Annie Hall

Yesterday I went to lunch and did a little shopping with my friend Karla (our weekly Thursday lady date.) She took me to the Rose Establishment in down town Salt Lake and I LOVED IT!

 I ordered a hot herbal tea (they're all natural..YUM!) and a turkey avocado sandwich. The dressing on the salad was just perfect too! Super light and delicious...

 Such a fun, laid back atmosphere. I seriously could sit in there any time and just BE there. 

First time trying Macaroons. They literally melt in your mouth! We tried lemon and strawberry. And...We could have eaten 10 more each. hehe...

Karla mentioned my outfit today was totally channeling an Annie Hall vibe which I took as a compliment and thought was the coolest so here it is. 

90's hand me down pants from my sister, thrifted clogs, thrifted crochet top, Target hat.

I even wore round sunnies. All I need now is a necktie....Hehe...

And...here's to presenting the outtakes. Because life is too short to take too serious.


This one actually makes me smile BIG BIG because I looked over at Charlotte (Karlas little baby) and she was stretching her neck up as hard as she possibly could to see what I was doing...So I gave her a little wave, she gave me a big smile, and of course she made me giddy with delight. Live the little things peeps. Life is good.

Also..Not shown. Karla and I scored big time in Urban Outfitters clearance section..(online returns...even BETTER!) We are the same size (but to be honest she is smaller than me...but close enough haha) So we swapped items and I ended up getting a pair of jeans she originally took into the dressing room. Then I convinced her to get a pair that I already own and she ended up happy with that decision... It's so fun how our style is pretty different and yet we love most of the same things. (Check her out on instagram @karlareed) The main conclusion is.... That girl and I...We are two peas in a pod let me tell you! Love her!



  1. Aw!! I want a day out with Brandi! Too bad we are not the same size. Haha you look so cute and I'm so sad I never tried this restaurant!

  2. sounds so fun! and i LOVE those pants!!



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