Mountain Air

Ashley and I took a quick drive up to the mountains for a pretty walk and change of pace yesterday. I predict this will be happening a lot this summer. Short drives (because the mountains are literally our backyard) and lovely fresh air filled walks through the mountains. A few of my FAVORITE things.  I am so grateful for where I live!

Ashley said to be one with the mountain. So this is what I did... Not even sure if it can be qualified as a yoga pose....

 Whatever then... hehe

Best way to use the last of the skies light on a Sunday evening if you ask me.



  1. i'd love to go for a hike! this looks so fun!



  2. Looks like heaven if you ask me! I wish I had a friend who knew how to take pictures like I want! I get blurry pics, fingers over the lens, not sure what to do with a Nikon.. .haha. Such is life.

  3. What a beautiful setting for a day to hike! It looked so perfect and serene up there! I think it is always so great to take a step away and get a fresh perspective up in nature!



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