I did it!!! Just Organic Juice Cleanse Complete

I explained in this post here all about the start day of my juice cleanse with Just Organic Juice. I made it through the full three days! I'm pretty proud of myself haha. I'm the type that is really good at working out but I've always kinda eaten whatever I want in moderation. Of course I am conscious of what I'm eating always. I do eat pretty well. But strictly drinking juice for 3 whole days...I realized for me it wasn't about being hungry. I honestly never felt hungry. I had no sort of headaches or fatigue the first day. The second day was the hardest for me just for the shear fact that I wanted to have something to eat. The third day I woke up feeling like I could go two more days...But after being on my feet at work for 5 hours, I did feel a little less energetic. But after work I rested up a bit and was back on me feet feeling really good overall!!
The juices for sure curbed my appetite very well. For me...It was the mental side. I like to eat! I like food. (who doesn't?) So to not think about going to grab some fries from Chic-Fil-A during my break at work or a Cafe Rio Tostada for dinner was what I struggled with. Especially going out to eat with someone one of the nights and just ordering myself some hot tea. It is a mental thing for me and a social activity I enjoy doing. Overall...I think it was so amazing for me to do! I enjoyed the challenge and the organic juices were all very delicious!!! I especially loved the Almond delight which was the final juice of all three days. It satisfied any sort of want for something sweet--which usually for me is ice cream. Another favorite was the Greatfruit and Mint. Soooo good. I love grapefruits and squeezing what little juice they provide. So having an entire bottle full of it fresh and organic was heaven!
I feel like it's something I would love to do on a monthly basis. To re-boot my system and clean out toxins.

I didn't do this to lose weight. But I did end up losing about 6 lbs in the 3 days. I drank an 8 ounce glass of water in between each juice (there are 6 total.) If you can imagine, I felt cleaned out by the end of day 3 hehe. I just feel like it was something my body needed! Now is my challenge to "resist the urge to splurge" now that my cleanse it over! My goal for day 4, I want to pick a healthy meal to eat as I go back into my regular routine. Goal for day 5 and everyday after that.... I want to overall improve my regular routine! I have been 100% happy with Just Organic Juice and their system. They are located in Salt Lake City and hand delivered my juice cleanse to my door. Even better is they sell their juices individually so I can go and purchase a few every once in a while just down the road! 
Ok...So now go find this photo on my instagram, @runstylerun, to enter to win a 3 day juice cleanse from Just Organic Juice for you to try yourself!!



  1. I looooved my Just Organic cleanse! I crave the grapefruit juice on a weekly basis, so delicious! And I agree with not being hungry, just wanting something to eat. Such a weird feeling.. but worth it.

  2. ah sounds awesome!

    xx nikki

  3. I've been doing a 1-day fast a week (not to lose weight either, just trying to repair mitochondrial damage done by some medication) and I miss eating as well! It's not the hunger that's hard, it's not eating a chip left behind after my children's snack - stuff like that. I had no idea how much I'm constantly grazing and how much I like to eat until I started doing this. :)

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