Summer and Sun Flowers

Summer means fresh flowers, sunshine, beautiful minimal clothing items that are breathable, roadtrips, baskets, farmers markets, hiking, watermelon, etc. I could go on and on with my summer favs. 
This summer I am especially in love with the Bouqs Company. They're an eco friendly flower company that only cuts the flowers that are ordered so there is never any waste. Sunflowers are one of my very favorite flowers. They're bright, rustic, big, and the most beautiful color. 
What is your very favorite flower? I have a challenge for you. Go find your favorite flower on their website (they have so many options so it's bound to be there!) and treat yo-self! (or your significant other!) What better than to beautify your life with a fresh bouquet. Use code XOBRANDIW for 20% off your first purchase! Just enter the code at checkout.


A Travel Must Have with Sweet Spots

This post is sponsored by SweetSpot Labs, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We are off on another camping trip this weekend. My biggest hangup with camping is definitely not having a shower everyday haha. But I was recently introduced to Sweet Spot on-the-go wipes AND their gentle wash which are both easy to travel with and are perfect to get cleaned up on the road. 
I love the Coconut Lime scent and that they're both gentle to use. No Gylcerin, parabens, phthalates, gluten, dairy, or soy which are all agents that can leave the skin feeling dry and irritated. Natural ingredients like coconut oil, pineapple, cranberry, and cucumber extracts are included that keep my skin feeling great as we are out in the mountains. 
I'm so happy to find that one product that is safe and gentle enough to use all over. The on-the-go wipes can be so great to just keep in your bag when you're traveling, after you go on a lake or beach day trip, sitting in the car too long, or being able to wipe your body down after a hike or workout. I can't tell you how many times I've mentioned to my husband how nice it would be to have some cleansing wipes while we are camping. These are gentle for my sensitive skin which makes me even more excited.
What puts the icing on the cake for me is how incredibly affordable these are. They're under $6! Click here to purchase or find at a Walmart store near you! I was able to purchase mine online then easily pick it up at my local Walmart. 



Iron Bog

We headed back out just after a few days from returning home over 4th of July weekend to Iron Bog Lake. It was really close to where we were last week. This hike is on my top three favorites I have ever done. It was absolutely beautiful. We went up Friday night, enjoyed the sunset, and camped a few miles from the trail head. 
This was our camp spot right by the river.
 The hike up to Iron Bog Lake was quite steep! It was only a little over 1.5 miles though which made it ok. haha. I also love a challenge. It made the final destination even more worth it.
 Alan did some fishing and of course Huck was right by his side. Even if he had to be swimming the whole time.
 Iron Bog Lake wasn't the stop for us. You can actually continue another mile up to a lake called Fisherman's lake. On the way, there were two spectacular little ponds. I couldn't believe how beautiful this hike was. So much to see.
 This is Fisherman's lake. It was even more beautiful than Iron Bog lake. Super clear. Huck and Alan fished and even took a dip in the water. COLD water. NO thank you for me!
 We've driven by this little restaurant in Arco called Pickles Place several times and Alan is always saying how much he wanted to try it out. So we did made his dreams come true (hehe) after our long and amazing day hiking. It was the perfect way to end a great day. The food and service was fantastic and we LOVED the atmosphere. Very small town vibe.
Another fun, successful weekend in the books for the Walker family.

PS today is my sweethearts birthday. Happy Birthday to my love Alan!!!