Wedding Celebration Part 1: Outside the Temple

April 30, 2016 was the most special and amazing day of my life. I married the love of my life Alan Walker. We were married in the Logan, Utah LDS temple. It was such a magical day. Thank you to Celeste Nield Photography for capturing it in the most beautiful way.

Our wedding wasn't typical. We wanted to keep things simple! We had an afternoon wedding. We were married at 2:15 in what I believe was just the most special ceremony. We took photos on the temple grounds then headed to have dinner with our family and closest friends at the Bleubird Restaurant. We just wanted a relaxing day spent with the ones we loved most. I wouldn't have changed anything. Best of all...My family took part in all of the preparation. I owe everything to my mother for really getting the whole of it all organized. She was my MOH. My beautiful Aunt Jana did all the flower arrangements, my cousins Ashley did our bridal photos and had them all set up for the dinner, we all collected the vintage bottles for the flowers and few antiques to display, my sister Jennifer helped me with my hair and also did my nails, and my sister-in-law Kristin put together and downloaded all our music. It just made it that much more special for us.

This part one is after we were married outside the temple. We came out of the beautiful temple to our friends and family greeting us. It was just so fun to see familiar faces we hadn't seen in a while. I smiled a lot and cried a little. A funny story that has to do with poop in between. I'll share that soon. hehe.
 Two of my best friends from college, Ashley and McCall...
 My friend Karla came all the way from California. It meant so much to us. I love her to pieces.
The Walker family. My new family.
Ready for the funny story? It has to do with the photo above. Hazel the baby I'm holding is the newest addition to our family. Alan originally held her for this photo but we decided to have him hold the two baby boys and I would hold her. After she went back to mom, someone realized she'd had a blow out. Discovered by seeing it on my dress and we discovered all over Alans shirt from him holding her before me. hehe. Everyone went into panic mode (except for Alan and I hahah) and thank you to tide to go and my hair, everything was ok. Alan was forced to wear his jacket all day but luckily it was a cooler day. Hazel...We love you and will never forget this epic moment at our wedding.
Alan and his siblings...
Mom and Dad Walker
This is my family..The Buckleys
 My gorgeous sisters...
 Nephew Preston. We are good buds he and I. We grew up more friends than Nephew and Aunt.
 My Mom and Dad.
Buckley side nieces and nephews...
These are a few of my closest friends. Aren't they the prettiest?
 My good friend Nathan...
 Mommas and Daddies
 Walker side.
Buckley side

Gosh, just looking at this photo I want to go back and hug all these amazing people. That was really my only complaint. I didn't have enough time with everyone. I discovered how hard it was to have all my favorite and Alan's favorite people in one place.  Love and thanks to all those who supported us on our special day....PS see the gorgeous girl on the right front with a tan jacket and black and cream dress on with short hair? You gotta find her cuz this is important....She has her little boy Porter in front of her. That's Angelie. She introduced Alan and I. Love you Angelie!!!


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  1. Love all the pictures!! Thank you for sharing pieces of your special day with us :D


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