These boots are made for walkin'

So when McCall, Ashley and I went on our girl trip to St. George, we stopping in Salt Lake City to do a little shopping. Of course we had to check out Nordstrom! McCall and Ashley both had watches they needed links taken out of so we headed over to the watch section. The girl working behind the counter had THE CUTEST BOOTS! I just remember staring at them but not saying anything. Then we headed to the shoe department and I saw them!

Of course I had to try them on. They didn't have my size in the black but the brown were super cute too! They were a little pricey for me....$170. So I didn't get them especially cuz it was the beginning of our trip. I was still planning on looking them up online though when we got home. So I did and I found a website with them for $125. Still more than I want to spend. Uggggghhhh....Anyway, this story is becoming too long. I googled them again yesterday and turns out that Nordstrom had them ON SALE for 35% off,  now $109.90.!! I was pretty excited! The leather is like butter and they're so rugged looking! Fun huh??

I love this song....

On a serious note though...I am putting my foot down and budgeting. I can get a little carried away. I am going to limit my "wardrobe" spending immensely! Starting this week!!! Please...make sure I do! I have plenty of clothes in my closet to make some awesome outfits! Wish me luck!



  1. I love these!



  2. Very pretty! I own simular boots and I'm so happy with them :) <3


  3. Oi flor fico feliz que vocÊ gostou do post customizando melissa!=)

  4. I understand completely. Be strong!

  5. Fabulous boots and the song is hilarious <3

  6. Those boots are so awesome and look like a total staple piece in an outfit!

  7. GOOD LUCK to both of us!!! I am at the point in life where I am trying to restrain myself and not spent more than 20 dollars on a single item. ha! My plan is to only go thrift shopping and hope for the best. Let's keep each other in line. MUITOS BEIJOS!!! xx

    check out my new outfit post and let me know what you think. thanks.


  8. Patience is the key! Congrats for getting that boots :)

  9. Thank you for your sweet comment at my blog!
    - I started following your blog - please follow back...!
    Stay Luxury


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