Coat-Thrifted//Jeans-Paige Denim//Booties-HauteLook//Bag-Madewell//Hat-Thrifted

Time to pull out the coats! Winter is here. 2 fashion items I love most about winter? Boots and coats.

Currently crushing on long coats, mid-calf coats, vintage, or oversized like the one I am wearing here.

Be ready to see me in coats because if there's anything I hate more, it's to be cold. I don't know who likes to be cold, but this girl will avoid it at all costs. 


Also I wanted to say THANK YOU for all those who participated in the "What She Wears//Layers edition" 
I just think it's a blast meeting new people and seeing different renditions of our themes. Although you ALL looked fabulous, I chose to share Kristin from Wild One Forever .... 

A girl after my own heart in her boho chic get-up. Turn a summer dress into a winter staple by adding some knee-high boots and an oversized sweater. Looks perfect!

Make sure you join us the first Tuesday in December. (yay, Christmas month)  The theme will be "GOLD." It is quite a broad theme, so we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Have a great weekend friends!!



  1. I LOVE this. Literally everything is perfect, the shape, the colour, the pattern... I love your bag too xo

  2. love that jacket! sooo amazing!!



  3. Such a fun blog! I don't even follow any fashion blogs, but I'll definitely be sticking around. I was looking everywhere for how to wear the black Madewell tote - I've been debating over the cognac, olive, and black, and you were one of the only ones to post photos of the black! Sold, getting the black!


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