Wedding Celebration part 6: You are Gold

This is the last of my wedding post series!!
My brother-in-law Cade put together this amazing video for Alan and I of our special day. I love it. Love love love!!

The song is "You are Gold" by the National Parks. I had learned about this song about the time that Alan and I started dating and just fell in love with it. Every time I heard it I would think about Alan. What makes it even more special is that I took Alan to one of their concerts in Salt Lake. It was our first (and so far only) concert that we went to together. 

On YouTube just in case the video doesn't work, click the link below:
Brandi and Alan

Thank you Cade, Katie, and Brett for this video. It will be such a treasure for us to have forever.

If you missed out on the beginning to the end of our wedding celebration photos, here they are linked below:

Part 1: Outside the Temple
Part 2: Love
Part 3: Details
Part 4: Dinner
Part 5: The Send Off!


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