Life is Good

 When we all went through my grandparents treasures, I snagged this vintage watch of my grandpas and ring of my grandma. The watch doesn't work but I wear it anyway. While I was in Arizona it was so funny....I had two different people ask me what time it was. Of course I didn't have my phone so I had to explain that, um, hmm...I just wear this as a bracelet. Haha. It's sentimental too...So I feel like that's totally ok. 

 Another time Samantha Broderick Photography amazes me with her beautiful work. I love every photo I am able to share. I have too much fun with all her clever ideas. I also feel like she gets me and gets how to help share a little snippet of my personality..... I just love that and I'm so grateful for her!

Vintage tennies, thrifted jeans, f21 tee, Madewell bag, Urban Outfitters sunnies.

I feel so happy especially lately. I swear this time of year does it to me every time. Life is good.



  1. totally acceptable to wear as a bracelet! great, laid back style - love the jeans.

  2. that gif is so cute!! love it!



  3. I have a watch that I wear for the exact same reason!! Doesn't work at all... but it was from my husband's grandmother and I love it!

  4. Radiating happiness. Simple inspiration to #livethelittlethings and find joy everyday.


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