Dayz Off

I wish days off would just last forever and ever. haha. There's nothing like spending a day doing exactly what you want to do...

I drove the few miles it is to get to Cafe Rio because I really wanted a veggie tostada. When I did, I decided I wanted to go sit in a park to eat it because it was a lovely day! Then I realized how close I was to grandma and grandpas house...Soo...I headed over there, walked right through the back gate, set up my little blanket, and enjoyed the backyard I grew up loving. Surrounded by so many memories I would go crazy if I tried to remember them all!

The sun peaked through the trees and created the most beautiful rays and shadows. This place that over 35 years my grandparents created together. The wood, the flowers, all the way down to how green the grass is...Every inch of it is them. Will always be a part of them. And a part of my memory.

 Madewell tee and bag, Anthropologie pants, thrifted Keds.

Here's for a funny moment. I took all these photos with my camera timer....Probably snapped ohhhh just a couple dozen. Went and sat down again realizing the neighbor was out in his yard the whole time. He probably thought I was nuts! Oh well...hehe

What a wonderful day off consisting of a little afternoon siesta on the grass, bug bites, pollen filled air, good food, sunshine, and contentment. 

Oh....and I've added a bunch of new items to Stylish Treasures on instagram for sale! Today I posted this dress:

....And it literally sold in minutes. Keep watch for new and amazing treasures!


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  1. i love your pants!




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