Twenty-nine years young. 

Thank you to all those who made my day a little extra special. I feel so very grateful and blessed.



Live the Little Things//October 5

It has been too long since I've shared some photos from the #livethelittlethings hashtag on instagram. I explained about this HERE to give you an idea of what this is. 

Not only is it my birthday month but we are coming up on the one year mark since my friend Meg and I started the hashtag project! Crazy to see how far it has come! There are now almost 40,000 photos shared. So inspiring to see how others have taken the challenge to slow down and notice the little things in their lives. Be grateful for every moment. Even the small moments we often overlook.
 ^^This photo I snapped on my run last night. A live the little things moment of my own. It was the most beautiful night and the colors of Fall are killing it here in Salt Lake. Oh..And I ran 8 miles!! I felt so good. Getting ready for my race in 2 weeks. So excited. 
^^These are the four photos I shared on my instagram feed. Each makes me want to be even better! Be grateful for Octobers, notice the views I have all around me, take my time enjoying my mornings, and never never never giving up.
^^If you need me, this is where I will be all day. Listening to inspiring words from inspirational people. I love Conference weekend.


PS I did a guest post on my friend Gentri's blog today talking about thrifting and my personal style. I addressed a few frequently asked questions that I get so make sure you go check it out! Have a wonderful and beautiful Sunday friends.


Life Lately

I have been really "good" busy lately. Filling my life with everything I want it to be full of. Fashion, friends, faith, family, and any other good word that starts with "F" and other letters too. Good words peeps.

 Some recent thrift finds! I can't stop listening to this vinyl record. Serious feel good music. This faux fur vest from Gap looked unworn and found just in time to be worn alllll through the colder seasons. My friend Karla actually found me these vintage Cole Haan loafers. The first day I wore them I had several different ladies as me where they were from. It's always fun to say they were found at a thrift store. hehe.
 This coming weekend we are preparing for General Conference which is one of my favorite times of the Fall. It's usually the weekend before my birthday which makes my birthday the best EVER! So this past weekend was the General Relief Society meeting and oh it was just so good. The theme and focus seemed to be around temples and how we can be better prepared and worthy. You can watch it HERE if you missed it. It is worth every second to watch.
These were a couple of my favorite quotes among many that I loved.
 Training for a half marathon October 18th! Any good music selection ideas to add to my playlist I'm all ears!

Grandma and Grandpa's house sold.  It is a blessing for sure but was definitely bitter sweet for me. They lived here over 30 years which means my whole 28 years knew this special place as theirs and only theirs. I played and have memories around every nook and corner of this place. I cried in learning it sold even though it such a blessing. I came back one more time to walk through and reminisce of all the wonderful times I had there. It still had its same smells. It was hard for me. It was hard for them to leave even though we all know it was what was best for them. Now I'll just have to lock those memories tight inside. Change is hard sometimes and I definitely felt that this week.
I've been living in these sweats from Madewell all week. I love a pant that you can wear that maybe don't look like sweats but they are...haha. hahahah. Oh gotta love my need for comfort.
I've been trying to eat better. It's not easy. Cuz I love food. And Chic-fil-A...I swear I could eat it every day...And sometimes I do! But the farmers market has been a hit for me lately. Fresh Utah grown amazing peaches have been my go to.  So for breakfast with vanilla yogurt and a tiny tiny bit of granola to add some crunch. YUMMM.
Karla and I headed down to Orem the other day to try out a new restaurant called Aubergine and Co. I am officially obsessed. Having served a mission in Brazil, I fell in love with their food. This restaurant is staffed with numerous Brazilian people and had several items I ate while I was in Brazil! Acai and pao de queijo...I died and went to heaven.
 We ordered their chopped salads for lunch. Mine was a create your own so I went with my lettuce of choice which is spinach, topped with almonds, quinoa, carrots, mozzarella cheese, and edamame. They chop it up nicely and mix it in a light dressing of your choice. It was absolutely delicious!! Filling in a good way and so full of things I SHOULD eat. They also have sandwiches on the menu and so many other options of salads and healthy foods. They're vegan and gluten friendly. I was able to practice my Portuguese a little with the staff. I was so impressed and feel like I found my new favorite place in Utah!
I remember the first time I ever tried pao de queijo (cheese bread). In my first area on my mission, my companion and I got off the bus to head to our house and she stopped at a little stand and purchased a little bag of pao de queijo for us. And she said just that. "This is pao de queijo." My life was never the same after that for so many reasons. Revisiting the tastes I remembered and missed so well made me happy as can be. Karla enjoyed trying it very much as well.
To add the perfect cherry on top was this bowl of goodness. One of my top 3 favorite things I ever ate in Brazil. ACAI!!! If you've never tried it, please go to Aubergine and get one of their Traditional Acai Bowls. That's what I have here. This is exactly how we ate it in Brazil. A little granola with banana, blueberries, and strawberries. It turns my mouth a perfect shade of purple and made my tastebuds explode with pleasure. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I need to go back asap haha.
It's October and that crisp air you can't help but love is here. For me that means I bring out all my big comfy sweaters and scarves. Speaking of scarves:
 I have been consistently listing items for sale on my instagram shop @stylish_treasures. The scarf above sold in literally 3 minutes but there are still some available like the one below. They go fast! I have so many fun goodies for the upcoming season so if you have instagram, make sure you check it out.