A Down Pour while Rummaging

After seeing THIS photo on pinterest, (It was also on my recent "Currently Crushing" post) I was bound and determined to find some fun bellbottoms similar. To my excitement, I found some that are quite identical if I do say so myself.... I love when that happens!

Thrifted jeans, thrifted clogs, Anthropologie top, Free People sunnies.

So today I went to my first estate sale! I've always wanted to go. I love rummaging through treasures. Especially vintage. Both houses I went to were full of vintage loveliness. I try not to think about the fact that someone has just died though.... I walked through each floor carefully and made my purchases. As I was leaving the first house, it started to down poor and it was NOT letting up!
So, I ran the block away that I had to park and was literally soaked. But I loved it! I love a good down pour!

It rained and rained. I went to one more house...Then a few hours later the sun came out and it was as beautiful as ever! I so love how the rain cleans the sky, makes everything so fresh, and especially how it makes everything so green and full! 

(This umbrella was one from grandma and grandpas house.)

 Yes, I definitely love the rain but maybe don't love what it does to my hair after I spent time curling it in the morning...hehe. Had to explain why it looks the way it does... But lets face it, this is how it looks most of the time. Especially when I get around day 5 or 6 of not washing it. hehe.
I had to limit myself quite a bit on what I spent....It was the first day of the sale too so a lot of things were really quite pricy. I was actually kinda surprised by that considering they were doing the sale to get rid of things. But on the other hand, I respected the fact that they needed to make some money. I watched a few people be so rude about prices and I couldn't help but think, "then go home..." haha. 

I purchased this lovely circa 1950's dress for just $5! Isn't it lovely? I got a few other things that I'm excited to have...like a Beatles record (which I'm currently listening to), a couple of vintage cameras, and a few other little things. It's easy to get carried away but I feel like I did well. Can't wait for more garage sales and estate sales this summer! 



  1. those jeans are perfect!



  2. Those jeans!!! Amazing find, I've been on the hunt for some good bell bottoms too.



  3. you are so pretty friend. xo


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