Sandwiches, a scary movie, and vintage shops

Thanksgiving weekend is the greatest because that means Ashley comes to town!! Yay! So last night we went to dinner for sandwiches at a place neither of us had been then went and saw Insidious 2. It was definitely my idea to see the movie but she was a willing participant although it didn't 100% thrill her hehe..

P.S. I got a couple of amazing packages in the mail yesterday. One included this fun plaid scarf from my friend Jenna. We live miles and miles apart but shop for each other. I love scarves and this one is the perfect addition to my collection.


Ashley and I planned to meet up this morning to do a little "small business Saturday" shopping. We hit up some thrift stores and found a new little vintage boutique to explore.

^^ I purchased this lovely scarf (like I need another one) but it is always nice to give back to the local community!

We didn't plan our matching outfits...guess we were in style tune today.
Of course we had to have a little photo shoot because that's what we do... 

 Ashley's wearing: Jeans-H&M//Sweater-F21//Hat-Target//Boots-Steve Madden//
Glasses-Armani Exchange//Watch-AE


This sweater was in a different package from my really good friend Nathan. I feel totally spoiled!

^^Totally a resemblance, am I right? haha...I'm a nerd....

Grateful for my friends and each and every time I get to hang out with them...I feel blessed.




Booties-thrifted//Leg Warmers-C/O Cents of Style

Lately all I have been wanting in my wardrobe is comfort and coziness. 
Leggings, socks, leg warmers, large sweaters, boots... Love it all!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? 

Whatever you do, I hope it's a good one!



Saturday Happenings

Today I slept in, did a few things around the house, and my nephew text me to take him to guitar practice. He had asked me yesterday to take him. But me with my wonderful memory had forgotten so I got ready quickly to go pick him up. I dropped him off and I did a little thrifting to fill the time before I had to pick him back up. In my endeavors, I realized that I didn't put mascara on one eye, was reminded of my abnormally large forehead because I had pinned my bangs back, and there was lipstick on my chin (no wonder I had a lady staring at me for an uncomfortably long time.) I just had to smile though. I am grateful to be me despite my flaws.

My outfit is thrifted from head to toe. 

Vest- 70's vintage
Jeans-Gap high waisted 90's vintage
Moccs-Minnetonka on an instagram shop 
Glasses-Urban Outfitters from an instagram shop
Scarf from a consignment shop

^^Also I am addicted to frozen hot chocolate and may have had one 2 days in a row. They're the perfect frozen drink. 

 ^^ My Saturday frozen hot chocolate date. He is seriously the BEST ever! 

Happy Saturday!



Mourning Dove Native

I was excited to meet Shio from Sweetness a boos through our monthly link up party "what she wears." She is the most beautiful lady, inside and out. I love her Native American culture and I was even more impressed when I was introduced to her talent through her etsy shop MourningDoveNative.

I have teamed up with her to give away this gorgeous blue titanium quartz drop necklace (from her etsy shop) which values at $35. It is the perfect simple necklace that adds the perfect touch to any outfit. I love it and know you need one too!

I am doing the giveaway over instagram so search @runstylerun for all the details. 

Make sure you go visit her shop HERE. Christmas is coming up and these will be the perfect gifts or stocking stuffers. She has more than just necklaces and will be adding more accessories soon! 

I hope you'll join in on the fun!



Style Inspiration

Coat-Vintage//Jeans-Free People//Button-down-H&M//Tennies-Saucony (old)

 I just have to tell you. I have had these shoes since high school. Maybe the only thing in my closet besides dance sweatshirts that I have had that long. They were some I grabbed multiple times to send to donate but always put them back because they're comfy and I always found them so fun! I haven't worn them much. Maybe 5-6 times in the 10 years I've had them. But decided they need to be worn. How fun are they with this vintage coat? My inspiration behind this outfit comes from a few photos I have come across on pinterest. 

I am a little obsessed with longer coats and have one in about every shape, size, and color. Love the look and also the fact that Idaho winters are terrible and these coats are extremely warm. 

What are your favorite fall/winter trends you've been seeing around? Do share!



Ugly Sweater Tee

 I could not help but be a little goofy wearing my Skip n' Whistle ugly sweater tee. I mean,it has dinosaurs and reindeer on it. The combination itself is reason on its own...

Perfect for upcoming "ugly sweater parties" I know you'll all be attending. They just launched their holiday tees and sweatshirts so go snag one HERE!!



Snow Day

 Jeans-Free People//Top, Jacket, Hat-Thrifted//Boots-Nine West


First official snow day!

Ask me if I'm excited? !!!!!!!!!


I'm ready for spring.

But I will admit one thing. I sure do love the purity of snow. White all around us. It sure is gorgeous. Take away the cold and I would be happy! 




 Coat-Thrifted//Jeans-Paige Denim//Booties-HauteLook//Bag-Madewell//Hat-Thrifted

Time to pull out the coats! Winter is here. 2 fashion items I love most about winter? Boots and coats.

Currently crushing on long coats, mid-calf coats, vintage, or oversized like the one I am wearing here.

Be ready to see me in coats because if there's anything I hate more, it's to be cold. I don't know who likes to be cold, but this girl will avoid it at all costs. 


Also I wanted to say THANK YOU for all those who participated in the "What She Wears//Layers edition" 
I just think it's a blast meeting new people and seeing different renditions of our themes. Although you ALL looked fabulous, I chose to share Kristin from Wild One Forever .... 

A girl after my own heart in her boho chic get-up. Turn a summer dress into a winter staple by adding some knee-high boots and an oversized sweater. Looks perfect!

Make sure you join us the first Tuesday in December. (yay, Christmas month)  The theme will be "GOLD." It is quite a broad theme, so we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Have a great weekend friends!!



Thank You

Today I had the privilege at work to meet so many veterans of all ages who served in many branches of the military. I enjoyed so much asking where they had served and when. I was seriously overwhelmed with emotion... Can't tell you how many times I teared up. I felt amazing being in the presence of so many who went through so much for our country.

AS I said, I enjoyed immensely asking about each individual veteran. Each had their own individual experiences. I wanted to just sit and chat and hear stories with everyone! I did my best to learn a few things... 

I met a middle aged couple who served in the navy. They actually met in San Diego and served together.

I met an older gentleman who was drafted into the Army right before WWII!! He served from 1941-1946 in Italy. I was able to get my picture with him which was such a treat!

There were others in the army, the navy, one man had been in the Marines on a submarine for 3 years straight. Another was wounded while here in the U.S. but instead of being dismissed, he helped train soldiers to prepare for Vietnam..... 

My brother, Trent, his wife Angela, and their two kids came in as well. 

^^They both served in the Navy for 8 years. The two of them actually met while they were stationed in Greece. So grateful for their sacrifices and service.


Thank you! Thank you to all who served in the past and thank you to all who are currently serving. 

Happy Veterans Day!




I recently went into Target not for any particular reason but just because I was bored and thought, "Target? Yes... Target..." (I know you all do it or have done it.) I saw and handful of things I wanted but resisted.... Tried on a few hats because you know I love them. Spotted aztec, looked like a giant scarf, and it was folded up nicely all by itself on a shelf. Turns out, it was a Poncho. I don't own one but kinda love them. So you better believe that was my Target treat for the day. And it was on sale for $12.

Ponchos make you want to dance around. Buy one and try it. Plus, for those who love blankets or scarves, it's a package deal all in one!

I thrifted these leather booties for a whopping $3 the other day. Love when that happens!

Happy Saturday!




“Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism. Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness of those you love, in the testimony which you carry in your heart concerning things divine.” 

In other words, choose to be happy! Smile, laugh, stop worrying, enjoy life.....It is too short to waste.


Paper Airplane

Boots-Thrifted//Jeans-Thrifted (Gap)//Button-up-AE
Hat-@shopnebula via instagram//Bag-shop in Yellowstone

 Scarf- Just Dawnelle ....( Make sure you go see all the new scarves she has  added....)

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my life. What I am doing with my life and what I want to do with my life. It's hard. Not life but decisions. How do I decide what is right for me when a few things feel right? Where do I need to be? Where am I supposed to be?  Sometimes I wish that I could just have God throw down a little paper airplane that says "ok, today go here...." and just direct me. I guess in a way he does do that, just doesn't often seem as obvious. I sometimes feel like I just need to take a chance and hope that it's the right direction. Then I think "if I'm doing what I'm supposed to in my life...then a decision I decide to make should be right." Right? I guess I should just stop thinking and DO. I may get somewhere, where ever, faster..... 

P.S. I found this fun vintage camera at a thrift store for $10. It even works! Not sure if they make film for it anymore, not sure if I would even know what to do with it if they DID have film for it.... But it sure will be a fun new gem added to my treasures collection!