His Hands

These photos are a throw back to a little day date my dad and I had last summer. I always love the simple times with him... I couldn't be with him on Fathers Day this year so I put together a few thoughts I've had going through my mind about him today.

This morning I heard the song "His Hands" on my Pandora station. It is a lovely song that tells the story of the Savior through His hands. I hope you'll take a minute to listen to it. The words are absolutely true and beautiful. As I was listening, this photo of my Dad's hands popped into my mind. It's one though simple, I have always loved!  I immediately thought of all his hands have given in his lifetime......I pulled some of those qualities out of this song.... Tools of creation, a truest friend, kindness, healing, service, endless giving. He's always been so hardworking, loving, gentle, and creative. I swear he can make or fix ANYTHING! I've always admired him for his dedication to everything he does and his multitude of talent. Mostly I think of all he has given and done for me. For my family.  He will put us before him anytime. He loves the Lord and gives 100% to everything he puts his mind to. I just wanted to tell him how much I admire and respect him. How much I love him. 

I love you Dad.

Happy Fathers Day.


  1. Ahhhhhhhh.....thanks sweetheart...I love you so much! Dad xoxo

  2. this is so cute! :)




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