It's That Time--Swimsuits!

I love summer. Everything about it! Except that dreaded "oh crap I didn't work out near enough and they want me to go to the swimming pool? In a swimsuit?" Yeah...I don't look forward to wearing swimsuits. Until I find one I feel so comfortable and cute in! 

Lime Ricki swimsuit, thrifted hat

 I tried this swimsuit on in black and red and had the hardest time choosing! I may have to go back for the black later haha. I adore the fit (which is true to size) and love its retro vibe.

Now to just work on that nice summer tan and I will be all set!!


My amazing cousin took these photos. I had so much fun and Ashley is so talented behind the camera. Check out her website HERE. She has some new ideas and dreams in mind for her photography future which I am so excited to see where it takes her! If you live in Arizona, don't hesitate to contact her. She is an absolute joy to work with and has so much love and passion for the work she does!!



  1. This is so cute and flattering! Gorgeous photos xo

  2. gorgeous swimsuit! i love the red-- good choice!



  3. Love this suit! I'm looking at a similar style by Esther Williams in red, I love a retro vibe;)

  4. You look soooo cute!! I love these pics and I know I voted black, but I love the red!!

  5. There are so many comfortable swimsuits on sale at the store www.hot166.com


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