Lets go run in Seattle!

Guys, Sleepless in Seattle is my favorite movie. And I was so excited to "go on a run" with my new friend from Thrifted Shift who is from Seattle!

Faithful jogging companion, Lucy

Barefoot shoes- She mentioned she was converted after reading "Born to Run"

Some people still have their holiday lights up!
Hoping to get a glimpse of Mt. Rainier with the sun rising, but it was too early. Here's where it usually is.

 Home sweet home- getting light out!

Ok...thats some dedication there! Getting up before its even light out!  Thanks Thrifted Shift. Stop by her blog!
P.S. Lucy is adorable! So lucky to have such a devoted running companion...



  1. Brandi, you are awesome! Great post! Thanks so much for being so sweet to me as I figure out all this blogging stuff! I appreciate it immensely.


  2. WAS this today?? See you TOMORROW! :)

  3. Too much dedication if you ask me, ha ha! You go girls!

  4. Thanks for your comment.
    Your dog is such a cutie.

    Greetings from frosty Germany!

  5. Aw Lucy is precious! So cute!



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