Healthy Smoothie Recipe with Vital Proteins

Today I'm sharing my "go-to" smoothie recipe! I have been using Vital Proteins all year now and it is my favorite protein supplement! 
I have their flavorless Collagen Peptides which I've shared about before that I take with water every day and I also have their Vanilla and Coconut Water powder which I am sharing today in this delicious, nutritious smoothie recipe. Here's what you need:
1 Banana
1 C. fruit (I use frozen fruit, then you don't even need to add ice!)
2 handfuls of spinach
1/2 C. water
1 T. Flax seeds
1T. Chia seeds
Blend it all together and vuala! It is so delicious and very smooth.
Now, why is Collagen supplements so important? 

Did you know that after a certain age, your body stops producing Collagen? Collagen is the protein that keeps our skin, hair, nails, and bones healthy and strong. It's important to supplement our bodies with this much needed protein for our overall health and well being. 
Vital Proteins lists a few benefits from taking Collagen daily. Here are a few:
Glowing skin
More youthful appearance
Joint Health
Tendon and bone strength
Healthy Cartilage
Increased athletic performance
Improved digestion
Gut health
Deeper sleep

Don't have time for a smoothie? Their tasteless and odorless option is perfect to just add with water and go go go. 

Let me know if you try this smoothie. It's easy, quick, and really delicious so I hope you enjoy it.



Color by Amber Delhi Bucket Bag

I got this bag in the mail from Color by Amber TODAY and I couldn't wait to share. Color by Amber is an eco-friendly jewelry company that supports artisans all over the world. They recently started carrying bags and this is one that came out this fall! This bag was made in India by artisans that are paid fair trade wages. Not only does their work support them, but also helps build their communities. Color by Amber is about creating in the best way possible so this bag is completely cruelty free. This beauty is called the Delhi bucket bag and was designed by Jen Clyde. The textile is the best quality and the most beautiful colors. I also love the size. It's mid-size to carry everything you need. Check out more about Color by Amber HERE. I would highly recommend scrolling through their selection as well. I own a handful of their jewelry pieces and LOVE them. Especially their skinny bracelets. They are easy and comfortable to wear, stack well with other bracelets, and so unique in their own ways. 



Together We Find with Tile

Sponsored Post: Thank you to Tile, Inc. for sponsoring today's post and inspiring me to keep track of everything that matters.

How many of you are like me and lose things on a daily basis? haha. What are some of the most common items you lose?
For me it's things like my headphones and of course, my keys. Things that I'd be so afraid to lose like my purse, cell phone, or camera!

For my husband, it's his flashlight. Where did his wife stash it this time?
I couldn't have shared Tile at a better time than the holiday season. This is a gift that every single person could use and adore! Tile makes it easy to keep track of those important items you need on a daily basis. They have an easy free app that also keeps track of your phone! Attach the tile to anything you don't want to lose then keep track of it on the Tile app!
Tile would be the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your list! They're super affordable and have several different options of features and looks. I personally love the Gold and White Pro Series option. It is not only functional but stylish!

For me this is the perfect travel partner. I hate to admit how often I misplace things while traveling. Attaching it to my luggage, carry on, or purse will be a life changer for me.

Tile offers multipacks which in my opinion, is the way to go for gift giving this holiday season. At less than $20 each when you buy a 4-pack or $25 each, they're super affordable!