Live the Little Things//May 18

If you ever need a little "pick me up", hop on over to instagram and search the hashtag #livethelittlethings. As I scrolled through all the photos I was either smiling or laughing. It is uplifting and inspiring to see how others live and enjoy the little things in their lives!

Here are a few that especially stood out to me. That and I am noticing more and more people using the hashtag that I haven't seen before!! So welcome to all and I invite anyone who wants to join in to participate. Just share a little lovely moment from your life on instagram and hashtag #livethelittlethings....

 This one from @bethjae made me 1-Feel kinda bad for her then 2-smile and laugh in the end... Her caption:
"What do you do when a bird flies into you at the shops leaving you VERY traumatized and you can't find what you need? Yes. You buy yourself flowers, coffee, a cupcake, and dumplings." 
Haha...I would probably do the same thing.

 This one from @kofobaptist just melted my heart. Her caption:
"Mummy, I want to do it all by myself."

 Opening your eyes to beauty around you from @prepnorthwest. Her caption:
"I can't get over this darling flower shop in Bellingham. Can't spring go on forever?" 
Sometimes I wish it could too...But then again, we would miss out on the unique beauty of the other seasons...

Kid's toesies in the sand?! @amamacollective sure didn't miss out on that. Her caption:
"Who doesn't love some sandy, baby toes??"

 I want to go inside this pink sweater shop that @ourwayfaringdays shared! Their caption:
"We love the Aran knit wool sweaters in Doolin, Ireland." 
Going to favorite places with favorite things...Those are the little things.

 This message on this tee is perfect (love triumphs all) from @melvel316. Her caption:
"New favorite." 

This photo from @reachalana speaks for itself but her caption is what made me love it even more:
"'When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else.'-Georgia O'keefee// Gorgeous flowers from my handsome husband." 
What pretty words and a lovely thought!

These are the four photos I decided to share on my instagram feed @runstylerun:

1-@analiecantu spending time with her loved one...doing what they love together.
2-@chrystinagraves LOVE
3-@karlareed How something simple as a flower can make you happy...And what memories the different kind of flowers can make you think of. PS Karla will be the guest judge this week and will be sharing a photo/photos on her feed next Sunday!
4-@forriverhendrix taking a little detour to enjoy the salty air, a veggie burger, and the love of her life. This just so happens to be Meg (formerly known as @megmagers on instagram) who I helped start this little hashtag project with! She is back and will also be re-joining the forces for #livethelittlethings. Makes me happy. 

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you're all happy. Don't forget to remember all the little blessings in your life, no matter how much you may be struggling. Life is good and it's too short not to enjoy it.


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