River Walk+A Daniel Wellington Discount Code!

Thanksgiving day we had a relaxing morning then headed to the river to enjoy some fresh air and pretty scenery...
 Lets all laugh a little that our watch times are different. Guess who's is correct?? If you guessed Alan, then you would be correct. But aren't they the prettiest watches ever?? Yes, we love to match hahaha. Not really but hey, when a watch can work for either him or her, that is one good watch. 
I have to brag a little. I found this Patagonia jacket at an estate sale last summer for Alan for $10! It was literally new and fit him like a glove. That sale I actually grabbed him a handful of things including North Face and Orvis as well!
 Huck love love loves the river. He loves running through the grass and dipping his toes in the water. 
My sweater is Free People that I found second hand! woot woot for awesome thrift finds.
 Huck was very concerned about Alan. Wherever he isn't comfortable going, he definitely has major FOMO. hahaha. Like, "how can I make this happen??" 

 Huck LOVESSSS Alan. 
 We've been working with Huck on jumping. I was maybe a little too careful with him when he was little so he has trouble jumping!! He was sooooo excited and happy jumping over this big log. He and Alan did it about 20 times. So funny.
 I can't get over how much I love my little family. I love our adventures and just every moment with them.

Alan brought Huck and I here on like our 3rd date I think it was?? We hadn't even held hands yet let alone kiss. It was the beginning of August and everything looked even more magical. I remember walking along the river thinking, "wow, this is so romantic." I had a deep desire for him to hold my hand but knew I could be patient for that. Who would have known (well besides me...because I knew I wanted to marry him after our second date) that over a year later we would be back as husband and wife.

PS this is also where Huckleberry first learned to swim. And when I say learned, he just jumped in the water and was swimming hehe.
 Our watches are from Daniel Wellington. Use code "runstylerun15" for 15% off their website!!
 Dang...my husband is so cute. I just caught him tripping on camera. hehe




I can't resist a good stack of bracelets. Especially ones that are handmade and oh so unique! Love these ones from Wanderer Bracelets. Use code "runstylerun15" for 15% off your purchase!



Outfit details:
Thrifted tee


An Entire Look Under $75!

 I got these jeans on a major sale at Madewell last year. I like that they're high waisted and cropped! A different fun look. Converse are thrifted but I literally found them brand new! My outfit total is under $75. If you know Madewell, that is a lot to say hehe. This tee from Mod Bod is my favorite I own. I wear it with jeans, skirts, etc. You need one (or two, I have a black one too haha)...



Outfit details:
Madewell Denim (sold out style, similar HERE)
thrifted Converse


Mix of Browns and Blacks

The perfect mix of browns and blacks I'd say. This Daniel Wellington watch is literally all I need in a watch. I LOVE the black face with the brown rustic leather band. I just got these black and gold bracelets from Goldy Fox in the mail and knew immediately I wanted to pair them with this watch. Perfect match. Use code "runstylerun15" for 15% off your purchase on Daniel Wellington's website. I would highly highly recommend this watch. It's called the Black Face Durham watch and this is the mens one...I like the larger face!

Guys, Thanksgiving is a couple days away! I'm so excited to stuff my face with yummy food but mostly to just be with my family and enjoy a four day weekend with my husband!!! Yay...



Outfit details:
JCrew denim


Quality Jewelry//Holiday Gift Ideas!!

(This post was sponsored by JTV.com. I was paid for this post and received JTV.com jewelry pieces as compensation.)

Before I got married, I never really focused on collecting good quality jewelry. I would have cute things, but eventually they'd be tarnished or turning my fingers green to the point where I wouldn't wear them anymore! THENNNNN....My now husband got me my dream wedding ring...And now wearing it, I feel like my jewelry needs to live up to its quality and beauty! So...As I am with bags and shoes (quality over quantity) I am now feeling that way about jewelry. Spending a little more to get something that is going to last forever!! In the long run, we are spending just the same if not more getting the low quality items because they frequently need to be replaced! I was really excited when JTV.com contacted me because they're just that... High quality yet really affordable unique jewelry. I picked out a few simple yet eye catching pieces that I will cherish forever!!

This beautiful necklace is 14k gold and has a Moissanite Fire™ 1. 50ct Diamond Equivalent. I absolutely love its elegance and simplicity.

My moissanite stud earrings are definitely a splurge but when will they ever go out of style? NEVER. They’re a classic that will go with the ages. And the fact that they’re genuine 14K gold and Moissanite Fire™ 2.40ctw Diamond Equivalent Weight …They will maintain their genuine beauty.

If you'd like a more affordable option my dangly earrings are under $100 anddd they're genuine 10K gold. They're really stunning. They certainly catch the eye but are still an earring you can wear every single day! I love them and have grabbed them to wear often!

I wanted to share a list of some other favorites from their website that would be PERFECT for holiday gift ideas. Seeing as Christmas is just around the corner! What?? Crazy but true.... Who doesn't want something shiny and pretty?? hehe.

My first pick is this simple gold ring. It is dainty, classic, and is perfect to pair with any rings. Real gold and just under $70.
Next I love this dainty gold bracelet. (Yes I am 100% a gold fan.)
Lastly is this gorgeous pearl and diamond necklace! I love the mix of pearl and diamond. I especially love how simple it is. It is the perfect necklace to wear on a daily basis!

I would highly recommend the pieces I got though. I have already received so many compliments. Especially on the dangly earrings and the necklace.

I really like this website. They offer payment plans. They make it easy to be able to afford their jewelry and they have a wide range of prices for you to be able to find something in your budget.

Let the holiday season begin!!

What are some of your favorites from their website?? I'd love for you to share!


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