My First Ever Kimono

My mom and dad were in town today. Only for a short while. I miss them... We loaded up the last of the things they kept from grandma and grandpas house... So my photos were taken in their backyard. A place that has a piece of my heart forever.....

Shop JustDawnelle sent me this gorgeous kimono (and yes, it is my first one EVER) which is made of a specially selected vintage saris! Only a select few are made from each saris she has so they're very unique and some one of a kind. They're the perfect statement piece to add a little more class and feminity to your outfit but the fact that they're so comfy makes me love it even more. It is a very light, silky material that will be the perfect summer piece in my wardrobe. I can't say enough good things about Dawnelle. We have become really good friends over the past year. (although we have never officially met in person, someday!!) She works so hard hand making each individual piece she has in her shop.  Knowing that gives so much more meaning and value to what she sells. I already own two different amazing serape scarves(see here  here and here)  from her shop and now with this kimono, I have something Shop JustDawnelle for every season!

If you follow Dawnelle's shop instagram, you can chat with her as quick as a flash and see sneak peak updates on new fabrics. Search @shopjustdawnelle.


Day off tomorrow....I actually have a weekend day off (this doesn't happen often) so.... I am hitting up an estate sale and hanging out with my bestie! TGIF!



  1. I love that Kimono! I'm going to Cancun in July & I think I want to take that with me! It's perfect. And okay.. jealous of the estate sale you are going to! The past couple ones I've been to kinda flopped. In the sense that there wasn't anything good to snag. You'll have to tell us how this one goes!

  2. absolutely gorgeous!




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