Come on a run with me

I was having trouble getting motivated today...but I put on my thermals, and an extra layer and decided to go for a jog. I thought I'd share it with you!!!

I had such a good run! What was more fun was looking around for things to take pictures of. Before I knew it I was done!
I have a challenge for all of you guys! I would love to go on a run/walk with you. Those who wish to participate, follow me and then I'd love for you to send me the pictures and I'll share them here on my blog. Feel free to put a post on your blog too and I'll add the link to mine.But make sure you let me know!
Send the pictures to my email buckley_brandi@hotmail.com. Please put in the subject like "come on a run with me", don't forget to leave me your blog site and next Tuesday we'll see what we get! If you're in a rut this is a great way to start guys!! You don't have to be a runner to do this either. Go on a leisurely walk and I would love to see where u went!



I promise I'm not some animal obsessed crazy person....Its just that when I get home, all my cat wants to do is be near me. I'm not kidding she follows me EVERYWHERE! And I hate to hurt her feelings so I just let it be. LOL. Do you like the tail in the last picture?? hehe..

Today I just wanted to be relaxed and warm. This was the ideal outfit for it! I picked up this hat last week at The Gap for $4!! Did anyone go to their awesome sale recently? It was amazing!



I'm a little bit country

It is a gorgeous day today!! I hung out a little with my dog Duali. He was so excited I was outside with him!! He ran all around all excited (and he's old so you've got to give him some credit for doing this)

So...sometimes (or maybe a lot of times)  I wish I could be a cowgirl! They seem so tough and confident but at the same time they have that gorgeous femininity that is so admirable! This is about the closest I am to being one...when I wear these boots! I love them! They make me feel a little more girly with that little heel. Don't know why...they just give me that little extra boost!

Thanks for spending a little of your Sunday with me! 



Black and White

 I love LAYERING! It's probably the best thing about winter wear!! The white button down under my sweater is definitely a staple in my wardrobe. I love that I could literally wear it everyday with something different and no one would even notice! And these shoes...I love them...and...they are...thrifted.

Meet my photographer for the evening! He is 12 and so fun. He had such a good time taking pictures. Later in the evening he asked if he could practice a few shots on my camera and if I liked them I could put them on my blog too. hehe...LOVE HIM!  Photographer in the making! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!



Running Attire

Hey guys! So who's all with me to start getting into shape? I thought I'd give some running tips for beginners or even those who are already runners.
For starters I thought I'd share some of my favorite things to wear while running.
SHOES- So important to get a good pair of shoes! Especially if you plan on running long distance. I'll tell you from experience. When I first started running I just bought my normal shoe size and as I started running longer distances I was getting more and more blisters! So I did a lot of research and discovered that you should buy 1/2 size if not even a full size larger than you wear in regular shoes. Your feet swell as you run and really need room to be able to breath. So when I finally bought some great running shoes, it made a HUGE difference!!!
There are 2 brands of running shoes that I love and probably will never get anything different.
1- These babies  -Asic Gel-Kayano. These are excellent shoes. Very supportive, comfortable, breathable, and I think pretty affordable. You can see me wearing them in this pic.
2- And these- Inov8  Last summer I started getting into cross fit.  These were the top recommended shoes.  They're very light and comfortable. The new trend seems to be " running as if in your bare feet" barely anything there. I haven't run long distances in these but they're excellent for short runs, working out in the gym, and any classes you take. AND they're obviously PERFECT for cross fit!

SOCKS-I like to wear thin socks. They make running socks too that are a little better to breath. Just remember, your feet are the most important thing when it comes to running. You NEED to take good care of your feet!

TOP- My favorite shirts to wear are usually the Nike Dry-fit. They're comfortable, not tight, and you don't sweat like a banchy. They also have some REALLY awesome long sleeved ones that are great to just pull right over your t-shirt!

BRA- My very favorite sports bra is just one that I've bought at Target- Champion.

HAIR-I love having my hair totally out of my face! These head bands are my favorite. I got this one in Brazil! Wish I had bought more!!!
A little word of advice. This helps me! Put your workout clothes on, pull your hair back, tie your shoes, grab your water bottle and head out. Don't give yourself time to think about it otherwise you won't go!Have a great work out and look good doing it!

 If anyone has any questions, or suggestions please let me know. I'd love a few post requests as well.



Thrifty Thursday

I love Thrifting! I can't even tell you how much. I bought this vest and the purse this week at my favorite local Consignment shop! I am in LOVE with Coach and actually just bought a brand new bag on my trip to St. George with my friends. Ashley and I went to go sell some clothes a couple days ago and I spotted this Coach bag and knew I had to have it. It was marked at $40 and they were having a 1/2 price sale. I thought I'd check my luck and see if the bag was part of the sale. IT WAS. So I paid $20 for this beaut!! Then I was flipping through a few things and spotted this real leather vest. Let me just tell you, the leather is so soft!  It was marked at $35 and I asked the store clerk how low she might go on it. She said $15 and am I so cheap I still wanted to go cheaper?? But I LOVED it so I decided I'd just go for it at that price. When we got to the register she said, "I'll give it to ya for $12." Wohooooo...I was delighted.
My Sis Jen took my pictures tonight.
We're still learning hence the picture with my head cut off and the one of me looking at who knows what on my shirt! It was clean I promise. But give me a little credit. 1-It was cold 2-it was freezing  3-it was kinda getting dark so we wanted to get what we could out of the light. and 4-did I mention it was really cold so I didn't even bother looking at the pictures to see if I was liking them. LOL! If anyone has photography advice or ideas don't hesitate to shout them out!
Anyone else who loves Thrifting, message me so I can see your glorious finds as well!


The girl with no face

First pictures taken with my new camera! LOVE IT!



Boring Blog

I know I have been neglecting my blog. I am working on getting a new camera! Very excited...I have a couple that I'm deciding between then I'll start taking some fun pictures!! Thanks for not giving up on me!


Spring Fever

Is it too early to be looking forward to spring?
Bright color blocking!!
Light hews and lace

Love this for school! Paisley EVERYTHING

t-shirt, jeans, and sandals

Bright colored lips and glasses

love the yellow heels
Bright colored Maxi dresses
oversized, sheer tops

Summer hair, sun glasses, peep toes
Hair inspiration...LOVE HER HAIR
Its coming around the corner!!!!