Never Give Up...

 Orange light from one of Idaho's beautiful sunsets....

 About a month ago I found these Justin laced ropers thrifting and had my personal shoe shiner clean them up for me...(aka Dad) Now they look amazing and almost like new! 

 Arrow Harte necklace (c/o), Madewell bag, thrifted sweater, Gap shirt....Simple favorites.


 I found this journal today and fell in love with the words. Hope it can brighten up your day a little like it did mine.



Floral in Gloom

Floral Jeans-C/O Swell //Top-Gap//Jacket-Thrifted//Boots-Hunter//

 Love these fun floral jeans from Swell. (Which happen to now be on MAJOR sale!)  Especially because right now, it's pretty gloomy around these parts. In a few short months, these trees will be covered in lovely flowers and leaves. For now, I'll just brighten it up myself...

Also, for those of you who loved the vest I wore from Swell in this post, it's back up on their website and it's an extra 20% off! I know, I'm a bad influence. I can't help it.



Runaway and Back

My cute friend Karlee is studying at BYU-Idaho for a semester (whilst her hubby stayed back in Salt Lake) So she wanted a roadtrip buddy to go down for the weekend with. So I ran away again.. It was loads of fun catchin up with her. I forget how much more fun traveling is with someone else in the car!

Dates, temple trip to the Jordan River temple, time with my besties, shopping, favorite foods, pretty much all the best things...

 Yeah, I'm not much of an artist. (mine is on the right.)

 Yes random old house because I love them of every shape and size...

 McCalls first time at "Melty Way." I'm officially obsessed.

^^You think I ate this for breakfast? No way...For Sunday pre-nap lunch!

 McCall and I may or may not have spent 2.5 hours making up a dance (and perfecting it) to an N'Sync song. Sorry to disappoint but that video will go into an only known to us archive. Sometimes it's nice to go back to the days when you were 12 years old... (I always loved N'Sync more than Backstreet boys...just saying)

^^ Andddddd....back home before I knew it.  But not for long. Change is coming big time for me. I don't want to make a big deal out of it so for now I'll just say, I plan to soon start a new chapter in my life.


Also this has nothing to do with anything I just said, but sorry I had to add the "enter word or phrase" on my comment section again (I know it's so annoying and inconvenient) because I got about 100 "anonymous" spam comments that just kept coming and coming. Thanks for understanding. 



Live the Little Things//February 16

This week was full of ups and downs but I didn't hesitate to be grateful for the little things in my life....

Taking a few precious hours to sit close to my 14 year old nephew. We watched Napoleon Dynamite. I was more grateful to hear his laugh, listen to him quote about every line in the movie, and to cuddle up close to him. He has well surpassed me in height but is still my precious little nephew. Love every moment spent with him.

Last night I walked in the door and it the most heart warming thing....First Tanner with a big cheesy grin on his face, "Aunt Banni!" Then they all come, knocked me on my behind with their hugs and kisses. My niece and nephews are a few of the very brightest lights in my life. They mean so much to me. 

Cute little Lydia proceeded to twist and turn and play with my hair. I gave her all the time she needed to create her swirled masterpiece.

 It's these little moments I can never get back. They grow up with every day that passes. 


I explained what the #livethelittlethings project is on this post here. This week on instagram so many fun photos were posted using the hashtag.  Here are a few I couldn't resist to share here.


What fun moments to live the little things....

Here are the four I decided to feature on my feed @runstylerun on instagram.

1-@sarah_inpursuit- An old gorgeous photo of her mom.
2-@peubird- Just being grateful for quiet, simple moments.
3-@ana_schr-Valentines...But realizing you don't need just one day for love.
4-@sleepiestzombie-Love is everything (her shirt is Wildfox and its fabulous.)


Join us using the hashtag #livethelittlethings on insagram. Or send me a photo to share via email. Most importantly, don't be so busy that you miss out on these rare and lovely moments in your life. Everything and everyone in our lives is a gift. A special gift from God to never take for granted. 




All I really need on Valentines Day is to turn on some Frank Sinatra... No matter if I'm with someone or not, he does it for me.  Makes my heart flutter and puts a smile on my face. He and Dean Martin. and Joshua Radin....oh and always and forever Mr. Michael Buble. Try it. If you're wanting some feel good music...Look no further. I promise they cure all. That and some mint chocolate chip ice cream. hehe.

This outfit is inspired by the lovely Ashley from  I believe in unicorns. There was a girl at our Influencer meeting a few weeks ago wearing it... Ashley was brave enough to find out where it was from and when I saw her wearing it, I of course wanted it as well. I take no credit. It all goes to cute Ashley.

 Dress-Lulu's//Booties-Sam Edelman //Bracelet- Threads

Do you have a special someone for Valentines Day? Or are you like me and spend it with the classics? Movie night? Wherever you are and whoever you're with...I hope it's wonderful because LOVE is wonderful....



What She Wears//February Picks

I had so much fun going through all those who participated with What She Wears//Favorite Winter Trend this month. 

I picked two with the same theme...

Faux fur has been rocking this season and I'm loving how these two styled it!

Steph from Signing Steph is a girl after my own heart. Faux fur perfectly paired with plaid...another favorite of mine.

Total style crush on Dani from See Dani Style. Her hat, her hair, that vest....perfection.


If you didn't participate this month, I hope you'll join us next month where we will be sharing "Monochromatic."  I must be a total idiot because I had never heard of that term so if you're like me, the definition is "containing or using only one color." There you have it. Share an outfit entirely inspired by one of your favorite colors! We will be linking up beginning the first Tuesday in March. Now you have a handful of time to come up with something fun.



Tribal Headband

Oh Sweet Joy has turned me into a headband lover....

I love her tribal collection and can't wait to get my hands on the lace ones as soon as they become available!!  

Make sure you look at all of her fun collections HERE and even more exciting for you.......

Oh Sweet Joy is offering all of my readers 10% off! Just enter the code runstylerun at checkout.


I'm headed out of town for the weekend. Follow me on instagram @runstylerun to keep up with my daily fun...



Road Trip continued//Photo Journal

Let's just call this a photo journal from the rest of THIS trip... and be ready for a bum load of pictures because well....that's just what I decided to do...

First 2 nights I stayed with my besties....Ashley and McCall. Pizza, ice cream....shopping. We love it all.

Found this vintage moo moo. Yay, can't wait for summer!!!

After Gentri and I went to the media influencer conference, we met up for a little adventure time. We got on the road and headed to Heber and Midway Utah...

Ok this was seriously cool! We walked on a frozen lake. It was peaceful and quiet...But you could hear the sound of the lake breathing. It did kinda scare me a bit being out on the ice hearing it, but it was like nothing I could ever describe breath taking!

Went inside the crater in Midway. Just FYI, if you're a Bachelor fan and watched Ben's season....This is the little place where on one of his dates they dropped down in the crater and swam.. Pretty cool yes?

We hit up every little vintage or thrift shop we could find...

Ate lunch at Dairy Keen in Heber. Yes I know, so healthy. But it's all about the experience! We used to have a cabin near Heber when I was younger and we would always stop for shakes at the Keen.

Had to stop and take a photo of this cool old house. To be honest, Midway was full of them!

Headed back to Provo to go on a little hike...

Watched the sunset...

^^Left is from the bottom, Right is at the top... Nothing big but fun...^^

We were pretty exhausted that night. So we got pizza and watched Frozen...

Next day went for a walk.

Saw my old dance studio from when I was 8 or 9!

Ate here...Best grilled cheese I have ever had. (my mouth is watering thinking about it...)

More antique/thrift stores. WE LOVE THEM!

So funny....This guy looked like he was ready to eat little Gentri... hehe.

Then we ate at Porter's Place. Holy moly coolest place ever! It is set up like an old saloon with saloon music and everything! We just went in for the experience and milkshakes. I loved it to pieces!

Gentri and I parted ways and I spent the rest of the weekend with McCall.... We did some more shopping, went to see a movie with our favorite, popcorn and peanut butter m&m's....

 Later we went to Park City and listened to some live music.  Super chill with super fun people.

Best long weekend EVER!

I'm going back this weekend. I miss my friends...hehe