Sunday Style and a Little Inspiration

Vintage dress (looks like its sprinkled with confetti...Party in a dress! hehe) , Lotta clogs, Mac Ruby Woo lipstick

Had to share this fun vintage Coach bag I found at an estate sale this weekend for $10.... Looks to me like it's never been used which makes it even better! Only thing about it is the house I bought it from smelled of smoke so it does have a smoke smell...SAD FACE! Any suggestions on how to minimize it or get it out?? 


Today's Sunday inspiration comes from a song that came on the radio last week. As per usual, I find a lot of comfort and inspiration through music... I heard it and was like "WOW" this was something I needed to hear. Hopefully that will be the case for you too...

It's called Glorious by Russ Dixon listen to it HERE

ooooooo I get the chills every time I listen to it. 

I love the little reminder it gives. That each of us has our own individual and unique purpose. We can't compare ourselves to other people, because we are who we are.  I am me. You are you. Sometimes we lose sight of where we should be, what we need to do...But like the songs says, " It’s like a symphony just keep listening and pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part. Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies in each one of us, oh, it’s glorious." I love that! We each have our piece to play that is equally important and beautiful. We just have to be willing to discover that in ourselves and be willing to grow and be patient. It's so easy to forget. I forget often. But life can be so wonderful. Each moment we have in our lives is a growing experience and we just need to keep that thought in our heart. You have a special purpose in this life. Whether its big or small...Even the little things can be big things. I invite you to reflect on that today. Remember "you will find that there is a purpose and it's been within you all along!'

Have a wonderful Sunday friends. And know you are loved. Feel free to contact me if you ever need to be reminded of that.



Style Flash

"Style Flash" of a couple outfits from the past month that didn't make it to the blog.

 What I wore to my cousins wedding... Nordstrom Rack top, EBay skirt, Salt Water Sandals.

Park day called for a vintage Nordstrom skirt and Seychelle flats.

Funny story with this one. I walked into Savers to donate a bag and get my 30% off coupon. The girl behind the counter says, "I can't even really explain it but somehow this all works. I just love your outfit!" It made me laugh.

Outfit details: Hunter rain boots, H&M jeans, thrifted top and bag, hat is a vintage Etsy find.

Outfit details: Thrifted top, bag, and shoes, Joes jeans, Anthropologie hat, Chic-fil-A ice cream...hehe...

We walked into the mall today...and I may have gotten a little overly excited for this one! Coming in August to Salt Lake City!!!! MADEWELL! One of my favorite stores that I have never even set foot in! Obligatory photo to celebrate. 

Outfit details: JCrew top and pants, thrifted sandals and bag. (PS This is currently what I want to live in)

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Mountain Air

Ashley and I took a quick drive up to the mountains for a pretty walk and change of pace yesterday. I predict this will be happening a lot this summer. Short drives (because the mountains are literally our backyard) and lovely fresh air filled walks through the mountains. A few of my FAVORITE things.  I am so grateful for where I live!

Ashley said to be one with the mountain. So this is what I did... Not even sure if it can be qualified as a yoga pose....

 Whatever then... hehe

Best way to use the last of the skies light on a Sunday evening if you ask me.



His Hands

These photos are a throw back to a little day date my dad and I had last summer. I always love the simple times with him... I couldn't be with him on Fathers Day this year so I put together a few thoughts I've had going through my mind about him today.

This morning I heard the song "His Hands" on my Pandora station. It is a lovely song that tells the story of the Savior through His hands. I hope you'll take a minute to listen to it. The words are absolutely true and beautiful. As I was listening, this photo of my Dad's hands popped into my mind. It's one though simple, I have always loved!  I immediately thought of all his hands have given in his lifetime......I pulled some of those qualities out of this song.... Tools of creation, a truest friend, kindness, healing, service, endless giving. He's always been so hardworking, loving, gentle, and creative. I swear he can make or fix ANYTHING! I've always admired him for his dedication to everything he does and his multitude of talent. Mostly I think of all he has given and done for me. For my family.  He will put us before him anytime. He loves the Lord and gives 100% to everything he puts his mind to. I just wanted to tell him how much I admire and respect him. How much I love him. 

I love you Dad.

Happy Fathers Day.


Life is Good

 When we all went through my grandparents treasures, I snagged this vintage watch of my grandpas and ring of my grandma. The watch doesn't work but I wear it anyway. While I was in Arizona it was so funny....I had two different people ask me what time it was. Of course I didn't have my phone so I had to explain that, um, hmm...I just wear this as a bracelet. Haha. It's sentimental too...So I feel like that's totally ok. 

 Another time Samantha Broderick Photography amazes me with her beautiful work. I love every photo I am able to share. I have too much fun with all her clever ideas. I also feel like she gets me and gets how to help share a little snippet of my personality..... I just love that and I'm so grateful for her!

Vintage tennies, thrifted jeans, f21 tee, Madewell bag, Urban Outfitters sunnies.

I feel so happy especially lately. I swear this time of year does it to me every time. Life is good.



Summer Shoe of Choice//Lotta from Stockholm

 It's official that my Lotta from Stockholm clogs are my favorite shoe this summer. Believe it or not, they're super comfortable and even better go with EVERYTHING!

F21 top, Urban Outfitters jeans and sunnies,Lotta from Stockholm clogs, vintage rings.

 Photo credit: Ashley Madsen Photography

 This is another mini shoot I did with Ashley Madsen Photography while I was in Arizona. She has decided to encorporate more of a "lifestyle" route in her photography so if this is something that you may be interested in, I would suggest contacting her! She is incredibly talented. I can't wait to see where this will take her. 

Also...I'm doing a givewaway for a pair of Lotta from Stockholm clogs on my instagram @runstylerun !!!! It will start today (so keep an eye out) and will last a week. If you don't have instagram but would like to enter, email me and I will give you a few options of what you could do. Happy Monday! Hope this week is a good one!



I Heart Summer

Nordstrom top, Current Elliot jeans, Brickyard Buffalo glasses

I'm so loving these bright heart shaped sunnies for summer!
Want a pair? Well......Brickyard Buffalo is offering a 30% off discount using code SUMMER30. Make sure you check out all their fun items available!