I recently went into Target not for any particular reason but just because I was bored and thought, "Target? Yes... Target..." (I know you all do it or have done it.) I saw and handful of things I wanted but resisted.... Tried on a few hats because you know I love them. Spotted aztec, looked like a giant scarf, and it was folded up nicely all by itself on a shelf. Turns out, it was a Poncho. I don't own one but kinda love them. So you better believe that was my Target treat for the day. And it was on sale for $12.

Ponchos make you want to dance around. Buy one and try it. Plus, for those who love blankets or scarves, it's a package deal all in one!

I thrifted these leather booties for a whopping $3 the other day. Love when that happens!

Happy Saturday!



  1. I love your outfit posts!! You make it seem so effortlessly and LOVELY!! I think my blog hates me :P I am horrible at writing it or taking pics! Buuut, I have been busy with my shops so that's my excuse for now ;) And I am always loving your thrift finds!! xoxo!!

  2. I am SUCH a poncho fan - this one is SO cool! xo

  3. amazing poncho!! totally love it. and those booties are such a good thrifted find!




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