Neu Year Neu You

This post is sponsored by Neutrogena but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

With the new year in full swing, we have all been contemplating questions like....What do we want to do differently this year? What do we need to improve? How can we be better? I've been thinking of so many ways I want to improve this new year. One thing being, taking better care of myself. The past couple years, I really haven't been the best at taking good care of myself inside and outside. In a way that I feel is at my best self. I've had years where I've been better and I want to be like that again. 

I want to be more aware of what I am doing to better myself each day. Am I drinking enough water? Did I work out today? And....What products am I using to take care of myself on the outside!? I thought it would be fun to start this "better me" by sharing one of my long time favorite makeup products:

I have used Neutrogena since I first started wearing makeup. I have always had blemish prone skin and it was the ONLY cover-up I could use that didn't make my skin worse. I have always loved how light weight and moisturizing it feels on my skin and it lasts all day with no shiny side affects and no need to re-apply. I picked out a few of my favorites to share!
In every womans makeup bag there should be a concealer, a foundation, and a mineral powder. I put them on in that order and it gives me a flawless finish without looking cakey. This combo here costs under $35 and is the best drug store option out there.  Best of all, it improves my skin each and every time I apply it. No clogged pores, just helps keep my skin at its best. If you text "clearskin" to 39492, you can get discounts sent to you. I used the code and immediately got $2 off for my next purchase.
Neutrogenas Hydroboost line is actually new to me. I had never tried it before so I was immediately drawn to their Hydrating Lipgloss. I LOVE this stuff. It's only about $8, it has a wonderful application, and leaves my lips feeling hydrated and plump! I opted for a this simple pink that just adds a hint of color to my lips.
 You can also text "hydroboost" to 39492 for discounts and promotions.
I could easily use these four products during the week and feel complete. Working from home, I don't feel like I need to get all glammed up on a daily basis but I do like applying a simple face to feel fresh and pretty. I absolutely love these Neutrogena products and can't wait to hear what you think of them too! 
 I just got this leather zipper bag from Hobo the Original and it couldn't be more perfect as a makeup travel bag. Isn't it the prettiest leather? I LOVE bags like this to throw into my purse to have what I need while I'm out. 
I was able to find all the products I needed at our local Walmart. They have great prices and a full selection.
Neu Year....Neu You....hehe. Thanks, as always, for following along. 



A Backpack and a Sweatshirt

 Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you this week! I am super excited to share this Hobo the Original leather backpack. I have loved Hobo for years and years and I swear they just get better and better with their selection. This backpack is everything you could ever want in a backpack. It has beautiful, antiqued hardware, easy zipper pockets, and it is such a great size! Thank you Hobo for continually making quality pieces that we can enjoy for years to come.

I also want to mention my sweatshirt from Posey and Pence. I live in sweatshirts and leggings all year round and am always searching for the perfect ones I can wear on the daily. This one is EVERYTHING! It is oversized, so so cozy, and has pockets! I love the unique muted color too. It is a must have! I'm wearing a medium for reference which is my usual size. It definitely has an oversized fit. It is so much better than what I even imagined when I picked it out on their website. Andddddd it's only $35!!!! 

Get the backpack HERE.
Get the sweatshirt HERE.


Real Food for your Pet: Pet Plate

For those dog lovers out there:

I had to dedicate a post to Pet Plate because we have been thrilled with this all natural dog food and best of all, Huck LOVES it. For the past couple years, after he switched off of puppy food, we found he got pretty gassy. TMI! haha. But it was very worrisome because that is something not right going on inside. We wanted him to be healthy and feeling good! So we had to switch his food which helped so much. Pet Plate is an all natural food that is delivered right to your door and Huck has absolutely loved it. In fact, I couldn't pull him away from this bowl to take some different shots. And once he is done, he'll spend several minutes licking the empty bowl. I am thrilled to see chunks of veggies in the food. It makes me feel so much better knowing exactly what's in his food and that it is a natural, good product to give him the nutrients he needs. He's my baby. I'm not ashamed. I love for him to be healthy and mostly I love for him to be happy and satisfied.
Pet Plate is completely transparent about what goes into their foods and they also give detailed instructions to give your pet exactly what he/she needs. I'd highly recommend checking them out if you have a furry friend in your life. Pet Plate was kind enough to offer a discount to my readers for 15% off your first box! Use code "BRANDI15" at checkout.