Friday with Arrow Harte

Jeans-Free People//Sweater-F21//Boots-Thrifted//Glasses-Ray Ban//Beanie-Cotton On//
Long Necklace-Madewell//Layered necklaces-C/O Arrow Harte

These photos are a few from when Gentri and I explored Midway and Heber and even hiked up to a little cave in Provo. It was too much fun! 

I am loving my necklaces from Arrow Harte. This Tassel Necklace is currently on sale! Make sure you check out all their fun handmade goodness! I have a few on my wishlist including THIS, THIS, and how fun is THIS??

I have been sick all week so it has been super low key laying around. Which makes me sad because I was finally getting to a point where I was going to the gym regularly. This puts a damper on my progress. All I want is to feel better though so I can get back on track. 

What are you doing this weekend? 



Road Trip

Utah Trip.....

I was invited down to Salt Lake for a Media Influencer conference put on by mormon.org this past week. I am so glad I went. It motivated me to be more influential as a blogger and I was also able to meet so many wonderful people! 

Ashley Lemieux from  The Shine Project, Stephanie Nielson from Nie Nie Dialogues, Sara Wells from Our Best Bites, and Jamielyn from I Heart Nap Time were the speakers. Some very inspiring ladies.

Brooke White performed....

It was held in the Joseph Smith Memorial building which is a gorgeous historic building in Salt Lake City...

I attended with cute Gentri Lee

Got to meet the lovely Al Fox now Al Carraway. Many have heard of her as "The tattood Mormon."

This lovely lady is the reason I got invited in the first place. Ashley Nielson is one of my favorite bloggers. If you don't follow her, you need to here at  I Believe in Unicorns.

They sent us home with a bag full of goodies... You better believe I gobbled this thing right up! No self control here....


Now you may or may not be wondering what was discussed at this conference. It simply was how to be more influential as bloggers. How to reach out to our readers. It is something I have always tried to do whether it was being able to be an example by dressing modestly on a budget or my Sunday Inspiration posts. All in all, I hope you all know that I am here, I read every single one of your messages and emails, and I love life. I love helping others, and I love to inspire and be inspired.

"With the blessings of modern technology, we can express gratitude and joy about God's great plan for his children in a way that can be heard....around the world.  Sometimes a single phrase of testimony can set events in motion that affect someone's life for eternity." -President Dieter Uchtdorf

I have a whole bunch more photos to share from my trip so stay tuned....



Live The Little Things

A few months ago I came in contact with a girl through instagram. (I could start this sentence with a handful of people that I consider some of my greatest friends!) Her name is Meg. I love her photos and the passion she has for life! She started a hashtag project #livethelittlethings and I remember immediately commenting on the first photo "I am totally in! This is me everyday!" I have always tried to be grateful for the small things in my life. Not overlook the things we often are too busy to notice. Don't be so busy that you may have missed an opportunity to serve someone in need, etc. It is a motto I have lived by for as long as I can remember. Smiling at a stranger. Picking up a penny off the ground. Seeing a falling star right as you look up in the sky. A random call or text from an old friend.  I am not perfect but I have tried to not take these things for granted. Meg immediately reached out to me to team up and get this project going! I was so excited and loved the idea. So together each week we would be examples of living the little things and then as the hashtag grew, we started sharing others photos who were participating on our feeds. A couple months ago, Meg had found that she was letting too many things distract her from what she really wanted to be important in her life (instagram included) so she decided that she was going to delete her account. We grew close with what #livethelittlethings had become so I decided to carry it on by myself in my own way. I continue to text Meg the photos and moments people share so I still feel it is OUR thing...I admire her so much for her courage to get rid of the things she feels was detracting her from the important things in her life.

I have loved seeing how #livethelittlethings has really grown. There are almost 3,000 shared tender life moments on instagram and I am blown away each week by what blessings people have realized in their lives. 

Every other Sunday, I feature four photos on my instagram account @runstylerun. I have such a hard time choosing just four that I have decided to also share more on my blog. I screen shot all the ones that I really love (Not gonna lie, I really love every single one of them hehe) but I end up having A TON by the end of the week. Rather than only share a few, I thought I would share the ones I ended up with here! 

@alexandrakrystal//@rosianemelo//@taylortippetts//@mrshillarysal//@herhollowway//@rehanna_mae @kathleensayer//@airgreenwood//@jmtrovato//@tricialee

Meg and I used to take turns each Sunday sharing photos so I have continued sharing on my weeks and then I have invited others to volunteer as guest judges on the weeks Meg would have normally shared! So, those of you who have instagram, no matter how many followers you have, if being a guest judge might interest you, contact me at runstylerun@gmail.com ....

^^ Here are the four photos I decided to feature on instagram:

1-@airgreenwood Being grateful for every little quirk her family dog has.
2-@wandering_isfp Free food.
3-kathleensayer Realizing that there ARE better things out there in life....hehe.
4-@anneliesemcclain Surrounding yourself with beautiful things.

This week I was able to spend an evening with these two rascals. I lived each little moment with them and had my eyes open to how extremely blessed I am to have them in my life. Lydia is my 1 year old niece and Sam is my 3 year old nephew.  Sam's spunky personality. Lydia's oh so wonderful tight random hugs around my neck. The way each of them say my name. Realizing how much they both have grown! Sam now annunciates his words almost perfectly and Lydia repeats everything she hears so well! I have become the family "horse" where each child takes turns holding on for dear life as I gallop around on my hands and knees. It has become a regular thing and I kinda love that. I love our little personal moments. I love whispering "I love you" in their ears and hearing "I wuv you too" in return. 

 I hope you will all take this challenge to slow down and pick up on the small things in your life. Choose to see "how" and "why" you should choose to be happy because of what you have.  I will continue sharing my moments and if by chance you don't have instagram but would like to participate, share on you blog or email me!  I would love to receive photos or stories to share about how you #livethelittlethings and would love to feature them here on my blog as well!

For those of you with instagram, search @runstylerun and use the hashtag #livethelittlethings throughout the week! It's fun and motivating plus I've made so many wonderful friends already doing it!



Spoiled Head

As you all may have noticed, I recently changed up my hair a bit....I'm still not used to it but it's always fun to try something new! I actually have all my life always had my hair blonde.... I decided to do the ombre to keep from having to color my hair too often! Which was a wonderful choice because it got to be really healthy and long! I went for blonde again which really scares me (bleach does no good for my hair especially) so I decided to spoil my head and get what products I have heard raved as the best! 

Anyone a fan? I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Pureology and Moroccan Oil. They are among the MOST expensive of hair products, so they are officially on a "trial" basis for me. I plan to do what I can to really take good care of my hair which includes only 1-2 washes a week. (normal for me) One of the reasons I didn't mind spending a little more on my shampoo, it lasts me FOREVER! 

If you have blonde hair, the Sea lights shampoo is AMAZING! It takes out any brassy or yellow tones in your hair. This has been my brand of choice. 

So I will let you know how my hair feels! I am a little over excited to wash my hair! haha. I still have a few more days to go though before I can....

What is your hair care products of choice?? I am all ears... In fact, I would love feedback on beauty products period! Face, hair, lotions, nail polish. I am totally a girly girl who loves to talk all things girl! So share away!


P.S. This lovely hat came in the mail today... I found it on ebay for thrift store price. It is a Pendleton hat which is such an awesome brand! My head is going to be totally spoiled!



 Bracelet-C/O SiraMara // Headband-C/O Murabelle

"Life is a series of natural and sponstanious changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."


On a different note. I was featured on Beauty Glam Now yesterday! Make sure you check it out!!



1000 Times Better than Wonderful

I just have to say....I HAVE the most AMAZING sister-in-law that exists in the world. Hands down, she is 1000 times better than the word wonderful. 

Yesterday we went to the temple and then went to lunch at one of my favorite little spots in town. The Snakebite. If you haven't been and have the opportunity to come through Idaho Falls, you need to try it! It is locally owned, one of a kind, has the most fun atmosphere, and AMAZING food! 

Both of us are fish lovers so we ordered Salmon sandwiches....but not just any salmon sandwich! This one has a pesto spread with lettuce, grilled onions and peppers and comes with deliciously seasoned waffle fries. I'm ready to go back hehe...
 Angela and I never run out of things to talk about I swear. I consider her one of my best friends. She is the type that when you talk to her you can see she genuinly cares about what you're saying. She gives wonderful advice....I could go on and on...

 I love every minute spent with her and I'm so glad they live so close...

Side note: When thrifting, look at every rack! I found this fun floral cardigan in the womens plus size section for $3...It had ugly shoulder pads that I just cut out and just fits as a fun oversized top! 

Also the winds of change blew my way....Quite a change which is fun, not ready to reveal quite yet though....But just to prepare you. hehe

 I spy with my little eye, five deer! They decided to stroll right across the street in front of me on my way home last night....Idaho is the greatest...

Welcome to a day in the life of me! Time spent with ones I love, a little me time, a lot of me time, and finished off with kitty cuddles. Precious little ball of fur!

Now to "what she wears." I loved scrolling through all the fun outfits sharing "pop of color" this week! We had the best turn out we have since we started and I hope that it continues to grow each month! It's hard to choose but I couldn't pass up Jessica from J is for Jessica,

This is an outfit I would without doubt wear! Boyfriend jeans, that cardigan with elbow patches?? Ahhh LOVE! And the perfect added zing of color with those florescent pink desert boots! 
See full outfit details HERE.

I hope you'll all join us next month for "what she wears!" The first Tuesday in February our theme will be "Favorite Winter Trend." This leaves a lot of room for you to just be yourself and share your favorite winter trend with us! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with!



Sunday Inspiration

Today was a good day. I went to church then took a little drive outside of town just to breath in some fresh air and see something new. I wanted to go somewhere I had never been before.... Idaho Falls isn't very big and  is surrounded by a lot of nothingness. Open fields, lots of dirt and sage brush, cows, barns, easy to think it's boring....I find it beautiful and refreshing...I didn't drive far, just far enough....

This morning "Abide with me, 'tis eventide" came on my Pandora station....It is such a beautiful song!! When I was in Brazil as a missionary, it was one of my favorite favorite hymns in Portuguese. In English the chorus says "Oh Savior stay this night with me, behold 'tis eventide." But in Portuguese I love the wording so much more!  "O Salvador vem ao meu lar, comigo vem morar."  Savior come to my home and live with me." I remember thinking that often when I was troubled or felt alone. Even when I was happy and felt his presence near. I remember thinking "Savior please come be with me and stay with me." He always wants to be with us, it's us who need to choose to keep Him with us always....

I'd love for you to hear a beautiful version HERE
I thought I would also add a version in Portuguese which is also very beautiful...HERE 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I pray you can all feel the presence and love of the Savior at all times...



Thrifty Thursday//Denim + Leather

Let's imagine I wore this today and not my work out clothes from this morning....

So I haven't done a "Thrifty Thursday" post in SOOOO long. All of these items I have either thrifted or found at over stock stores. 

Jeans-Free People. Retail $78 My price $30 at DE Outfitters.
Button down-American Eagle. Retail $40 My price $10 at DE Outfitters.
Boots-Laredo. Retail $130 My price $12 at a garage sale this summer.
Leather Jacket-Studio Y. Retail $100 My price $20 thrifted.
Scarf-Anthropologie. Retail $78 My price $10 at DE Outfitters.

Retail total-$426
My price-$82

It pays to be thrifty!!



Plaid on Plaid

 Jacket-thrifted//Jeans and scarf-H&M//Sweater-Thrifted//Booties-Sam Edelman

 I recently found this plaid jacket for $4 thrifting. Plaid is very on trend right now and as much as I don't LOVE trying to keep up with the ever changing trends, it is one that I really love.Thats why I love thrifting so so much! You can be trendy and find gems without breaking your bank account.
 Coast to Coast Central or @c2c_central on instagram has the most fun style challenges every Tuesday and Thursday. Yesterday was "plaid on plaid." If you haven't heard of it or have never participated, I hope you will. It is fun to be creative with items in your closet....And see how other girls might take a certain challenge differently than you do.
What is your current favorite trend? Or least favorite?? I'm curious....


What She Wears//Pop of Color Edition

What She Wears!! The first one of this new year....

January can tend to be a real drab. It's cold, we just finished up with the wonderful month of December, and did I mention it's cold? So for "what she wears" this month, we decided to add a little color to this dreary time with the theme "POP of color."

 New to our link up? Here's what we're doing. Every first Tuesday of the month we pick a theme and you get to share. We want originality and creativity. So get motivated to style a new outfit for our link up orrrrr..... link up with an old outfit. Although I would advise you to get creative and come up with something new. Just a little motivation to get out of our pajamas...hehe.  

For some fabulous inspiration, check out all the hostesses:
We will each choose our favorite next Tuesday and feature that lovely lady on our blog. So don't feel rushed, you have an ENTIRE week to come up with something.... We want everyone participating so if by chance you don't have a blog, join us on instagram by using the hashtag #whatshewears and tag me (@runstylerun) 


P.S. This is totally off the subject but did you notice this amazing vintage pin in my outfit? My good friend Gentri knows what I love far too well and sent me it for Christmas!