Thrifty Thursday

I absolutely LOVE this panama hat from J Crew. A month or so ago I got to try it on and I instantly had to have it. I liked that it's so versatile, love the color, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to splurge $60 on it. So I set out on a hunt. And VUALA.....

I found this beauty at H&M (in the men's section if you can believe) for $12.95! I love it!!

When you find something you like that is more money that you'd  like to spend....be patient and see if you can't find something similar for less. Obviously the hat at J Crew was a little better quality but I got the same idea and look I wanted for MUCH MUCH less. Anyone find a great steal lately? I'd love to see!!



  1. Brandi this is so hilarious....I actually just purchased a straw panama hat in the mens section at marshalls! I love yours!



  2. BRAVO! What a find--and how clever looking in the men's section. I need to take notes and be a more diligent shopper like you. It paid off--you look DARLING.

    Just found your blog via Nat the Fat Rat (love her, don't you?!). It's super cute! Off to read more!

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