Rain drops on Roses

It has been raining a lot lately. It's been pretty gloomy to be honest but one good thing from all this rain is how green and lush it has been. The roses in our yard were too good to pass up!!

Outfit details:
Beverly Swimwear two-piece, Billabong kimono, vintage bag, Free People sunnies.


Simple and Breezy

I have taken a little hiatus from the social media world. Just a little. My grandfather passed away this past month. It's never fun to lose a loved one but we were so blessed to have him in our lives and to be able to celebrate such a wonderful man. When these sort of things happen I swear, it's like a slap in the face for things that I prioritize in my life. And the past month my family has definitely become more of a priority. I am grateful for this platform though that gives me a creative outlet. I'm grateful for all those who continue to come back and support me. I love you all.

Outfit details:
Joes boyfriend jeans, Converse are second hand from Uptown Cheapskate, Billabong boyfriend tee. 

PS if you can in any way, shape, or form get this tee from Billabong....It would be a good idea. It is SOOOOOOOO comfy.


Yes Sweatpants

Yep I'm wearing a socially acceptable pair of sweatpants here. These are GOOOOOOOOD! Like...it really makes me laugh when people compliment my sweatpants. A good laugh. The kind that makes me want every color for every day of the week. hehe.


Outfit details:
Bella Lux pants, Clad and Cloth tee, Sam Edelman flats, thrifted vintage Gap denim jacket.