Picnic Tablecloth Dress

 Photos by Emily Russell Photography
Sometimes I can't quite believe these laughing photos work. Because Emily says, "ok, now laugh." and I do the most ridiculous fake laugh. It's quite embarrassing really. But then they turn out better than any of my serious faces because who can't help but smile seeing someone laughing? Even if it's fake haha. YOLO!

This outfit is pretty fitting for Halloween yeah?? Oh yeah, Happy Halloween!!!!


Dress (It's $12! and comes with the tee!)
I thrifted these Frye but this is the style HERE
Hair Extensions


His and Hers Denim

I shared a little bit about Dear Born Denim in THIS post. They're really just a great, comfortable, and good quality pair of jeans. I also LOVE that they're made here in the USA. 
Alan is wearing the men's tailored fit medium wash. He says they're very comfortable. For someone who is constantly moving, working, and doing things here, there, and everywhere, he needs a good pair of jeans that will fit and move well.
I'm wearing the women's high rise medium wash. I am a high rise girl. I also love that they offer any length for any height! They can personalize your jeans just exactly how you need them.  
Best of all they're under $50 and they offer free shipping. Hope you'll give this small company some love. 



Mesa Falls

My beautiful friend Gentri came up this past weekend so we (Alan, Gentri, Huck, and I) headed up the mountain to Mesa Falls! To be honest, I had actually never even been there! I've been to Island Park a million times, even ran the Mesa Falls marathon! haha...But had never been to the falls. It was the perfect day. We got to enjoy the beautiful fall weather in the mountains, ate delicous Mexican food, and enjoyed the best of company...

Outfit details:
Free People coat (similar HERE), ASOS scarf, Sperry boots, Target sunnies.
^^I put my scarf on my honey and he owned it...hehe. What a babe.

I'm kinda mad at myself. Alan and I have had such a fun summer full of fun activities and I shared ZERO of them on my blog. Being married changes my perspective on a lot of my priorities. Although I still love fashion and want to continue to share that....We enjoy traveling so much so I plan to incorporate that more into my blog. New goal...Here we come.



Making a Difference

These shoes are the kind that you can hike in, get dirty, trudge through the water, and then rinse them off good as new when you get home.... Really comfy too, which is key. Get them HERE!

I also have to mention my watch. It's from Rumba and for every Jane watch they sell, they donate a portion of the proceeds to the Social Tee Animal Rescue in NYC. Huck was not a dog I adopted from an animal shelter...I got him from my parents dog's litter but I am a true advocate of dog adoption. I wish I could take them all home with me. So I definitely love to help in any way I can. Wearing something as cute as this watch and knowing it is making a difference cannot be beat. Will you help?? 



A "Lotta" Love

Oh...Lotta, you never cease to disappoint. I have gotten a new pair of Lotta clogs every year for a few years now and they just get better and better!! If you've been looking to get a pair..These are hands down the best price and they're amazing quality. Plus you're supporting a small business. It's all a win win win.
I have already received compliments on these gorgeous yet simple earrings and necklace. I am obsessed. I got them from JTV.com and hands down they will be an every day accessory for me.



Outfit details:
J Crew Denim Sold Out/Similar HERE


Check CHECK!

Hello absolutely perfect Fall/Winter boots I could ever own. No laces... (check!) Rustic leather... (check!) Warm and soft... (Check CHECK!). Sperry, you did these ALLLLL right.
So the past few days I was getting just a really abnormally large amount of new followers on my Instagram! I couldn't figure out how or why!! So, I messaged a couple of my newest followers and apologetically asked, "where did you find me from??" haha. They both said I was featured on Buzz Feed as a thrifty blogger to follow! I was so excited to hear the news. If you'd like to see it, click HERE!



Outfit details:
Scarf is old from H&M