Inevitably Dusty Shoes

No need for leashes.
Fields and mountains for miles.
All we hear are the sound of streams, tractors, and birds chirping.
The smell of freshly cut hay.
Inevitably dusty shoes.
Horses grazing.
The best place to be for a sunset.
My handsome man's hand in mine.
And a wet, happy dog.
I maybe shouldn't have picked to wear my new sneakers from Dansko out for a walk in the dust haha. But I'll say one thing, they're the comfiest sneakers EVER! Dansko seriously does comfort right. And they do leather right.
If you ever say Idaho has nothing to offer, I will say, you've truly never seen it!



Magic of the Country

I'm maybe sharing more of these photos then I would ever need to but 1-This is seriously one of my favorite places in the world....Stoddard Farm... 2-I can't resist family photos in pretty places and 3-This is my favorite, magical dress. So....hope you enjoy the magic of the country....and my little family. 


Total Eclipse 2017 in Idaho

We were soooooo lucky this year to have the totality of 100% Solar Eclipse 2017 come straight through our town, Idaho Falls. We went out to Monteview for it and saw it just the same. It was an unforgettable event I will cherish for the rest of my life. It felt out of this world! The day was wonderful, especially being in the country. When the totality of the eclipse hit, it was like an eternal sunset ring all around us. Indescribable. 
Spending the day with Alan's family was really fun. We were completely amazed by God's bounty. God really does miraculous things.



Grandpa Walker's Floral Garden

This was our start of a very delightful weekend. The weekend before the Eclipse. We went to visit Grandpa Walker and I couldn't resist taking photos of his beautiful gardens. He is a genius gardener and being in his yard is like being in a little slice of heaven. The pictures do no justice.
Thanks Grandpa Walker for sharing your talents with all of us!