Stayin Alive

 Anthropologie jeans, Lotta from Stockholm clogs C/O,   F21 top, Nena and Co. day bag C/O

This was one look from my trip I wore my last evening in Arizona.

When I came out in this outfit, my cousin Heather mentioned that the 70's were long over. Good thing I am keeping it alive....hehe.

I always love time with my family. Ashley and I have been best friends since before I can remember. So grateful for her and for all she does for me....



It's That Time--Swimsuits!

I love summer. Everything about it! Except that dreaded "oh crap I didn't work out near enough and they want me to go to the swimming pool? In a swimsuit?" Yeah...I don't look forward to wearing swimsuits. Until I find one I feel so comfortable and cute in! 

Lime Ricki swimsuit, thrifted hat

 I tried this swimsuit on in black and red and had the hardest time choosing! I may have to go back for the black later haha. I adore the fit (which is true to size) and love its retro vibe.

Now to just work on that nice summer tan and I will be all set!!


My amazing cousin took these photos. I had so much fun and Ashley is so talented behind the camera. Check out her website HERE. She has some new ideas and dreams in mind for her photography future which I am so excited to see where it takes her! If you live in Arizona, don't hesitate to contact her. She is an absolute joy to work with and has so much love and passion for the work she does!!



100 Degree Kind of Week

This past week I was able to go to Arizona with my cousin Heather's family for my other cousin Tiffany's wedding. It was a delightful week that unfortunately flew way too fast! I didn't know anything better than to just dump all the photos on one post and let them tell the story.

 12 hour drive through sun and rain this trip!

Looks like a resort!? Nope...It's my Aunt and Uncle's backyard...

 Friday night when we got there, we headed to the Gilbert temple (gorgeous gorgeous) to do some photos of this beautiful bride...My cousin Tiffany.
 Saturday was a day full of wedding things. It turned out so beautiful and fun! Wedding at 9, lunch at Joe's Farm grill, mani/pedi's afterwords, then some laying out by the pool...Later the party began. Lots of food and cake and good company.

 Beckham was just too fun...

 ^^This photo we have re-created several times since we were kids. I love these two...^^

The rest of the week consisted of lots of pool time, family time, and a little shopping.

 And Memorial Day...

 Instead of taking down Beckham's fort, I enjoyed it and slept in it every night. During the day he liked to hang out on my bed. I loved being able to spend time with him and have him get more comfortable with me around.

 Fresh squeezed OJ

 This was my last evening.... I got to meet up with Ashley Nielson for some much needed girl time and for some Margherita pizza at Liberty Market. It was so fun getting to know her a little better and catching up. My cousin Ashley also came and we had a grand ol time just chatting and eating yummy food...Then of course snapping a few fun photos...

Before we knew it, it was time to head home!

Thank you to my Arizona family for everything! I had so much fun getting away and enjoying some new scenery for a change. Congrats to Tiffany and Brett. They're currently off in Hawaii and I'm jealous. One day maybe. hehe.



Extra 3 Mile Morning

That is my new summer running hours. 
I have a half marathon I signed up for in one month and I am no where near ready so.......
MWF with my friend Heather.
T/Th with my bestie McCall.

This morning I got up and drove over to Heathers house. She was waiting patiently for me outside, so I got out quickly anddddddd the minute my door closed I'm like "CRAP!" Locked my keys in the car. 
Rather than waste the morning, I knew I had a spare key SOMEWHERE ....so we went on our little run. She lives 3 miles away from where I live so when we were done, I decided to run home then when she sent her little boy off to school, she would come get me... I'm grateful for that extra mileage I wouldn't have run otherwise. Plus...I enjoyed all the scenery around me. Even though I live in quite an urban area, there are lots of pretty trees and flowers I was able to enjoy!
I've had a hard time getting motivated to run again so this andddd having a friend to run with helps me a lot...Thought I would share some photos I snapped! This might be a totally boring post butttt if you're needing ideas to get motivated to run, exercise, walk, or while just to get out of the house and be outside...This is perfect! Looking for beauty to photograph helps get my mind off of the fact that I may be struggling or wanting to fall over dead. Haha

I made it home safe and sound, found my key in a second, thanked the Lord, and eventually Heather came to pick me up. When we got back to her house, she took me on a little nature walk. My morning that could have been a total disaster was seriously the best morning. So grateful it went that way....

What helps you while you exercise? Have you been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather yet?