaha.... It's still fun to add some thickness and length with these Irresistible Me Hair Extensions.....Makes me feel like a wintery mermaid haha. My gorgeous sister Jennifer colored them to match my hair perfectly. Seriously she is a rockstar.  She's at Carlisle Beauty in Idaho Falls if you're in the area....She's done my hair for years and never disappoints!! She also clipped in all these hair extensions for me....Don't expect me to give you any advice in that department. You'll know if I ever wear them it's because she put them in for me haha.


Outfit details:
Vintage watch, thrifted top currently available for sale on @stylish_treasures on instagram, Irresistible Me hair extensions C/O