Wedding Celebration Part 3: Details....

My cousin Ashley took so many lovely details shots before the dinner festivities began....
Another thank you to my Aunt Jana for doing our dream flowers....I still just get giddy with how beautiful it all turned out.

See part 1 of our wedding photos HERE or part 2 HERE if you've missed them!

Every detail of our wedding is so special to me as I have already mentioned. My mom, Aunt Jana, and I collected all the old bottles. Every antique store or thrift store we went into, we would hunt for the perfect unique looking antique bottles...
My mom and I collected all the frames....Ashley Madsen Photography took our bridals shown...
This gorgeous vintage suitcase belonged to my grandparents. I remember when we were little going to their house, it was always full of dress ups...We would pull it out and play dress ups all day long. The doilies are also from their home. We also had everyone sign just a matte frame to put around a photo. Rather than a book that might get tucked away, we wanted something to display... We had gold and bronze colored pens. I loved how it ended up turning out.
There is nothing more pure or beautiful than a cream rose, don't you think?

To be continued.....

PS this is Ashley. My cousin and life long friend.


  1. You're more beautiful than a cream colored rose Bunn!

  2. You're more beautiful than a cream colored rose Bunn!

  3. It turned out just as you dreamed it!


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