Yellowstone Part 2

Part 2 of Gentri and I's Yellowstone adventure.

 ^^This was seriously such a beautiful spot. The wind had picked up a bit so the vapor from the hot sulfur water was out of control! We walked through it and it was like walking through a cloud. We were soaked from it which made us laugh but it was really neat. 

 ^^We went to the Visitors Center at Old Faithful because we had to wait an hour for the eruption. We bought post cards and warmed our fingers and toes. 

^^Old Faithful is seriously so beautiful.

 ^^For some reason we found this really funny. Obviously it wouldn't be funny to fall in a hot pot, but the little girl and his hat... I dunno, maybe it's just us....


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  1. These are gorgeous photos - I am so jealous! xo

  2. that sky is so stunning!



  3. and the fact that he decided to stand right on top of a geyser. hahaha! Love that sign.

    Oh man, I'm missing this, a lot. I should just come back.


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