Style without Stiffness with TRESemme

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I thought it would be fun to share my everyday curls using TRESemme's Micro-Mist Hairspray 1-Texture. This is an AWESOME product. It does it's job, giving the texture I need but doesn't feel sticky or stiff. I like to use a texture spray to get more of that beachy, messy look. 
So to start, you just need a comb, TRESemme's Micro-Mist hairspray, and a 1" barrel curling wand. I divide my hair up in 3 sections and curl them separately, switching directions each time. It's so simple and takes me less than 10 minutes. At the end, I spray it with the texture spray and run my fingers and comb through it to give it a messy, curly look. Let me know if you have any questions!!
TRESemme Micro-Mist hairspray uses superfine micro-mist particles that penetrate through the top layer of hair to provide deeper coverage throughout your hair. Some traditional hairsprays (which I personally, rarely every find one I like) are formulated with clunky particles that sit on top of the hair which creates build-up. I like to go many days without washing my hair so I cannot have this happening. These compressed micro-mist hair sprays contain an optimized blend of polymers to give lasting hold, lightweight coverage, and humidity and frizz resistance yet still result in hair with natural and flexible movement without stiffness! 
I just think overall its a fantastic product that helps keep that natural look I want. Best of all, it's less than $5 at Walmart! You can find it easy in the hair section, or either order to be delivered to your house or you can also order for pickup. Find the product on their website HERE.
Let me know if you try it out!



Salema, Portugal and Some Travel Pack Vital Proteins!

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Salema, Portugal is about a three hour drive from Lisbon. We originally planned to spend a few days down there and go back into the South of Spain....But, as we were discussing Morocco, which was where we were looking forward to going the MOST, we were discovering we may need more time there. So, still in Lisbon, we talked about our options! We kinda wanted to see a Portugal beach because we had heard so many amazing things. We felt we had a good experience in Spain and could be satisfied with our time there. Sooooo........We decided to be spontaneous, rent a car, and drive down to Salema for one night. Then drive back up to Lisbon, and fly down to Morocco. Initially we thought, EASY! It's only 3 hours down then 3 hours back. Well, yes, it wasn't so hard butttt it was expensive. Renting a car, then all the way down there were tolls. We literally spent probably $70 or more on tolls!! Getting a hotel wasn't too pricy and we stayed at a really cute B&B with a great view. We got there late afternoon, spent a few hours enjoying the beach, then had dinner. That was it! The next morning we got up early, had breakfast, then headed back to Lisbon. Was it a total loss? Heck NO! We enjoyed it very much. We got there the first day of the winter season so we literally had the whole place to ourselves. The town was beautiful and quaint. The drive there and back was absolutely so beautiful and fun to see the countryside! Would I recommend doing it this way? No. Spend more time!!! Would I recommend going to the South of Portugal? HECK YES. A must visit. 

We stayed at A Mare, which was a fantastic B&B. We had a comfortable room and it included a delicious breakfast in the morning. It was walking distance from the beach (most places are haha). 

We ate dinner at Restaurante Lourenco, The Fish House. EXCELLENT FOOD! When we sat and received our drinks, the server brought out a platter of their fresh catch of the day. Alan and I both ordered from that option and absolutely devoured everything. It was a lovely atmosphere as well.

 I don't know if I mentioned this in my previous Portugal post, but EVERYONE speaks English. Absolutely everyone. I was quite disappointed because I had no opportunities to practice any of the Portuguese I speak. Made it great for Alan though..... 
The Mare owner made us fresh squeezed orange juice with breakfast which was the perfect drink to add my Vital Protein travel stick to. I took them for our entire trip and was grateful to keep on track with them as we were gone. They're so easy to pack and can be added to any drink you have. They're flavorless and blend super well. I've mentioned my love for Vital Proteins many times and will continue to do so. Collagen supplements are so important, especially after the age of 30. It's what keeps your skin and nails vibrant and healthy and also helps with bone strength. Click HERE for more details...
Portugal was my favorite place for breakfast. Reminded me so much of how we would have breakfast in Brazil!!
Just look at that view from our breakfast table of the ocean!!!
Thanks for a beautiful little getaway Salema. 




The only time I will be ok with the wind (I hate it!!!) is when I'm taking photos in this beautiful, fringe sweater. The wind makes it look quite magical. This is another piece from The Mercantile and Co.! It's only $35 and is so soft with fun, billowy sleeves! Use code BRANDI for 10% off and they already do free shipping. I love the bluish grey color. It's a piece that is still minimal, but has a unique look to it that makes it like nothing else I own!

I linked all items except my boots (which are Frye but thrifted) below:

Sweater (don't forget to use BRANDI at checkout for an extra 10% off!)