Wedding Celebration part 6: You are Gold

This is the last of my wedding post series!!
My brother-in-law Cade put together this amazing video for Alan and I of our special day. I love it. Love love love!!

The song is "You are Gold" by the National Parks. I had learned about this song about the time that Alan and I started dating and just fell in love with it. Every time I heard it I would think about Alan. What makes it even more special is that I took Alan to one of their concerts in Salt Lake. It was our first (and so far only) concert that we went to together. 

On YouTube just in case the video doesn't work, click the link below:
Brandi and Alan

Thank you Cade, Katie, and Brett for this video. It will be such a treasure for us to have forever.

If you missed out on the beginning to the end of our wedding celebration photos, here they are linked below:

Part 1: Outside the Temple
Part 2: Love
Part 3: Details
Part 4: Dinner
Part 5: The Send Off!



Aubergine & Co.

This past weekend I took a little trip to Salt Lake dedicated to stocking up on inventory for my shop-- Stylish Treasures. I had sooooo much success. I also got to see a couple of my closest friends. It was fun to visit Salt Lake City again. Before I headed home, I had to fuel up at Aubergine in Sugar House. I can't say enough good things about this little restaurant. Healthy, delicious, unique, and such a fun friendly atmosphere. I must brag that it is owned by Brazilians....You know I have a special place in my heart for Brazil. They have authentic Brazilian cheesebread and Acai bowls!! And they are the legit business....Take me right back to Brazil eating every bit.  My cute friend Gentri and I went together and had the most delightful sandwiches with baked sweet potato bites, delicious fresh lemonade, and of course cheese bread. They have a few locations so if you're at all in the Utah, Salt Lake City area, YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!

Photos by Gentri Lee



Wedding Celebration Part 5: The Send off!!

Lavender: Traditionally the meaning of Lavender is love and devotion. When given as a gift, Lavender flowers represent luck. They also offer a promise of a new adventure. 

Our guests showered us with Lavender as we were sent off as newly married husband and wife. 
We had everyone line up outside the restaurant....It's so fun to see these photos and especially see the excitement on the kids faces. 

My cousin Ashley Madsen Photography also snapped some amazing photos I couldn't pass up sharing!!!
The joy we felt at that moment is so described on our faces. Even now I can't look through these photos without smiling from ear to ear. 

Thank you to everyone who supported us on our special day. It was unforgettable!!



Wedding Celebration Part 4: Dinner

Photos by: Celeste Nield Photography
After we were done at the temple, we invited all our closest friends and family to have dinner with us at the cutest little restaurant in Logan called The Bluebird. It's one that's been around for years in this cute little town and it had so much charm. It was perfect for us.

We asked all of our siblings and parents to say a few words at the end of dinner while we ate yummy raspberry sherbet. It was so fun to hear what each person had to say. We also had Angelie speak, who I already mentioned is the reason Alan and I know each other. It was so special for us.
These last photos below were taken by my cousin Ashley Madsen Photography

 Alans brother Brett^^
 My sister Jennifer^^ (we are criers hehe)
 Alans sister Tenille^^
My sister McKenna^^
Alans brother Cade^^
 Our beautiful friend Angelie we will forever be indebted to!^^
 Alans sister Kristin^^
 Alans Dad Frank^^
 Alans Mom Traci^^
 My momma Loraine^^
 My dad Bill^^
 We finished up the floor.

To be continued.....