The Best of Best Days

I had one of the best of best days this week. I mean, I was giddy with happiness the entire day... 

^^ I started by going to the Lords house in the morning. A place that makes me feel better inside and out.^^

^^ I had some time before my hair appointment so I had lunch at the park (which included an ice cream cone FIRST)

 ^^ Outfit ENTIRELY thrifted^^

 ^^Going to the park with a good read is going to be something I will miss most about the summer.^^

  ^^ This is the before picture. I will not be revealing the outcome just yet.

 ^^A literal rats nest on top of my head. Brushing it out was sure fun.^^

My sister Jennifer does my hair and has for years. She isn't afraid to try something new and she is amazing at perfecting exactly what you want. I receive a lot of questions and compliments about my hair so if you live in the Idaho Falls area, she is the mastermind behind it all. Feel free to call Carlisle Beauty 208-523-5521 and make your appointment with Jennifer Buckley. You won't be sorry.... Especially if you're looking for someone to do an awesome ombre. She know the tricks and techniques to it. 


To end my day, I went on a 2 mile run. 

I want to feel this way everyday. 



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  2. what filter do you use for your pictures? I love it!!!


    Xx Sarah Anne

    1. I mostly edit my photos with my iphone! I love the vsco app.. thanks for reading lovely friend.

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