Fall Rain and Fresh Apple Cider

 JCrew top (in the tall size), thrifted vest (real leather!), Swell jacket (also in green), Madewell denim, Hunter boots.
Yesterday we laid out by the pool. Today it rained and I wore a jacket. Is Fall weather finally here Salt Lake City? I was awaken this morning at 4:30 suddenly by the loudest thunder I think I have ever heard. It was crazy! A downpour with the sky lighting up every minute. I opened the blinds of my window to enjoy its beauty. Seriously, it is quite a cool thing--thunder and lightening.

Karla and I went to the farmers market this morning then got a little breakfast and hot tea at The Rose Establishment. Time always flies by with her. We have oodles of things to chat about and get lost in the goodness of our friendship. 
We got delicious fresh apple cider, I purchased Kale, fresh eggs, peaches, and maybe a little bag of kettle corn (weakness..) Karla got some tomatoes and peaches. We wanted to take a bit of everything with us! Love the farmers market. Especially on a rainy day. It was a pleasant dreary day if that makes sense. hehe.
 We also witnessed a crazy man yelling at the manager of the restaurant. It was quite entertaining and scary at the same time. In the end, he left. We all sighed, and we finished off our delicious tea and cinnamon toast.

Great way to start off my Saturday right.



Blue on Blue on Blue

 Woah... A little blue on blue on blue action going on here. I didn't really plan on it but here's to a little monochromatics!
This jacket from Swell is THE Fall jacket.... Perfectly light and comfortable. I'm also a sucker for navy blue...It goes with everything. Literally...
 Photo credit goes to my lovely friend Sadie. I'm excited to share that she has launched her photography website! I hope you'll show her some love and check out her beautiful photos here--- Sadie Noyce Photography. There are a few of me there. hehe.
Not much excitement over here...Sorry! Just keeping myself busy busy. Which I enjoy. So no complaints either. :)




  Joes denim, Madewell top, thrifted blazer (JCrew), Target flats.

Every so often I get this itch to just simplify my life. I want to live more simply. I strive to do it often and when I do I always try to think of ways I can be better. So I thought I would start with my wardrobe. I have WAY TOO MUCH!  I've been going through it, selling a lot of it on my instagram shop @stylish_treasures and keeping my favorite basics.  Ones that I never get sick of and are easy to switch up and mix and match. Do you ever feel that way? I've had this blazer and these denim jeans for over 2 years and they're two items that seem to continually come around the trend cycle year after year. So here's to a new goal coming into this new season....Simplify!