Wedding Celebration Part 5: The Send off!!

Lavender: Traditionally the meaning of Lavender is love and devotion. When given as a gift, Lavender flowers represent luck. They also offer a promise of a new adventure. 

Our guests showered us with Lavender as we were sent off as newly married husband and wife. 
We had everyone line up outside the restaurant....It's so fun to see these photos and especially see the excitement on the kids faces. 

My cousin Ashley Madsen Photography also snapped some amazing photos I couldn't pass up sharing!!!
The joy we felt at that moment is so described on our faces. Even now I can't look through these photos without smiling from ear to ear. 

Thank you to everyone who supported us on our special day. It was unforgettable!!


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  1. You were the most beautiful bride Bunn.....So proud of you and we are so happy to have Alan as a new son!


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