Mixing the Old with the New

The girls from Maeberry Vintage described my style as "mixing the old with the new" and I don't think they could have been more on point! I love vintage. I love it! I love its one of a kind uniqueness. I like that it gives my looks that step outside of the norm. I do also of course love classic styles of today. Mixing them together I feel is what gives me my own unique style. 
Vintage stores like Maeberry are so fun to visit because they have hand picked vintage gems you literally feel like you're shopping in the past. I visited their store at Unhinged in Sugarhouse recently and came away with treasures like this amazing circa 1970's sweater. It even has the cutest little zipper in the back. I just love everything about it.
I've fallen in love with Maeberry Vintage and told the owner Rachael to let me know when they get new items in. I'm that person yes. Seriously...such a fun store. If you're in the Salt Lake area you need to stop in and sift through their treasures.  I have been thinking about a poncho that I left there...Yeah...I think I'll just go back for it. hehe.

I'm gonna make it super easy for you...Here's their address. It's in the upstairs section of the store Unhinged:
2165 S. 11th E. Salt Lake City, Utah 
You can also check out their etsy shop HERE.

Outfit details:
Maeberry Vintage sweater, JCrew denim, Madewell boots, vintage coat.


Favorite Essentials

This look just so happens to be compiled of a few of my favorite essential pieces I own...Starting with of course a basic tee and jeans:

1-This trench coat. This is a trench coat sold at Anthropologie that is compiled of recycled materials. It retails for over $400 and I just so happen to find it at DownEast Outfitters for $20. It was the only one of it's kind and besides finding it sold out online...I haven't seen it anywhere since! Love that.
2-Loafers. I own probably 10 pair of loafers/oxfords. Because I'm tall, I prefer wearing flats. I love loafers or oxfords because I like that they cover my arch and they're always just super comfortable. These my friend Karla found at a thrift store for me! They're Cole Haan. I get complimented on these EVERYWHERE I go. Who donates this stuff? I swear, I ask myself that so much haha.
3-Lastly is this amazing leather bag. It has easily become my favorite favorite I own. It's from Fount Leather Goods.  This is the Bellfield Tote in Hazelnut. I absolutely fell in love with this husband and wife duo and their beautiful work. They are inspired by vintage which as you know I can relate to. And as soon as I pulled it out of the box...I could tell it was something that will last forever! The leather is so supple yet sturdy. After holding it and feeling the quality with my own hands, I don't doubt it will only get better with time. If you don't believe me, just ask everyone who's seen me with it...Including the woman behind me at the post office who admitted she stared at it the entire time we were in line together. haha.


Madewell denim, Burning Torch trench coat, thrifted loafers (Cole Haan, similar here), SheInside tee, Madewell necklace, Fount Leather tote, Forever 21 scarf.


Best of the Best

I should just give complete credit of this post to my friend Karla. Here's a few reasons why:

First she took these photos. Thanks friend. hehe.
She gave me this amazing vintage coat for Christmas. An early Christmas present you could say. I usually have a hard time with vintage coats fitting just right....Either the arms are too baggy or just a little too short or they have annoying shoulder pads I can't get out...But this one I love in every way. And I know Karla knew it would be a good match for me.

If you want to invest a little in the best pair of denim EVER, get these jeans. They're the perfect kind of high waist. Perfect wash that goes with everything. I literally wear them every other day. So comfortable and the best quality around. Karla text me about them a month or so ago saying how much she loved them. Of course I had to try them and of course I loved them too. (I linked directly to them in the outfit details below.)

The boots I got recently on an Instagram shop. Any time Karla sees brands I love and they're my size...She always tags me. She just so happened to tag me on these boots and I couldn't pass them up. They're the most amazing boots I could probably ever own. I love Frye and have for years. Best quality leather shoes and boots there are out there. They can be pricy but you can find them affordable on Ebay or as I did on Instagram shops.

Karla and I are so much a like in so many ways. I could talk and talk and talk for hours about it. But in this case...we are alike in that we love the best of the best at the best prices. We love sharing that with each other. And of course we love sharing that with our followers. I'm so grateful for a friend who gets me and gets what I like. That is not easy to come by. Love her so so much!