Breakin em in

 Wearing my Osborn shoes again today because I can't quite wait for them to look worn. They're the kind of shoes that I prefer a little more worn in. The leather gets better and they form to your foot. 

Oh, and my bag? Another amazing sustainable company called Live Fashionable. Oh my goodness is this bag the most beautiful thing ever! The leather is soooooooo amazing!!!


Outfit details:
Thrifted Base Range raw silk top!
JCrew denim (sold out style)
Osborn shoes


An Outfit with a Story

This summer I've definitely been working on finding pieces that are minimal, sustainable, and yet unique.  This outfit is simple, yes....But it is compiled of items that are just that. My tee is actually from my instagram shop @stylish_treasures but the brand is Flax. They're a sustainable brand that seriously makes the most quality items. My jeans are my favorite from Madewell. They're their new roadtripper jeans. I plan to purchase a couple more pair because they're that good. My shoes are from Osborn. They're different yet still simple and minimal. I like their unique style. They're a small company and the shoes are handmade. Lastly, my sunnies from Diff. For every pair of sunglasses they sell, they give a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. Also, you can use code RUNSTYLE25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase! An outfit with a story. Can't wait to share more stories this summer as I add more unique and simple pieces to my closet.



Kilgore, Idaho

This past weekend we went camping up to Kilgore, Idaho. Theres a beautiful hike up to Aldous and Hancock lake. Absolutely gorgeous place and we had a beautiful little spot to camp. You'll see that Huck absolutely adored swimming and getting dirty haha.....
 Our good friends Angelie, Derek, and Porter joined us this trip. Derek is Alan's cousin and they're the ones who set us up!!! We will always love them and our time with them.
 While Alan and Derek fished, Huck and I headed up one mile more to Hancock Lake. We hiked through quite a bit of snow (me wearing my sandals...) but it was totally worth it. 
This is my new backpack from Machir. I show it off a lot in this post because I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It has so many pockets. The front side pockets perfectly fit my waterbottles for easy access as I hike. It's comfortable and has moisture wick fabric on the back. Plus I love the genuine leather and the waxed canvas. I'm absolutely beyond pleased with it. Their company is all about creating a bag that is rustic, durable, and fashionable. Everything I need and love in a bag.
 Tinfoil dinners again for this trip. 
 A very worn out but happy pup.
We packed up Sunday morning to head home. Alans Grandma grew up in Kilgor so he took me to see her childhood home. Wait til you see it. It is the most dreamy place I've ever seen. The most beautiful farm surrounded by mountains and wildflowers....
One day we hope to own some land. We passed by this random farm and this would be what I would love ideally. A white house with a shop in the back from me and a big shop for Alan.

We went the longer route home to go by the sand dunes in Rexburg. This would be Huck's first experience with sand and it was a blast.