Saturday Happenings

Today I slept in, did a few things around the house, and my nephew text me to take him to guitar practice. He had asked me yesterday to take him. But me with my wonderful memory had forgotten so I got ready quickly to go pick him up. I dropped him off and I did a little thrifting to fill the time before I had to pick him back up. In my endeavors, I realized that I didn't put mascara on one eye, was reminded of my abnormally large forehead because I had pinned my bangs back, and there was lipstick on my chin (no wonder I had a lady staring at me for an uncomfortably long time.) I just had to smile though. I am grateful to be me despite my flaws.

My outfit is thrifted from head to toe. 

Vest- 70's vintage
Jeans-Gap high waisted 90's vintage
Moccs-Minnetonka on an instagram shop 
Glasses-Urban Outfitters from an instagram shop
Scarf from a consignment shop

^^Also I am addicted to frozen hot chocolate and may have had one 2 days in a row. They're the perfect frozen drink. 

 ^^ My Saturday frozen hot chocolate date. He is seriously the BEST ever! 

Happy Saturday!



  1. You look gorgeous! That vest is so cute xo

  2. This is such a lovely outfit, I adore your sunglasses and your shoes! You look so happy xx

  3. I've never had frozen hot chocolate but it sounds SO good ! Also, I love thrifting! Your outfit is great!

  4. i love those jeans!




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