Russ Dawg

Shirt-Old Navy   Jacket-Diesel via Downeast   Jeans-Unknown   Boots-Wetseal   Purse-Coach

I was with her when she bought this coach bag....isn't it gorgeous??And I must say.... So is she....

So....I have a sad story. Its only sad for me. Ashley's moving. She graduated from college and is now a big girl and she got a big girl job. She'll be 3 hours away. No more ice cream runs for a while. No more visiting her at the mall. I won't have any reason to go to the mall anymore!! (maybe thats a good thing) I will miss her big hugs.  I will miss her A LOT! Love you Ash!!!



  1. That outfit looks a lot like the LC inspired one from my post dressing like a celebrity! Love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope your following!

  2. love your outfit!
    the bag is gorgeous.


  3. What a great bag! Love it!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    Wanna follow each other?
    xo Veronica

  4. Hey, Thank you for your comment on my blog! :)

    It's always sad when a good friend moves away, I know, I went through it too... But if you're really good friends, when you meet again it will feel like you're following your chat where you left off. :) I speak from experience. :D

  5. Ashley has got some pretty stellar style! I love her bag! It sucks when friends move far away.... but thats why you text and video chat and call....oh and try the voxer phone app (its my new obsession)



    love your blog brandi!

  6. thanks for coming by my blog!
    i'm loving that coach bag up there and the boots too!
    hope you come by again and follow us one day :)
    -jes, your newest follower

  7. You can tell her she has some great style! Love her choice of bag & boots! :)


  8. Awww. So sad about your friend. I'm sure you'll keep in touch.

    What a fantastic outfit. Casual and chic.

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