8 miles

I ran 8 miles today! with my friend Melissa.  Let me just tell you...it has been 3 years since I ran my last marathon.  And since I've been home from my mission, I really haven't gotten in to running again! I've wanted to but its just been 2 miles here 3 miles there. So Melissa and I decided to start running together at least once a week. When we decided to run I said to her, "so I'm thinking like 4 miles?" she said, "Well....I really wanted to run 8." first thing I thought....NO WAY. But there was no way I was going to back out of this! So I said I'd do it....she kept telling me I didn't have to, that she could just run more after...but no way I'm not gonna be a pansy...
She totally creamed me which I knew would happen but I did it guys..

A few thoughts that went through my head:
That wind is killing me
Ok...this isn't so bad
My back is kinda hurting...stop
Ok, back is feeling better but now my knees feel like jello
Wow...I feel so good now that the wind is behind me
Yikes, are my knees going to make it?
Now my hips?? ugggghhhh. Is it cuz I'm getting older?
Don't walk
Like this song! I think I'll play it again.
Wow its starting to snow!
I  need to run more.
Don't stop
I'm going to be sore tomorrow
Just me and the road
I can still see Melissa
How did I run Marathons!?
Keep going, keep going
Wow...that car got kinda close to me
I love Idaho...
What will I blog about my run? ;)
I can see the last turn....wohoo
I made it.

Thanks for the motivation Melissa!



  1. had the same thing at the gym today :/
    but in the end - it's so rewarding! :)
    I really love your blog - you got yourself a new follower dear :)


    btw- I also took the price challenge - check it out under your other post :)

  2. Good for you! That is awesome. You should be so proud of yourself! Are you going to do a marathon this year?

  3. Full of style. Love it.


  4. We had such crazy weather at the end of that run! I can't wait to see what next weeks run brings!

  5. Good job on 8 miles! Those are the exact thoughts that go through my head ... I went for my first run in nearly a year on Friday and managed 7.8km (not sure what that translates to in miles), but seriously felt it afterwards.

    I might need to take it down a notch.

    Keep it up and it's so great to have someone to run with! Keeps you motivated fo sho!


  6. Great job on running 8 miles. I have always wanted to run a marathon, it just takes a lot of time and commitment, so awesome job.


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