Thank You

Today I had the privilege at work to meet so many veterans of all ages who served in many branches of the military. I enjoyed so much asking where they had served and when. I was seriously overwhelmed with emotion... Can't tell you how many times I teared up. I felt amazing being in the presence of so many who went through so much for our country.

AS I said, I enjoyed immensely asking about each individual veteran. Each had their own individual experiences. I wanted to just sit and chat and hear stories with everyone! I did my best to learn a few things... 

I met a middle aged couple who served in the navy. They actually met in San Diego and served together.

I met an older gentleman who was drafted into the Army right before WWII!! He served from 1941-1946 in Italy. I was able to get my picture with him which was such a treat!

There were others in the army, the navy, one man had been in the Marines on a submarine for 3 years straight. Another was wounded while here in the U.S. but instead of being dismissed, he helped train soldiers to prepare for Vietnam..... 

My brother, Trent, his wife Angela, and their two kids came in as well. 

^^They both served in the Navy for 8 years. The two of them actually met while they were stationed in Greece. So grateful for their sacrifices and service.


Thank you! Thank you to all who served in the past and thank you to all who are currently serving. 

Happy Veterans Day!


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  1. it's so cute that your brother and his wife met while serving! what a beautiful story




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