The Best, Flattering Swimsuit

We hiked five miles to get to this lake. I just can't ever get over how incredible God's Earth is!


PS This is my new favorite swimsuit. I love it in every way. The fit is so flattering. I love that I can remove the straps for an off the shoulder look too. Get it HERE.


"No Makeup" Makeup Routine with Perricone MD

Sponsored post:
This post is sponsored by Perricone MD, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I have always been a little self conscious about my skin. I have easily hid behind makeup to feel confident. As I have gotten older, I genuinely want to have a more natural look and easier routine. I was so excited to be able to work with Perricone MD, which is a priming, perfecting balm that has instant blurring benefits and skin-improving results to take with you wherever you may go. It covers redness, pores, and lines to give you a "no makeup" natural look.
This is my raw, real skin. At 31 years of age, I feel like it looks pretty good. I have always had acne prone skin and thanks to Mad Hippie, (which I have shared lots before....read my posts HERE or HERE for more info) my skin is better than it has ever been. I wish I had found it sooner. Now adding Perricone MD into my routine, I feel ok wearing minimal makeup on a daily basis.  The wonderful thing about Perricone MD is you can wear it alone, or as a primer. It will gradually improve your skins look and feel as you wear it. It is super light weight and has no smell to it. I've never actually been into the routine of wearing a primer (I know...bad!) So I feel this product is made for me. I can wear it alone or under my usual powder. It will decrease caking or creasing which is a win win for me.
First impressions. It is very lightweight and instantly make my skin feel hydrated and soft.
Because I am reviewing Perricone MD, I decided to create a look using the product alone with my normal makeup routine. I applied the product, then applied the rest of my normal makeup I usually wear. (With the exception of my foundation...I left that out.) I wanted to keep it as natural as I possibly could but also still use some of the products I love such as liquid eyeliner. I love it to lift and brighten my eyes. I honestly love makeup so I know I am the type that would never want to give it up all together. Here is the final outcome.
All ready to go.
I definitely plan to incorporate Perricone MD into my daily routine, especially over the next month. I can't wait to see how it will improve my skin over time and hopefully prolong the makeup I do wear. Follow my instagram @runstylerun for my follow-up reviews and thoughts.



Las Vegas Airbnb

Oh. My. Dream.

Our Airbnb in Vegas was an absolute dream house. 

Modern meets vintage. Hardwood floors. Turkish rugs. Comfortable beds. One mile from the strip. I had to share.
I took many notes from this house. The style is so adorable and right up my alley.
 Obsessed with the copper hardware and dark pineapple wallpaper in the bathroom!
Andddddd a functional record player! They even had a variety of records. 
Gorgeous backyard with a fireplace and dining table. 
Gentri and I both loved this house and highly recommend if you're in Vegas!