Stripes+Specs for C2C Challenge

 Pants-Bull Head via DE   Shirt and Shoes-Thrifted   Glasses-C/O Firmoo   Watch-MK via TJ's

Simple stripes for comfort with a dash of red on this beautiful sunshiny day!! 



Mom Time

My mom and I spent the entire day together yesterday...Shopping, lunch, a little gossip...mostly just enjoyed each others company and spent each others money.."this is so you...you need to get this.." I taught mom the ropes of thrifting and I must say...she did quite well!

 My mom makes me laugh...She didn't get it at first when I handed her this shirt and said it was perfect for her. In my family, besides her I'm the shortest of us all....and I'm 5'9. haha...Not short. She's 5'4.

 Life is too short to not eat dessert!

Taking mom back to her school days....This was the funnest little vintage desk!

 Leggings-Local Boutique   Sweater-Thrifted ($1)   Boots-Thrifted (leather $5)   Hat-F21   
Glasses-Thrifted (new with tags)   Purse-Thrifted

And...these Moccasins are blue...and they make me happy.

It was a really really good day. 



what's up??

 Pants-TJ Maxx   Shoes-Thrifted (Retro)   Shirt-F21   Jacket-Thrifted (Gap)   Hat-Old

My answer to "whats up" right now would be: 

"Oh we're just sitting here on the corner of AWESOME and Bombdiggity..."




I'm Blue...

Da ba de da ba di....

Coast to coast challenge Thursday was Hues of Blue...

 Pants-Walmart ($5!)   Striped Tank-Thrifted (JCrew)   Button down-Gap   Boots- Hunter   
Watch-DKNY via TJ Maxx

"Life is too short to worry about stupid things.  Have fun! Fall in love. Regret nothing and don't let people bring you down!" 



All Things Nautical

Coast to Coast Challenge today was "All things Nautical"

Pants- Anthropologie via DE     Shirt-Thrifted     Tennies-Thrifted    Watch-DKNY via Nordstrom Rack

Oh I love these pants! I wish they were two sizes smaller but I make do.... 

My outfit total cost (without the watch...it never counts because I've had it for a couple years and I wear it all the time) is around $25. I bought these shoes recently at one of my favorite thrift stores. They were having all their shoes 50% off....These cost me $.50. Yes let me spell it out.... Fifty-cents. I love the red color and they're perfect for summer! Woohooo....



Spring Florals for CtoC Challenge

 Pants-Citizen of Humanity via DE   Sweater-Free People via DE   Boots-JCrew via Stealing Seconds  Watch-DKNY via Nordstrom Rack   Rings-Thrifted

I honestly think this outfit is my favorite 3 items I own right now....
These boots were my very first and only instagram purchase. At a heck of a deal too!! I LOVE THEM! They're so unique and different. I honestly haven't ever seen these boots anywhere! 

Coast to Coast Challenge today were Spring florals. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to wear these gorgeous pants. And I will admit that it was for the second time this week. Haha...

Would you believe me if I told you this whole outfit (not including the watch) cost me under $100? Well...Believe it!


Ronald McDonald

 Pants-F21   Shirt-Anthropologie via DE   Jacket-Lucky   Scarf-Free People via DE   Boots-Thrifted   Bracelet-C/O Just Dawnelle

If I had a do-over...I might not wear the bright red pants. The colors in this outfit are a little wild for me.  Kinda remind me a bit of Ronald McDonald. 

Speaking of Ronald McDonald...did you guys see the sweatshirt in my shop??? It sold in like a minute I couldn't believe it! And then after it sold I had like 10 people wish they had got it....haha...

Who would have thought!! It was a whim buy...like, "hmmm...experiment, we'll see" SUCCESS!! My shop is @stylish_treasures on instagram if you aren't already following along!

Also yesterday was my niece Didi (Lydia's) 1st Birthday!! So of course I had to share pictures of the little princess!!

She was not afraid to get dirty...haha. Happy Birthday little one!



Lets Talk About the Weather...

 Jeans-Nordstrom Rack   Boots- Thrifted <3 (current favorite)   Shirt-Anthropologie via DE   
Watch- DKNY via TJ Maxx    Wrap Bracelet- C/O a Just Dawnelle (I won it on her blog giveaway!)

I got this wrap bracelet a few months ago...and somehow I lost it! I couldn't find it anywhere. Checked my jewelry hanger probably 3 times. I just did NOT know what I did with it! I was sad because it is a quality bracelet. Well....today I was putting my rings on and just happened to glance down...there it was. Right where I put it in my jewelry hanger. haha.  I was so EXCITED! Now that is where it will go from now on haha. 

Two things I want to talk about:
1. I must speak of the weather: (That makes me so cool...hmm, what to talk about... uhhhh, the weather... haha)  Do you see the grass I'm standing on??? NO it's not green, but it's not covered in snow which makes me happy. I was outside without a coat all day today and yesterday! Does this mean spring is coming??? I sure hope so!

2. Must try: I am an avid lover of coconut oil as a hair moisturizing treatment. Usually I put it in my hair for 1-2 hours before I get in the shower. Well...I decided to try it over night. I just didn't like the thought of sleeping in an uncomfortable shower cap the whole night.  But...it was worth it. My hair feels so good! It will be a "to do" for me every week now!!! Try it...you won't be sorry!



Sunday Inspiration

Dress- Anthropologie via DE   Sweater-Nordstrom Rack   Hat- Gap   Mocs- Minnetonka  

Here is a little Sunday inspiration....
“If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some false friends and true enemies; succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; be honest and frank anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; be happy anyway.
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; do good anyway…
You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; it was never between you and them anyway.”
-Mother Teresa



Vintage Blouse

Jeans- Gap   Blouse-Thrifted (vintage)   Boots-Frye

So when I went thrifting this week...At the DI (a thrift store) I swear there were like 20 of these vintage style shirts (the one I am wearing is one of them) This is seriously a terrible terrible thought, but I couldn't help but wonder if someone died. I know that a lot of older people just stick with the clothes they've had forever. I know my Grandma always did. So I'm glad to know if that was the case, this shirt went to a good home.

I added a few things to my own wardrobe. Loving the soft colors.