Style Recap

 It's finally spring and it has hit Utah with a bang. Gorgeous gorgeous perfect weather we have been having. It makes me so excited for all the adventures Spring and Summer bring.

Here's a style re-cap from the past couple weeks.
Spring and summer style for me is super simple. Tee's and fun vintage sandals are what I love to grab and wear!
Or anything embroidered. I am literally obsessed with the company I got this embroidered top from--Siren Brand. I am seriously tempted to buy 6 more of these and just have them for every day of the week!!
Yep..See? Sooooo good.
Another Spring/Summer essential for me are comfy on the go backpacks. I got this one recently from  Hobo and love that it will be a timeless bag I'll have forever.
Outfit details: 
Shop Camp tee, Paige denim, vintage haurache sandals from Maeberry Vintage, JCrew sunnies.
Outfit details:
Thrifted Gap denim jacket, thrifted Free People top, Madewell denim, Jcrew Birkenstocks, Hobo River Backpack in Brandy, Glasses.com Raybans.
I was recently introduced to a company that is me to a t called Liza Michelle Jewelry. My leather bracelet and dainty silver ring are from there. I love what they're all about! Each twig (like the one on my bracelet) pine cone, thorn or berry is handpicked from nature and cast in solid metal to create one of a kind piece every time. I will definitely talk more about them in the future. I seriously love what I have seen from them so far!

Have a great weekend! In the meantime, I recently added a link to an Easter video from mormon.org on the side bar. It's only 3 minutes long but has a lovely beautiful message of the Savior. I would suggest watching it to get a little pick me up today. 



I Wanna Live in this Tee

This Joah Brown tee is called "the live in slouchy tee." The name suits it perfectly. It is the perfect everyday comfy, soft, live in tee. I'm a white tee collector and this is a must have in every color!

Outfit details:
Joah Brown tee, Madewell high waisted denim, JCrew leopard oxfords (sold out, similar HERE), Madewell Leather Jacket, Ray-Ban wayfarer sunnies.


Frump Girl

 Say hello to the outfit that feels like I'm wearing pajamas and slippers. It could pass as frumpy but I quite like the feel of the oversized dress with the simple added texture of the clutch. So I'm going with it.

Photo credit: Zoe Prina
 Outfit details:
Thrifted dress (originally from Urban Outfitters), thrifted Birkenstocks, Anne B Design clutch.


True Happiness

Photo credit: Travis J. Photography
I sure do love these pink mirrored Ray Ban sunnies from glasses.com. They're going to be my spring/summer go to without a doubt. I think they add a fun retro vibe to this little black number from Shabby Apple. They add a little zaz (I kinda made that word up) to a simple look. 
Now...Since it's Sunday and because when I look at these pictures I just truly see my happy side. Let's have a little Sunday inspiration on why I truly am happy. It's no secret, only something I hope I can share with you so you can feel the same joy I feel in my life.

"The Savior of the world taught us to seek that inner peace which taps the innate happiness in our souls. He said: 'My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.'" -James E. Faust

Living the gospel of Jesus Christ is where I can find that inner peace. Where I can resist the temptations of the world and try to be my best self. I'm not saying I'm perfect. But I sure am happy for the opportunity daily I get to try. And I'm grateful to know where my pure joy comes from. 

The prophet Joseph Smith told us, “Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it; and this path is virtue, uprightness, faithfulness, holiness, and keeping all the commandments of God” 

I'd like to reiterate that if we pursue the path that leads to happiness--which path is through virtue, uprightness, faithfulness, holiness, and keeping the commandments--We can enjoy the fruits it will bring. Which is joy beyond measure. Life won't be perfect. But we will attain a peace like no other.

(Read more of the talk by James E. Faust HERE. It's a good one.)



I did it!!! Just Organic Juice Cleanse Complete

I explained in this post here all about the start day of my juice cleanse with Just Organic Juice. I made it through the full three days! I'm pretty proud of myself haha. I'm the type that is really good at working out but I've always kinda eaten whatever I want in moderation. Of course I am conscious of what I'm eating always. I do eat pretty well. But strictly drinking juice for 3 whole days...I realized for me it wasn't about being hungry. I honestly never felt hungry. I had no sort of headaches or fatigue the first day. The second day was the hardest for me just for the shear fact that I wanted to have something to eat. The third day I woke up feeling like I could go two more days...But after being on my feet at work for 5 hours, I did feel a little less energetic. But after work I rested up a bit and was back on me feet feeling really good overall!!
The juices for sure curbed my appetite very well. For me...It was the mental side. I like to eat! I like food. (who doesn't?) So to not think about going to grab some fries from Chic-Fil-A during my break at work or a Cafe Rio Tostada for dinner was what I struggled with. Especially going out to eat with someone one of the nights and just ordering myself some hot tea. It is a mental thing for me and a social activity I enjoy doing. Overall...I think it was so amazing for me to do! I enjoyed the challenge and the organic juices were all very delicious!!! I especially loved the Almond delight which was the final juice of all three days. It satisfied any sort of want for something sweet--which usually for me is ice cream. Another favorite was the Greatfruit and Mint. Soooo good. I love grapefruits and squeezing what little juice they provide. So having an entire bottle full of it fresh and organic was heaven!
I feel like it's something I would love to do on a monthly basis. To re-boot my system and clean out toxins.

I didn't do this to lose weight. But I did end up losing about 6 lbs in the 3 days. I drank an 8 ounce glass of water in between each juice (there are 6 total.) If you can imagine, I felt cleaned out by the end of day 3 hehe. I just feel like it was something my body needed! Now is my challenge to "resist the urge to splurge" now that my cleanse it over! My goal for day 4, I want to pick a healthy meal to eat as I go back into my regular routine. Goal for day 5 and everyday after that.... I want to overall improve my regular routine! I have been 100% happy with Just Organic Juice and their system. They are located in Salt Lake City and hand delivered my juice cleanse to my door. Even better is they sell their juices individually so I can go and purchase a few every once in a while just down the road! 
Ok...So now go find this photo on my instagram, @runstylerun, to enter to win a 3 day juice cleanse from Just Organic Juice for you to try yourself!!



Plaid and Leopard

A little unexpected mix of prints that somehow just works...At least I think so. Found these high top Van's thrifting a few months ago and now I can't get enough high top tennies in my wardrobe. hehe. I mean..I'm still in my 20's so I say its ok.

Photo credit: Travis J Photography
Outfit details:
Maeberry Vintage blazer, Gap button-down (similar), Paige denim, vintage Coach bag, thrifted Van's.


Cleansing with Just Organic Juice

Today is day 1 of my 3 day juice cleanse with Just Organic Juice. I am feeling excited and motivated to get myself detoxified and feeling good.
If you look at their website they have 3 different cleansing options. One for beginners called the Soft Boot, then their signature cleanse, the Hard Boot, that is designed to detox and help shed pounds, and the last one is the X Boot which is their ultimate detoxifier. I decided to go with the Hard Boot. I wanted a challenge and to get as much of a benefit out of this opportunity as I possibly can.
They have a 1 day, 3 day, or 5 day cleanse. I decided to give 3 days a try (since this will technically be my first juice cleanse...I do juice quite often and I've done other cleanses but this will be my first time trying one that is strictly juice for 3 days straight. Wish me luck.) The cleanse consists of 5 different juices per day. Green Envy, Greatfruit-n-mint, Roots, Clorofeelgood, Just Beet It, and Almondelight. (The last one I'm most excited about. hehe) They recommended lots of water and we can have any clean herbal teas. Light exercise, epsome salt baths. Overall I am really excited for this experience and I'll be doing a follow up on how it went for me on Thursday. (As well as giving away a 3-day juice cleanses to a one of you on my instagram-@runstylerun so stay tuned.)
Just so I get this question out of the way...Why am I doing this? Juice cleanses aren't just to lose weight! As I read through their website I was completely convinced that they really are so good for you to do to give your body a re-boot. I loved a lot of what Just Organic Juice said about the benefits of juice cleanses. It's to re-boot your metabolism, improve mental clarity, shed unwanted pounds, and feel an increase in overall energy! It helps reset you appetite control thermostat by providing the body with the nutrients it needs. It also helps improve circulation to the body's cells. We are literally "spring cleaning" our body. (Yay for spring coming this month...More than ever I'm thinking about swimsuit season. eeeek) The juice cleanse helps your body flush out toxins while infusing necessary vitamins and minerals. All in all, it helps the body to essentially renew and heal. 
My ultimate goal with ALL my health goals is to not just look physically fit, I want to be physically fit. Inside and out...I want to find my energy again (I've felt so sluggish this winter), feel better physically, and I hope this will get me wanting to make better food choices over all.  I'm going to try to resist the urge to splurge when the cleanse is actually over. I really need a lifestyle change, and get my body hydrated and rejuvenated. I'm so excited that Just Organic Juice headquarters is just around the corner from where I live too so I'll can go regularly to get one of their juices to keep up what I'm starting today.

Check back Thursday to see how it went for me.


My Kind of Dressing Up

I have been wanting one of these tulle skirt from Shabby Apple since they came out last summer. I went to one of their sample sales a couple months ago and got this one on sale. I feel like a lady (insert British accent) when I wear it. And...note, a pair of heels. You never see me wear them. I explained why in THIS POST. (which by chance I'm also wearing a tulle skirt. hhaha. Goes to show, tulle needs heels.) But I really love these ones because the color is fun and unique and the ankle strap keeps them on my feet and makes them super comfortable! Yay for a girlish fun yet laid back look. My kind of dressing up.

Photo credit: Zoe Prina
 Sunday's are just pure, plain, and good feel good days for me so here's a little inspiration for the week ahead:

"If we, like the Savior, have the faith to put our trust in our Father in Heaven, to submit to His will, the true spirit of peace will come as a witness and strength that He has heard and answered our prayers." -Rex E. Pinegar

Such a comforting thing, don't you think?


Outfit details:
Shabby Apple skirt, Madewell button-down (similar), Christina Nicole necklace, Anthropologie heels (brand is Jeffrey Campbell, sold out)


Me to a T

Style recap of a couple outfits from the past week. 
Free People top, Paige denim, vintage shoes, Fount Leather bag.
Vintage skirt, Joah Brown tee.
Thrifted turquoise ring, Dapper Finish watch. (My go to's lately.)
I love me some neutrals and a good leather bag with added gold jewelry. Me to a T!



Vintage Plaid and Overalls

Overalls...Can't seem to keep them out of my closet. I know a lot of people hate them. But I just don't hate them. Sorry...

My plaid jacket is vintage circa 1970's. Polyester at its finest. I found it recently at the Uptown Cheapskate in downtown Salt Lake. I love that I can find vintage and newer name brands there.

Photo credit: Zoe Prina
Outfit details:
Madewell overalls, vintage top from Uptown Cheapskate, vintage Nine West shoes, J Crew top, Fount Leather bag.