Custom Wrangler Denim Jacket

I was super excited to pick from several fun rustic patches to create my own custom Wrangler Denim jacket.
I wanted to keep things simple yet fun. 
Anddd.....Here's how it turned out.
The American flag is my very favorite. I kinda have a thing for them hehe. 
I love that it is one of a kind. The patches are easy to apply and add such a fun touch to the jacket. I'm also obsessed with how comfortable the denim is. So soft and pliable. Which patches would you have picked??



Outfit details:
Thrifted Moccasins ( Get them HERE)
Thrifted chambray top (Similar HERE)


Jump Starting the New Year with Detoxwater™

This post is sponsored by Detoxwater™ but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Well.....I certainly indulged myself over the holiday season. I have a hard time saying no to good food. haha. I've decided to jump start my 2017 healthy new year with this detoxwater™
Detoxwater™ is an organic drink. It is loaded with the best of nutrients. Aloe is super good for skin, but many don't know about how it promotes your overall health. Aloe Vera contains 20 minerals to detoxify the body of metabolic wastes and 19 amino acids to fight inflammation and bacteria. It also helps in cleansing toxins internally from the stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, and colon. With locally sourced aloe, detoxwater™ is a great addition to any active lifestyle (they added electrolytes, vitamin C and a full range of vitamin Bs)! It’s also the perfect pairing to any healthy meal, or a go-to beauty secret for anyone looking to keep their skin clear, bright and ageless. It’s the healthy hydration alternative that quenches your thirst and supports your overall health, all while tasting delicious.
As someone who works from home, I am always to happy to have something a little extra to keep me energized and hydrated. I've found the detoxwater™ to be delicious and satisfying. The perfect supplement to my daily needs.
 Each bottle in a case ends up being just under $4 which I feel is super affordable. Especially because the bottle is a great mid size. Want to get it even cheaper? Use discount code "ALOE30" for 30% off your purchase! Jump start the new year with me!! Click HERE to learn more.

Also check them out HERE on Instagram
HERE on Facebook!



Merry Christmas! Sunday Style and Inspiration

Merry Christmas!!!

 I had to do a Sunday style post on this special day sharing my grandmothers vintage velvet green dress. It is the perfect dress for the holiday season and it holds a special place in my heart. It's quite miraculous that it even fits me seeing as my grandma was about seven inches shorter than me. I love mixing modern and vintage and making fun unique looks.

I'd love to invite you to watch this beautiful video on Mormon.org about the Spirit of Christmas. So grateful for my Savior. For his birth and life and example of service.



Outfit details:
Vintage dress
Leopard Coat
Thrifted leopard heels (Similar HERE)


Color Inspiration

I recently got this gorgeous wallet from Hobo and it inspired me to pull out pretty much all the color I own in my wardrobe haha. I'm definitely a neutrals fan but a pop of color once in a while is always fun.
 I LOVE these bracelets from Get Narli. For every purchase you make on their website, a child is given a meal! 
 I found both this Patagonia jacket (yes Patagonia) ANDDDDDDDD Sorel boots second hand at Uptown Cheapskate in Salt Lake. I buy pretty much 70% of my wardrobe there. They carry gently used name brands and I often find cool vintage pieces too! I'm addicted. Every time I'm in Salt Lake I go to every one of their locations haha. And I ALWAYS find so much! This is probably the #1 reason I love thrift shopping. I can wear the good quality brands (that are often sold out) for way way way less.

Isn't the snow just beautiful? It's been freezing freezing cold but the snow has been sticking around and even coming down which makes the cold worth it to me. 



Outfit details:
Patagonia coat via Uptown Cheapskate (Get it HERE)
Sorel boots via Uptown Cheapskate (similar HERE)
Thrifted hat


Day in the Life

 My work revolves around fashion but I look for 100% comfort in my own wardrobe. Shoes/Boots are my #1 always. The kind of boot that can take me from work to the store to our daily walks to just hanging out are what I always love. These Chippewa boots are exactly what I would ever want in a boot. Rustic, comfortable, and durable. Come rain, come sun, come snow....I can wear them any time, any day...Even just during my day to day activities. So journey with me through my typical day.  Not too exciting but I do feel so fortunate to be able to work from home and have my own schedule.
 One the best perks of working at home is being able to have Huckleberry with me always....He never leaves my side.
I enjoy taking easy mornings. I do most of my chores around the house as soon as I wake up so that I focus my afternoons on my shop. 
I typically hit a couple thrift stores a week. I don't go every day because I live in a small town and I never want to burn myself out too much haha. But I still love that thrill of the hunt and need to fill my canteen often. 
I even have a pretty steady routine in a thrift store! I head straight for the shoes, then go to the glass cases that tend to have the more valuable things.... (Where I usually find my Dooney and Bourke bags or Coach bags!) Then I'll check out the bags, dresses, coats, etc. I like to hit the easier items first then go to where it takes more time to sift through things. Goodness it is so so fun.
Huck is always so so happy to see me when I get home. He's the same with Alan too. 
Our house is full of items I have collected over the years from antique stores, family members, thrift stores, estate sales, etc. It's fun to look around and remember where or when I found something..

My second hand shopping leads to what I do for my living! I sell gently used name brand and vintage clothing on Instagram. My instagram is @stylish_treasures if you want to follow along! I am so grateful for this wonderful outlet. It is one of the biggest things that gets me excited to get up in the morning.
I have a room dedicated to my shop. My husband built me this amazing clothing rack/shoe rack. I just had a big big shopping haul which is why you see so much inventory. So many gems!
Huck, Alan, and I love to take walks together! We will always go once a day but sometimes we go more than that! A tired dog is a happy dog. 

By the time Alan gets home from work it's dark otherwise he is a big part of our day too hehe.
Life could not be better for me right now. So grateful for my blog and my business and my family. I'm also grateful for a great pair of boots to get me through my day in comfort. Treat yo-self and get a pair HERE

I also love THESE and THESE!!!


Happy Holidays!!