Ice Cream in December

Ice Cream is a year round thing for me.... Come rain, shine, snow, rain....I'll eat it.

It is mostly and indefinitely permitted when you're with your best friend.

Side note: I got this bracelet c/o  SiraMara. I've worn it EVERYDAY since I got it... And love how affordable it is.

Thanks Rupe's (in Blackfoot, Idaho) for having delicious shakes. We were both freezing while taking these photos and yet, we both sipped on our ice cream. Mine Oreo. Hers Huckleberry. 



Mini Roadtrip

Since Ashley is in town for Christmas, I got a whole day with her today! So we took a mini road trip to do a little shopping and have some yummy food. 

 We ate at Red Lobster... Both picked salmon and both ate one too many of their yummy cheddar rolls.

 Went to every good thrift store we could see...

^^Ashley doesn't love my camera timer picture ideas....

^^ She's a babe.. 
8 years we have been friends....

I thrifted this coat today. It's brand new and at 50% off was $4! 

Our whole road trip from Idaho Falls to Pocatello to Rexburg and back was an equivilant of driving to Salt Lake City.... And I loved every minute of it. 
Thanks for the best day friend....



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas friends!

I had the most wonderful day with my family. Such a special day to remember the birth of our Savior and spend time with those you love. 



Holiday Series//#4 Little Things

Here is a post dedicated to the little things that I have been loving the past few days leading up to Christmas....

I have pretty much been living in these three items lately. Sam boots, Step Cat beanie, and red lips.

 I am officially the only single person or the only one without my own little family left. So mom, dad, and I it is. Maybe next year? (I swear I say that every year...hehe)

 This fun little ornament is as old as me.... what a treasures.

1991 Brandi. Homemade gem.

 I cannot even describe with words how beautiful it has been the past few days. It has been thick with fog, everything from trees to fences to bushes have been covered in ice.... All white. 

"....one of those happy days that God grants us sometimes on earth to give us an idea of the bliss of heaven." 

 I officially examined each and every ornament on our tree. Each one holding a date and a story. A tradition I will carry on for the rest of my Christmas's.

To finish off, three more of my favorite accessories.... Windsor Faux Fur scarf, black converse, and SiraMara bracelet

I hope you all are safe and sound and that you'll enjoy this beautiful week.



Holiday Series//#3 THE Beanie

THE beanie. I mean it....This is the only beanie you ever need to own. I may say more but this is all I really need to say. 

They have about ever color that exists!

I also want:


At least one more is definitely on my wishlist. hehe...
What's color do you love?

Mocs-Minnetonka//Jeans-Joe's//Sweater-Thrifted///Coat-Thrifted//Gloves-H&M//Hat- StepCat

Also...I found this coat a couple weeks ago thrifting. I love the color blocked neutrals. It's been perfect for the cold weather we have been having. I am not complaining much about that though.... Funny, I've found myself wishing it would snow!  Fresh snow is so wonderful for Christmas! 
Speaking of Christmas....

It's here in 5 days!


Holiday Series//#2 Red Lips

 I love how festive and fun a red lip can be! It jazzes us any outfit giving that perfect feminine touch. Currently my favorite color is Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour lip color Continuous Cranberry. It is seriously the best lipstick I have found (and I have tried MANY!) Not to mention it's affordable and can be found at your local Walmart or Target!

 Favorite Top-Vintage//Overalls-ASOS//Loafers-Thrifted//Hat-StepCat

What is your favorite "go to" lip color? I always love ideas. I wish I had a Sephora or Mac nearby to try on every color but living in a small town, we aren't blessed with many stores period....


P.S. How do we feel about these prints. I am definitely a neutral fan. I like to stick with basic, boring colors like grays, blues, whites, and blacks with a dash of red. (Red is just so fabulous!) These prints are bold and I think would be totally fun with a simple oversized sweater and ankle boots.
Left is C/O StepCat and right are a fun thrift find! 

How would you wear them?

Also...Holy moly we are 6 days from Christmas! I will be sad to see it all come to an end. I am currently watching Christmas movies on a regular basis and never get sick of it!



Holiday Series//#1

Who's up for a little "holiday series"? I'm all things Christmas for the next 9 days. So I'm a little behind on the 12 days of Christmas. (Whats new.) But I love this time of year so much and want it to linger as long as it possibly can. 

I put together a fun outfit to kick off this mini series:

 Coat-Vintage//Jeans-Citizens of Humanity//Boots-Sam Edelman//Sweater-@shoppeubird on Instagram//
Hat-Cotton On

Larger rings are thrifted, midi rings are from 5th and Elm and MishellaBoutique

I have never been one to following rules (that is, when there doesn't need to be rules.) So mixing black and brown or wearing white jeans all year round.... I do it and I love it.


I'd love for you all to join me in my "Holiday Series." Lets find joy in this beautiful Christmas season!



Winter Wonderland

It has been extremely cold but absolutely lovely outside. The trees have all been covered in frost and there has been a slight fog lingering around. It has reminded me of a winter wonderland.

I'm excited to share this lovely scarf I received from Murabelle, a fun etsy shop with cute accessories. If you order by tomorrow, your items can be there for Christmas! They have some super cute and nice quality items.

The color is my style to a T and because it's been so cold I decided to layer it with another scarf to keep extra warm.

 This bracelet is from Kotah Bear Jewelry and I have loved pairing it with my gold watch. It's sterling silver and the best of quality!

^^Outtake photo... Kinda cool huh?^^


Hope you all have a wonderful week! Who's doing last minute shopping? Christmas has snuck right up on me, although I can say I haven't put ALL my shopping to last minute, I do still have some gifts I need to get. I don't want this time of the year to end. I just love the Christmas season!



Camera Strap + Small Business Support

 I was wanting to get a camera strap unique to me.... And as you may or may not know, I absolutely love supporting small businesses. I love finding little shops in random places. I love meeting shop owners and getting to know little bits about them. I love personalized, one of a kind items. (Reason I love to thrift as well.)

I decided to search on etsy because most are people like me just trying to get by and take a chance at an idea.

I came across Country Eyes Ocean Heart and was delighted to see that the owner, Maddie, was in Salt Lake (which is where I'm from originally) and that she made custom orders. I contacted her right away, gave her an idea of what type of fabric I wanted (I so love vintage florals) she emailed me right back, went out to the fabric store I think even that same day, emailed me a swatch (which was EXACTLY what I wanted) and in a little over a week I had my camera strap. It is a sturdy, corduroy fabric with genuine leather detail. I am so happy with it. 

It's the Christmas season.... Seek out those small businesses that deserve it. 
I have mentioned some in previous posts but decided to make a small list of must visits which include some I know personally or have had personal contact with:

If you yourself have a shop or have a friend with one that you absolutely love, please do share in the comments below! 


**This is not a sponsored post. Just showing some love and sharing my opinion.**