Thrifty Thursday

Today the weather was GORGEOUS!!!!

I went outside without a coat!!!! McCall and I got together and had lunch and enjoyed the sunshine.

And of course we did a little thrifting!

I bought this fun vintage dress! I may want to take the sleeves up a little but I loved how it fit!

Imagine these together.....

Might be cute!!

The dress was $4 and my boots were $5 (You've already seen the booties, I bought them a couple weeks ago) Oh how I love THRIFTING!!!



Staying Warm

You know those days when you just don't feel like doing anything or you don't feel like seeing anyone???  I have been having streaks of days like this! I definitely need to snap out of it! I have too much going on! I registered for my classes this week and I start in a month...Wohooo....I hope I can handle it all (work, school, dance, working out, bills, family, travel, friends) Anyone have any advice?? lol... 

Jeans- J Brand via Downeast    Sweater-Ross    Scarf- Michael Kors via TJ Maxx    Fingerless gloves-Wet Seal    Boots-Steve Madden via Nordstrom

I have mostly been looking for comfort in my wardrobe. When I look in my closet the first thought that comes to mind is "What will I be warm in today?" lol....




I spent the afternoon with my friend Kylee....laughing is about all I do when I'm with her....


Skirt- Seven via Ross   T-shirt-Gap  Vest-Thrifted   Booties-Thrifted Frye  Watch-DKNY via TJ Maxx   Charm bracelet- Wet Seal  Rings-recieved in Brazil

I swear I can't compete with the wind here in Idaho but the weather has been pretty warm the past couple of days!!

 I just love this maxi skirt. I can wear it high wasted or even a little lower on my hips and it looks great dressed up or down!! Definitely a versatile piece and will be much loved during the spring/summer months...




Skirt- Thrifted   Button down-H&M   Sweater-Old Navy   Boots-Vintage Frye    Scarf-TJ Maxx

This outfit is very simple...Usually my outfits are. But I love to add something jazzy to my outfits. I fell in LOVE with this scarf the minute I saw it. It has an aztec/indian/bohemian/cowboyish feel to it, which all of those words I love to have in my style vocabulary!




So I was very politely informed tonight by my friend Gina that you can have followers on Instagram...Why or how I didn't know this I cannot tell you. But if you'd like to follow me my user name is blonde_brandi

Let me know if you have it too!!



You're Important

Thrifty Thursday

I will be honest with you...I didn't make it 30 days without spending any money on clothes. But....I ammm being better about how much I spend...I have been WAYYYY better!!!

Today I got paid...and after I went to the bank I had to go thrifting a little! Don't worry, I only spend $9.01. I bought 2 bracelets and these.....

The perfect spring/summer shoe!! I like loafers a little too much. But how can you not love a leather pair of shoes exactly your size that just happen to be $4? No one can argue with that ;)

Anyone find anything awesome  this week thrifting?? runstylerun@gmail.com