Fall Rain and Fresh Apple Cider

 JCrew top (in the tall size), thrifted vest (real leather!), Swell jacket (also in green), Madewell denim, Hunter boots.
Yesterday we laid out by the pool. Today it rained and I wore a jacket. Is Fall weather finally here Salt Lake City? I was awaken this morning at 4:30 suddenly by the loudest thunder I think I have ever heard. It was crazy! A downpour with the sky lighting up every minute. I opened the blinds of my window to enjoy its beauty. Seriously, it is quite a cool thing--thunder and lightening.

Karla and I went to the farmers market this morning then got a little breakfast and hot tea at The Rose Establishment. Time always flies by with her. We have oodles of things to chat about and get lost in the goodness of our friendship. 
We got delicious fresh apple cider, I purchased Kale, fresh eggs, peaches, and maybe a little bag of kettle corn (weakness..) Karla got some tomatoes and peaches. We wanted to take a bit of everything with us! Love the farmers market. Especially on a rainy day. It was a pleasant dreary day if that makes sense. hehe.
 We also witnessed a crazy man yelling at the manager of the restaurant. It was quite entertaining and scary at the same time. In the end, he left. We all sighed, and we finished off our delicious tea and cinnamon toast.

Great way to start off my Saturday right.



Blue on Blue on Blue

 Woah... A little blue on blue on blue action going on here. I didn't really plan on it but here's to a little monochromatics!
This jacket from Swell is THE Fall jacket.... Perfectly light and comfortable. I'm also a sucker for navy blue...It goes with everything. Literally...
 Photo credit goes to my lovely friend Sadie. I'm excited to share that she has launched her photography website! I hope you'll show her some love and check out her beautiful photos here--- Sadie Noyce Photography. There are a few of me there. hehe.
Not much excitement over here...Sorry! Just keeping myself busy busy. Which I enjoy. So no complaints either. :)




  Joes denim, Madewell top, thrifted blazer (JCrew), Target flats.

Every so often I get this itch to just simplify my life. I want to live more simply. I strive to do it often and when I do I always try to think of ways I can be better. So I thought I would start with my wardrobe. I have WAY TOO MUCH!  I've been going through it, selling a lot of it on my instagram shop @stylish_treasures and keeping my favorite basics.  Ones that I never get sick of and are easy to switch up and mix and match. Do you ever feel that way? I've had this blazer and these denim jeans for over 2 years and they're two items that seem to continually come around the trend cycle year after year. So here's to a new goal coming into this new season....Simplify!




It's still summer around these parts. Today will be in the 90's so this outfit is definitely not weather appropriate but I sure do feel the itch to layer up and pull out all my boots. 

 JCrew tee, Madewell denim, Hunter boots, vintage hat, thrifted plaid top, Madewell necklace.

A little blurb on this tee I'm wearing. NO joke my roommates ask me every time I wear it where I got it. It's JCrew, on sale, the best ever, and I bought it 2 sizes too big to have a super slouchy comfy look. To be honest it was the only size they had when I found it in the store so I thought "what the heck" and LOVE how it fits! This is the Heather Gray color.  Go get one and I promise you'll thank me later.... :)))
 Thanks to my friend Karla for these photos. We went and visited a tiny apple orchard then walked around Wheeler Historic Farm. It is a fun relaxing little place! She and I have a lot of fun together in so many ways. So grateful to call her friend.
Cows...Yeah we got excited about cows.
 What are you excited to wear this upcoming season?? I'd love to hear your feedback!!



Lets Talk Denim

 Rad denim gives me an automatic license to HAVE to share.

 I  have just plain outright been converted to Madewell denim. These are a pair of the high waisted and they are seriously seriously some good stuff. Best of all for me I was able to get them in a size smaller than I normally wear!! Not sure if it's the brand or if it's all the running I've done over the summer but whatever it is...It's enough to make this girl giddy. I have found I've magnetized to this pair since I got them.

Do you have a favorite pair of denim you always seem to want to always wear? Do share...



Adding and Mixing

 F21 pants and top, Lotta clogs.
 Stripes, polkadots, and dresses with pants. Mixing prints, adding in a bright lip with neutral colors...A few of my favorite things to play with in fashion.




 Madewell top, thrifted denim (Gap), Seychelle flats, jewelry is a mixture of XO Fine Jewelry,  vintage, Madewell, and JCrew.
I found a lot of comfort in John 14:27 this week and hope that it can do the same for you....

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

The only way to obtain real peace is through faith in the Savior. So grateful for his love and sacrifice.




 Free People denim, H&M dress, Sam Edelman booties, Pendleton hat, vintage market bag.

I have felt so extremely grateful especially this summer for all those I have met through my blog and Instagram. One of which is Lindsey and Chelsea of LC Photography.  This post is the last of the photos I have from my shoots from this summer with them. If you're in the Salt Lake/Provo area I hope you'll check out their work. They're both so sweet and genuine. I love what each of them brings into their photography. They do a fantastic job. 


Have a wonderful week friends. Thank you for your continued support here at Run Style Run!



Always Find a Reason to Laugh

Friends...Sometimes we just need to just smile and let go a little. Be a little goofy, have fun, and LAUGH! These photos are from a few weeks ago when my good friend Gentri was in town. The photo of me I just happened to make a weird face while she was checking the lighting on her camera and we got a kick out of what came of it. I later insisted she do a funny face and we pretty much laughed til our tummies hurt. She may KILL me for sharing but guys...her funny face is maybe the best ever....

"Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years."

She's the kind of friend that brings out my weird side. ^^ hehe... I love it! Love this lady and our fun times together.



Everyday Rings

So you may or may not remember THIS POST when I mentioned the terrible horrible no good very bad day I was robbed this summer? (I do try to put it out of my mind...) Well...I mentioned how all of my everyday rings were in the bag that was taken which made me super sad. Among them were my midi rings from XO Fine Jewelry on etsy. (Formerly known as Mishella Boutique.)

 The lovely shop owner was so sweet to send me all new rings and I'm equally obsessed with them. I can't tell you how often I get complimented on these rings. The best part is they're so incredibly affordable!! A big plus for me is that despite the fact I wear them everyday...They don't tarnish or leave my fingers green. I have had this happen way too often sad to say. I am so happy to be able to support this shop.

I got gold and silver and love to mix and match so I highly recommend doing that yourself.

P.S. Whoa September!!? I feel like time is flying so fast for me right now. But life is good. Sooooo good friends.



Thrifty Thursday: at this wall

I used to quite often do a thrifty Thursday post and realized today I haven't done one in so long!! I had a few photos that I didn't share in the month of August and realized they're all outfits that are mostly from thrift stores.  So here is a "thrifty Thursday" and a "style flash" all in one...All happen to be in the same spot, are skirt/dresses, and have the same bag. I didn't plan this. hehe.
 Outfit one:
I'll start with the bag since it will be in all three outfits--It is from Anthropologie I bought on sale at Downeast. Downeast carries overstock or damaged name brand items, so I often find some really fun gems like this bag for seriously low prices.  I'm actually wearing a dress here and it is JCrew I found at a thrift store for $4. It's a tank dress I will probably wear all year round! Cute as a swimsuit cover up, or with a sweater or button down like I'm wearing here. Top is also JCrew I got when they did an extra 50% off their sale. I'm a sale scrounger I swear...I don't often pay full price for anything. Where my patience comes in handy. Sandals are Saltwaters I bought second hand from a friends IG shop. I'm obsessed with them.
Total all cost me under $60. If you know the prices at Anthropologie and JCrew alone...This price should seem pretty impressive. hehe.

 Outfit two:
Dress is a thrift find. I have gotten so many compliments on this dress which makes me laugh cuz ITS A FRUMPY MOMMISH DRESS!! I think I paid $2 for it and my intentions when I bought it was an at home dress while it was hot. I wore it out this day ONCE and had people asking me where I got it. haha. Sometimes I just don't know. Sandals are Madewell I got on serious sale. 
Total all cost me under $50.

Outfit three:
This outfit kinda has a story. (which I shared already on Instagram, so sorry if you're getting it twice.) I bought this vintage Levi top at a thrift store and found it a little tight for comfort...Has NO stretch to it.  I couldn't get rid of it though cuz I really liked it. Kinda the perfect denim top. I put it on this day and it fit me with room to spare! The running I've done this summer has definitely paid off. Skirt is a thrift find from my time in Brazil. I remember this lady had a tiny little shop in front of her house and we would walk by it frequently on our way home. This skirt was hanging right up in the front and I admired it often. (As a missionary your funds are small and precious.) Well..As I got to the end of my time there I had to have it. It has a few holes and the under slip is a little ripped but it just adds to it's character for me.  Clogs I won on an instagram giveaway!! They're Uxibal
I paid less than $30 for this whole ensemble!

Which "thrifty Thursday" look is your favorite?