I loved the Bella style from Diff Eyewear soooo much, I had to get another lens color. These are my FAVORITE! I've been wearing them all the time. I would highly recommend getting these ones!! Use code RUNSTYLE25 for 25% off your purchase too! As I've mentioned before, for every pair of sunglasses they sell, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. 



Large Floppy Hats, Muted Patterns, and Flowy Pieces

Ohhhhhhh SPRING.

Bring on the large floppy hats (with a must have chin cord!) 
Bring on the muted patterns.....
And the perfect basic, flowy pieces. 
I am excited to team up with San Diego Hat Company on this post. I would highly recommend this hat as a must have summer essential. My bag is also from them! It's HUGE! And the best kind of durable material to withstand all my summer adventures. I actually was pleasantly surprised to learn that San Diego Hat Company had more to offer than just hats! Go see HERE and use code 'HELLOSPRING' for 15% off sitewide (through 4.30.17)



Earth Day with Swap.com

Did you know that this Saturday is Earth Day???? 

In celebration, I have teamed up with Swap.com, an online consignment shop, a.k.a. thrift store. Guys, I'm kinda obsessed with looking at their website. They add new things every day (just like thrift stores) and their prices are phenomenal. Want to know a big reason I love to shop second hand? It not only saves you lots of money, but helps sustain our Earth and keep clothing out of landfills. We are in a sense recycling. What one person gets sick of, someone else decides to love. Swap.com strives to live by this. They want to give us the chance to give these clothes a second chance but also get a great deal at the same time. Make sure you read to the end because I have a discount code to share. hehe.

Now...Want to see what I got for $100? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Since their website is so big and so full of many items, I decided to use their search tool, and look for items in particular I wanted. First off, I searched "Madewell" because I love Madewell's clothes! I kinda went crazy but they had several almost new (or new!) Madewell tops. 
This one ^^^^  was brand new with tags!!
Yes, all of those tops are Madewell brand. I was super happy with each one. 

That's not all though. I also found three other adorable pieces, two vintage! I love stripes, florals, and I love linen so I just used those three words to search for more!
 I am in LOVE with this striped top. I know it will be on repeat this summer!
 These are vintage Flax linen pants! With pockets. I would call these glorified sweats hehe.
Eight pieces I got for $100. They give you free shipping on your first order too! And if you use code "25SPRING" on their website and you can get 25%! (code good until 5.31.17.) I would highly recommend taking some time to check them out and just fill your cart!!!  They do free returns so it works all around for you. Also, just fyi, they aren't just exclusive to women's clothing either. They have men's, kids, and even toys! Just go see...

Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Earth Day! 



Some Favorite Sneakers

I am soooo sad....Brooks Heritage is vaulting their line. I have a few pair of their sneakers and they're my favorite! I would highly recommend going and buying a pair or two because eventually they'll be completely gone. These ones I'm wearing I'm obsessed with. I love the grey with the tan leather detail on the back. I'm stocking up myself and getting this pair HERE! I'm even considering just a black and white pair too! We will miss you Brooks Heritage!

Also...I wanted to share something pretty that is INSIDE my, yes, very pretty, bag from Fount.
Is this not the prettiest minimal leather wallet from Minor History you ever did see? It is the softest, most gorgeous leather and I love the gold hardware detail on it. Get it HERE and if you join their mailing list, you can get 20% off your purchase!!


Outfit details:
Nordstrom Rack top



This post is sponsored by VitaTops, but the content and opinions here are my own.

The first few photos I'm going to call a "series" and had to share these specific photos really for just one reason. 


Just watch how desperate he is for one of my VitaTop muffin tops.

Of course I couldn't share because chocolate isn't good for dogs, but it's hilarious how much he's working for it.....
Hahahaha... Welcome to my life. There's always someone watching me eat.
Now for these VitaTops muffin tops. You can find them in the freezer isle of Target! Or if you don't have a Target they also have them at Krogers, Stop and Shop, Shop-Right, or Publix. I was kinda excited they came in the freezer section. Although you can easily heat them up in the microwave or toaster, I tried them just barely thawed out and they're so good that way!! An easy grab and go, healthier option for your busy days. Or when you just need a treat but know you shouldn't grab for that ice cream (aka ME!!) 
 They have several flavors which all have several different benefits. Check them out HERE and tell me which flavor you'd prefer??



Sperry Sneakers

Sperry just came out this year with these amazing boat shoe sneakers! Made for on land or on sea. Whatever activity you have going on...They're your all see, all do sneaker. So comfy! I want them in the Navy color too! Which is your favorite color they offer???


Outfit details:
Thrifted tee
Watch (Use code "runstylerun" for 15% off their website!)


Pink Detox

When was the last time you took just an hour for yourself? If you're able to do it all the time then you're awesome... If you're like most, you're probably scratching your head thinking back to a time. So here's my challenge to you. Go lock yourself in the bathroom for 30 minutes to an hour, draw a hot bath, turn on your favorite tunes, and treat yourself to some Pink Detox bath salts. I opened mine and instantly almost fell over because of how good it smells. That may be an exaggeration, but no kidding it is the most intoxicating smell I have beheld in a long long long long time. I wish I could think of every good and beautiful word to describe it.
Taking some "me" time while Alan is at a meeting. 
A few reasons why I love Pink Detox:

I already mentioned the smell. It is life changing. Hey, Pink Detox!!! Please make a lotion and/or perfume or body spray!!! I would drink it up.

It's USA made. Guys, lets support our US products!

It's made from natural and naturally-derived ingredients which help naturally detox your skin and heal it from within.

And last but not least, it's a pretty blush pink color. Need I say more? 
Now please excuse me while I go bask in this goodness and soak away my toxins. 

Go visit Pink Detox's website and use code "RUNSTYLERUN" for 15% off your purchase. Bonus....
they do free shipping. I'm stocking up on this pink gold.