Happy Friday!

T-shirt- H&M   Jeans- Gap  Belt- Thrifted   Watch- DKNY via Nordstrom Rack   Glasses-  E-bay
Happy Friday!! Yay, its the weekend!



Thrifty Thursday

Jeans- Gap     Chambrae top- Forever 21   Sandals- Steve Madden via Marshalls   Glasses- Rue21   Bracelet- gift in Brazil

If you want a good, cheap pair of white jeans....buy them right after labor day! I bought these last year for $3.50 at Gap. Yeah, thats right.... THREE DOLLARS and FIFTY CENTS. the cost per ware for me is like $.50 now....definitely worth it!

Look fabulous on a budget! Here are a few tips on looking fabulous for less! Katheryn Finney, author of How to be a budget Fashionista says you can get a great deal on anything by shopping on Wednesday or Thursday nights or hitting your favorite stores during the change of seasons. January/February for fall merchandise and August/September for spring/summer merchandise. Now is the time to find some fabulous stuff as the seasons are changing!! For online steals, follow your fave e-tailers on Facebook and Twitter for the deal of the day.

Sorry I've been a little MIA.  I went to one of my good friend Jenelle's weddings this weekend. Pictures to come for sure!!




I have dry hair!!!

I am always trying to find the next best thing to keep my hair moisturized. I have tried pretty much everything you can imagine.... egg yolks, olive oil, jajoba oil, and they've been ok. I always ask around  what others like or find best. The only reason my hair actually finally grew longer is because I spent 19 months in Brazil and didn't barely do a dang thing to it. Wish I could have continued doing that....

Well, pretty sure I have found the ultimate moisture treatment....not kidding. Here it is---

 Pure unrefined coconut oil! 

After I tried this, my hair felt the best it has in quite some time. 

Here are a few facts:

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, which nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair. Polynesian cultures historically have and still do use coconut oil as a beauty oil, according to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu, Hawaii. A study published in the "Journal of Cosmetic Science" in 1999, found that coconut oil applied to the hair reduced hair breakage and damage. You can replace expensive deep conditioning salon treatments, by using coconut oil as a hair conditioner at home.

Things You'll Need
  • Glass cup
  • Small bowl
  • Shower cap
  • Comb
Step 1
Pour 1 cup of hot water into a small bowl.
Step 2
Scoop 2 tsp. coconut oil out of the jar, using a clean spoon, and put it into a glass cup (I used a paper cup)
Step 3
Place the cup of coconut oil into the bowl of warm water.(it also works to just fill your sink and put the cup in there)  Leave the cup in the bowl/sink until the coconut oil melts. Pure coconut oil is solid at cold temperatures but melts quickly at 76 degrees F or above.
Step 4
Massage the coconut oil onto your scalp and throughout your hair. If your hair is long, you may need to use additional coconut oil. You can apply the coconut oil to dry or damp hair, whichever you prefer. The oil spreads more easily through damp hair.
Step 5
Comb your hair to distribute the coconut oil evenly through your hair.
Step 6
Put a shower cap on your head and tuck all of your hair inside of it. Leave the coconut oil on your hair for one hour or overnight. The longer you leave the coconut oil on, the more it will condition your hair.
Step 7
Shampoo your hair twice to remove the coconut oil completely.
Step 8
Melt a pea-sized amount of coconut oil in the palms of your hands, by rubbing your hands together and apply it lightly throughout your hair for extra conditioning, concentrating on the ends of your hair. At the suggestion of my sister, I have actually purchased Redken Argan-6 oil to apply after I towel dry my hair and if needed a little more after I blow dry. I like the smell and it adds that extra moisture. You can skip this step (whether its the coconut oil or you try the Redken) if your hair does not need extra conditioning.
Step 9
Style your hair as normal.

Tips and Warnings
  • Purchase pure, unrefined coconut oil for best results. Pure, unrefined coconut oil is processed without chemicals. Chemical processing destroys the oil's valuable nutrients. Unrefined coconut oil is sold in health foods stores. You can purchase pure, unrefined coconut oil that is sold for cosmetic use or for food use. Mix one drop of your favorite essential oil into the coconut oil before putting it into your hair, to give the oil a pleasant scent. Jasmine oil and honeysuckle oil work well with coconut oil.
I plan on trying it 1-2 times a week. I am really excited to see some shine in my dull dry hair thanks to this treatment.

(Coconut oil hair treatment found at livestrong.com)

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Ho Hey

A really good song for you to listen to as you check out todays post.....

So I hope everyone has been having a fabulous weekend! I know I am enjoying mine. Today I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with my younger sister McKenna.

Every time I see her I get jealous of her long beautiful hair.
We went to a restaurant called Blue Hashi, for sushi and other yummy stuff!!

Pretty sure I could live off of edamame. IT'S SOOOO GOOD! We also had this paper wrapped chicken. McKenna loved it, it wasn't my favorite but I was satisfied with my sushi and edamame anyway.

After we of course had to go hit up a couple thrift stores....
These were some fun finds...that we didn't buy. hehe... but we both did find some fun things. I will have to share later this week....

To finish off our sisterly time we got snow cones.

Twas a good day....



Quick and Easy Workout

Here's  a quick 15-30 minute work out for you. Honestly guys, who doesn't have 30 minutes in their day?? You can make it as easy or as difficult as you choose.

50 jumping jacks
5 pushups
20 sit ups
20 mountain climbers
30 second plank
5 burpees

Repeat 3 times!!

This is a workout you can easily do in your home. Do it before you get in the shower to get ready!! As for me, I prefer to take my workouts outside while its summer. Go to your local track, park, or even on your own street. As you know I'm a runner, so I am going to add 1600 meter runs to each round.

Try it and let me know how it goes!!

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Thrifty Thursday

I absolutely LOVE this panama hat from J Crew. A month or so ago I got to try it on and I instantly had to have it. I liked that it's so versatile, love the color, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to splurge $60 on it. So I set out on a hunt. And VUALA.....

I found this beauty at H&M (in the men's section if you can believe) for $12.95! I love it!!

When you find something you like that is more money that you'd  like to spend....be patient and see if you can't find something similar for less. Obviously the hat at J Crew was a little better quality but I got the same idea and look I wanted for MUCH MUCH less. Anyone find a great steal lately? I'd love to see!!



Gut Busters

How many of you feel like you're in a gut rut?? Hard to find motivation to eat healthy or work out? I have lots of tips and tricks to help. Today I will start with a few very simple things you can do in your daily routine that will burn a few extra calories! While at work today, I ran across some super fun tips from Fitbie, a website I love to find some extra motivation!!

10 Daily Gut Busters

1. Eat eggs for breakfast

A study in Nutrition Research found that people who egg it up consume fewer total calories the rest of the day.

2. Stand up

Stand up whenever you read or take a phone call at work. (You can also use a stand-up desk.) Standing burns 1 1/2 times more calories than sitting does.

3. Don't eat meals in front of the TV

In a University of Massachusetts study, people who did that took in nearly 300 more calories a day.   Dang it...this is going to be a hard one for me.

4. Weigh yourself each week

Three out of four successful dieters do this, the American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Journal reports. I don't love this one as much, but I can see how it could help you not let yourself go.

5. Have an apple

At lunch, have an apple instead of apple juice. Chewing triggers satiety, so you'll likely consume nearly 15 percent fewer calories, notes the journal Appetite.

6. Mix a shake

Consuming 55 grams of whey protein a day for 23 weeks can leave you 4 pounds lighter than if you'd eaten those calories in carbs, USDA scientists say. Does anyone have a favorite brand or type they like? Do share...

7. Put produce at eye level in your fridge/cupboard

You're 2.7 times more likely to eat healthy food if it's in your line of sight, say scientists at Cornell University.

8. Clean the house

People with the most spic-and-span abodes have the highest levels of physical activity, research from Indiana University reveals.

9. Add chickpeas to soup

Toss a half cup of chickpeas into your next pot of winter soup. You'll tack 6 more grams of flab-fighting fiber onto your bottom line. Yum...I love chickpeas!

10. Drink skim milk

Got milk? This ones an easy on for me. I love milk! So guys... Drinking 2 1/2 cups of skim milk in the a.m. instead of the calorie equivalent in juice can lower calorie consumption by 8.5 percent, says an Australian study.

These are so simple!!! Try some if not ALL of these this coming week...I know I'm going to!

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That's all...

Shirt/Poncho thing- H&M    Pants- Old Navy   Watch-DKNY     Sandals-Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx    Glasses-H&M

Pancakes? Yes, I think I will have pancakes for dinner.....That's all....




Sweater- H&M   Skirt- TJ Maxx   Sandals- Thrifted (Blowfish)   Watch- DKNY via Nordstrom Rack   Glasses- H&M

Happy Monday! I can't help but think of the Carpenters song "Rainy Days and Mondays." I actually do like rainy days....but, Mondays, oh Mondays...."always get me down."  They don't really get me super down but gosh, its hard sometimes not to dread Mondays. The beginning of our work week...
So...here's to being positive. Highlights of my day:
-Waking up early to go let the dog out and breathing in the fresh morning air.
-Pandora...I love the anticipation of what song will play next.
-Cheese quesadilla with salsa for lunch. I have been been kinda addicted lately.
-Receiving a super cute heytell message from a friend. I listened to it 5 times and smiled the same every time I listened to it.
-Feeling the warm air. Have I mentioned how much I love summer?
-Laughing and joking with a patient I work with regularly. Who says you can't be friends with people 50 years older than you!?
-Watching my dog sleeping in his cage...as I was quiet enough he didn't wake up...then his excitement as he woke up and saw I was there to "RELEASE HIM"
-Looking out the front window seeing him looking right at me literally with his puppy eyes "come hang out with meeeeeeeee..."
-Hearing the sounds of the evening outside....sooo amazing!
-My kitty following me around because she loves me. (Yeah, so I don't hang out with humans...oh well)
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Ok....so maybe Monday's aren't so bad. Tell me some highlights from your day!!!




I have really enjoyed this years olympics!! 4 years we're going to BRAZIL!!! Que coisa boa!!



Perfect Day

I had to share this song...it describes how I feel on most of my days off :) I had a great day today. I didn't do much, but it was nice to sleep in, get some chores done that I needed to, I'm on dog duty so our dog Mori and I went for a walk, it was seriously a gorgeous day! It rained yesterday so it wasn't quite so hot today and the air was so fresh. I just love summer. I absolutely love it.

There are times when I would love to live in a bigger city, then there are days like this when I absolutely can't get enough of the beautiful country. The fact that I can walk in the middle of my street and even lay down if I wanted to. (Notebook anyone?)  The only sound I hear are the buzzing bees and a distant tractor in the wheat fields.

I can't get enough of summer's richness....

Dress- Romy    Shirt-H&M    Sandals-Steve Madden via Marshall's   Sunglasses-Old Navy

I could live in this dress. It is so light and comfortable. And I HAVE lived in these sandals all summer. They are my absolute summer staple.

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