Wedding Celebration part 2: LOVE

Now for the mushy gushy lovey dovey photos. hehe

 I just had to share this one. This is really how we are most of the time. Somehow two introverts bring out the goofy sides in each other. I love it.
Spring in the Northwest is just magical. The blossoming trees are indescribable in not only the way they look but even more so the way they smell!!! 
 After I did my previous pose, Alan spontaneously did this pose on his own and Celeste happened to capture it. He's a character. A really really really good looking character.
 Something old: Grandmas ring. Something new: my earrings from my sister. Something borrowed: my diamond bracelet borrowed from my mom. Something blue: my shoes...
 Alan and I had my ring custom made. The wedding band is 14 randomly scattered diamonds (which Alan chose the placement of.) It is simple yet unique and my dream ring. The midi rings I got special for the wedding from an etsy shop called Love the Knot Shop. I wanted real gold to pair with my ring and they're excellent. I wear them everyday!! My necklace is also from an etsy shop. It's so simple and dainty. I wanted something I would wear afterwords and have forever. It's perfect! The shop is called The Muses Design. I chose THIS necklace except I had it customized with a drop diamond and oh how I love it.

Photos by Celeste Nield Photography

All of our flowers including my crown were done by my Aunt Jana who isn't a florist but she sure dang should be!!! Follow her on Pinterest....I'm constantly inspired by her. Thank you so much Aunt Jana for creating my dream flowers.


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  1. LOL at the photo of your husband with your flowers!! So funny!! All your pics though are stunning! What a beautiful moment in time to cherish forever!!


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