Thrifty Thursday

Jeans-Thrifted  Boots-Thrifted  Shirt-H&M  Vintage Vest- Thrifted   Jewelry-Gifted

McCall suggested I get in the giant box and let her take a picture....so I did. Kinda goofy but had to post it! LOL. So remember last week when I challenged you to an outfit under $50? Well...Check out Karola's Way.  Her outfit cost a whopping $27 and she looks awesome! I loved her Barbie Jacket. Very unique find!

Today I without a doubt hit my $50:
Vintage Vest-$3.75
Jewelry-The necklace I received in a package my besties McCall and Ashley sent me while I was in Brazil! The ring I found in Brazil on the street, and my earrings were part of a gift set from a lady in Brazil...
Total- $28.75 (Woot Woot)

We had a fun day!  McCall and I are taking a photography class together and learned a bunch of new and useful things last night so we decided to take an hour or so and practice! We had a lot of fun! Here are a few shots I got on my camera! P.S. I didn't edit any of them...these are the real thing ;)  (All photos are mine and please do not use unless you contact me)

Isn't Baxter (McCalls dog) so cute??
I know I have a lot still to learn and improve but its so fun!!



  1. sooo nice your pictures! i love the last one!

    Darling, Can ask you one little thing? I'll love to come here and comment in your blog! But it would be so much easier if you take away
    the confirmation of words, for the people who comment on your blog ...
    It's really easy to take it off, just go
    Settings> Comments> Do you want to take the confirmation of words
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    Ready! It's okay if you don't want to, but it would be sooo much better and easier to comment here, hi hi!

  2. Hi Sweety!!!
    THANK YOU BAZILLIONS! :D So incredibly nice of you to mention my blog here! :) And congrats on your $28,75!! YAY!
    The pics in this post are stunning!!! I love your outfit and your hair is fabulous and I especially love the pic with those red berries (???) and the dog's paw. <3 By the way - the dog is so beautiful!
    Thank you again!
    Sending hugs your way!

  3. Wow, amazing pics! You look stunning!

  4. I love the look! Simply chic! Gorgeous photos by the way ;)


  5. Nice photos, what a sweet looking dog!

  6. Awe that makes me miss my lab!! Also, the pancake house in the previous post looks DELICOUS. I hope you ate a pancake. And I hope it was everything you hoped it would be.

  7. Are u kidding me? you got that fab vest for $3.75?? Wowww, you grabbed some deals girl!!

  8. I have yet to meet an h&m shirt I didn't like. I love this! The black and white is very minimalist but the different textures makes it so intriguing!

    XOXO, Lindsey

  9. Gorgeous photos...I love the one of the red berries esp! What a lovely look for such little cost too, that vest and button down are really nifty together. Way to rock black and white! I just posted an outfit (green maxi skirt, etc) a couple days ago that was $23 all told, you should check it out :)

    <3 Cambria

  10. simple and perfect!! xx check out my friday grunge post.


  11. You got that outfit for less than $30?! Fantastic deals!!


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