My Kind of Dressing Up

I have been wanting one of these tulle skirt from Shabby Apple since they came out last summer. I went to one of their sample sales a couple months ago and got this one on sale. I feel like a lady (insert British accent) when I wear it. And...note, a pair of heels. You never see me wear them. I explained why in THIS POST. (which by chance I'm also wearing a tulle skirt. hhaha. Goes to show, tulle needs heels.) But I really love these ones because the color is fun and unique and the ankle strap keeps them on my feet and makes them super comfortable! Yay for a girlish fun yet laid back look. My kind of dressing up.

Photo credit: Zoe Prina
 Sunday's are just pure, plain, and good feel good days for me so here's a little inspiration for the week ahead:

"If we, like the Savior, have the faith to put our trust in our Father in Heaven, to submit to His will, the true spirit of peace will come as a witness and strength that He has heard and answered our prayers." -Rex E. Pinegar

Such a comforting thing, don't you think?


Outfit details:
Shabby Apple skirt, Madewell button-down (similar), Christina Nicole necklace, Anthropologie heels (brand is Jeffrey Campbell, sold out)


  1. Love this look! I am dying over those heels. The color is perfection. You look great!

    Steph - Signing Steph

  2. that skirt is so cute!!

    xx nikki

  3. I LOVE this look, it is fun and whimsical and also so very YOU…gorgeous;)

  4. I love this look! You pull it off so well!



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